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Crowland Gun club.

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Is anyone a member at this place? Its out on Misener Rd. South end of the falls. Well, probably in to Welland.

I had no idea this place even existed, except I happened to see a trap field on Google Earth a while back.

I looks like they've got a Trap field, 100 yd rifle range and 3d archery?

I'm already a member of Canadian Sportsman club in Fort Erie, but I'm looking for a place to shoot a rifle.

I've noticed that clubs with rifle ranges seem to have a waiting list, and higher membership fees.

What is this place like? Is there a waiting list? How much is a membership? Is if full of Yahoos and Fuds? 

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crowland gun club is open on sunday afternoon . they have trap and rifle range . also a kitchen and a bar.been a long time since I have been there so I don't know the fees. td

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