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Hunting and fishing podcasts?

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Since I drive about 70 hours a week I've been turning to podcasts to entertain myself. I was just wondering if anyone on here listens to some and maybe knows of any that I'm not aware of. Right now I listen to:

meateater, wired to hunt, 100% wild, hunt talk radio, HP  waterfowl, the spear and Ike live ( Mike Iaconelli ) 

In my opinion all of these are great but I haven't been able to find a podcast that focuses on freshwater fishing aside from Ike live and that more or less talks about the pro bass tour in the states which is interesting to learn about but not really my cup of tea.  

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12 hours ago, bigugli said:

FishnCanada has a live broadcast on Saturdays, AM 590, I believe.   There was also Angler & Hunter radio, doing podcasts.

Thanks bigugli I had no idea there was the angler and hunter podcast. Excited to hear it and listen about some content that' a little closer to home.

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