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Florida fishing report

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Day 1, 6am-  I hadn’t visited a bait shop yet so threw a Zara topwater with no luck, then tried a gold Johnson spoon with no luck then tried some paddle tail swim baits with no luck.  Grrrr!


Day 2 6am- Flat fishing in the mosquito lagoon with a chartered captain friend who I have fished with before.  My Zara got smashed in the early hours but no hookup sadly.  Managed only small below slot sea trout on the trip.  The water was very brown from too much rain the previous week and subsequent brown algae.  Hence the fish were not in skinny water and very hard to find.  I could only catch them on swim bait in deeper water.  Too bad too because this is my favourite type it fishing. 


Day 3- Broke down and visited the bait shop for shrimp.  Perfect fishing conditions all day. Caught about 20 fish.  Mostly catfish for the kids under 2lbs.  Pulled in a sweet 5lb stingray.  Wicked fight on light tackle.  Also caught some croakers which I filleted for bait.   Moments later my reel erupted and rod flew sideways. Nearly an immediate break off.   Most likely a larger shark.  Earlier that day I had a 5ft black tip swim right in front of me in the crest of a wave.  I’ve never been that close to a shark in the wild.  He didn’t seem interested in me. 


Next couple days the ocean became quite rough.  I don’t have the tackle required to hold bait on the bottom in those conditions.  Nonetheless still caught catfish and croakers every day. 


My last day is tmr and I’m waking up early to fish the rocks in the jetty.   Not sure what to expect but that’s half the fun.  I’d love to land a snook.  I know they hang out there. 


Here are some pics.  

Mosquito lagoon launch at sunrise, stingray, live delta IV rocket launch (that was too cool), cute little male sea trout 




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Love fishing Florida. Any of the pass along side the rocks will have snook. They hammer shrimp. One of my favorite fish with their hard strikes and good fight. Ive also caught them on the beach surf casting if you find some structure. The rock jetties are the best for them...and they will not wander far from them...when they do, they are dolphin lunch. Good luck, let us know how you make out.

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