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Rondeau Joe

Port Maitland/Grand River mouth ice fishing

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Hi guys - New to this end of the lake. Anyone able to give me some history on ice fishing the mouth of the Grand in February?

Looking for any info as I've been drowning worms etc on the western end of Erie for the past 12 years and don't know this area well.

Thanks in advance for the info.

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Not sure how much the mouth freezes up but if you go up to dunnville  lots of ice fishing before the dam. Personally last year was the first and last time I fish that place.  I hate ice fishing rivers. There was 10” of ice when I went and walking back the ice was making all kinds of cracks by your feet. It was scary as s*%+ and I’m not a beginner icefisherman I understand the ice cracks but this was scetchy.  You fall in on the river and we’ll find ya in the spring......

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