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Thursday night sugarloaf wow!

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What a night it was. My first time limitting out on lake erie. 18 delicious walleye in the boat!  The action was insane.

At one point we had a triple header and obviously the lure gets stuff in the net. I hand bombed one in the boat. Then the 3rd rod went off. I grab it my buddies still trying to get the lure out of net. Well they didnt so feeling confident hand bombing one i did another . Well let me tell ya this little walleye wasnt happy. Thrashed on me spit the lure out and bang hooked me right in the lower calf passed the barb! Not only did the little doo-doo hook me he wiggled his way back into lake erie! Got the hook out luckily with minor damage. 


Ill take one for the team every outting if we limit out though. 


Fiahed 65to 73fow. 2 dispeys 1 setting 144 and 154 back. 2 on 3 setting between 70 and 100 back. Ripplin red fins tipped with worm.


Deep rods caught majority of fish.





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Good catch Jmaz4   !  I see 36 fillets in the deep fryer  !   :wub:  We only have  limit of 4 eyes  here ...don't know why  , lots of fish being caught . ....but started to slow down as the algae bloom is bad and the eyes are staying tight on bottom ......vis. is only about a foot or so ......

....get'em while their hot !


....oops late post ....would not send yesterday.....crazy temper-mental wifi ....

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