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Wood Duck Conservation

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My son Dan has been involved with this program for many years .  I just read an article about his escapades in the Niagara This Week  newspaper (on line)  and I'm proud of his accomplishments and knowledge he shares with people who help fund his projects  to build duck boxes , etc. 

It's a bit of a read , and lots more info on his face book page with pictures and videos .  I'm certainly proud of the work both Dan and his wife Nancy are doing in the Fort Erie region .   Kudos !


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Thanks Dad. She was supposed to be writing an article on wood ducks and conservation not about me. It's a fun hobby I enjoy but I sure bit off a lot. So I'm was planning on down sizing a bit but now because of the article I've had offers of help. This past season was the most successful of all for the ducks but bad for the feral honey bees. I'm now done until mid August. Jerry Mitrovich at the St Catharines game and fish like this program and hung a few boxes around Martindale pond but the creeks there could use so many more. If anyone is interested in hanging and monitoring nesting boxes in there area feel free to contact me for advice not that I'm the expert. But I've learned a lot over time. 


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