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Our garbage collector , Emterra is ending as contracts end . We may see another company take the task and they are looking at garbage pickups every two weeks . Emterra has been penalized by $150 million for infractions caused by equipment failures and labour shortages . They don't pay these guys near enough for that hard stinking job . I would rather sling burgers for the money difference than do that job . 

  The two week pickup will likely come to pass ......  and I'm sure we will see more garbage dumped on road sides (and fishing spots)  .  The city can hire a "special trash unit "  (STU) to clean up the country side ?  Collecting recycle stuff every 2 weeks would work as it doesn't stink up the hood and attract more rats .....  lets hope we don't have more trashing of our out door environment....



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2 hours ago, Chrisb said:

Every two weeks would not bother me. I live alone and only put out trash every 3-4 weeks anyway.

I putout more recycling than trash.

Same here Chris ...only 2 of us here & we put the recycle boxes out every 2 weeks . But sometimes , the garbage has extra "clean  up" stuff  tossed out . I cut up a small 4' x 16' piece of out door deck carpet , tied each piece into small 3' rolls & they would not take it . It's in a green garbage bag now ....;)

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2 hours ago, Brian_b said:

2 weeks would be a problem for me as well.

Would they be allowing double the amount?

2 bags at 20kgs each?

They would have to allow more `because we still toss out the same every week approx. But they might add an "extra bag fee" ....wouldn't be a surprise .

They wouldn't need as many employees and if they don't pay them well  they will have the same "employee absent" as before.

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End of day this is bullshit.  If it passes it will solely be so someone can take a large bonus with "cost savings".


It makes sense since plenty of "garbage" can be put into recycling, but at the same time, how much of the stuff that goes into recycling winds up going to the dump since it can't be recycled?


One item I saw was the potential that all garbage needs to go into clear bags ... which is kind of a public shaming.  At the same time, the homeless population goes through my subdivision looking for cans/bottles.  This would be an invite into them opening garbage bags up.


An article I read on this tended to indicate recycling and organics would still be weekly.

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On 9/21/2019 at 12:21 AM, Chrisb said:

I believe the clear bag thing has been abandoned.

Clear bags containing smelly garbage would be ripped apart by animals . But other cities like Winnipeg use clear bags I believe.....My garbage goes into a pail with a tight lid on it to help stop odor and easy access by skunks , rats , possums , etc.

Blue box collection could be done every 2 weeks (larger boxes) ? 

We bought a new microwave and lawn de-thatcher and there's a ton of styrofoam , and cardboard to be tossed out ....we simply "import" too much packaging that we pay for as a hidden cost in our taxes . Plastics are burying us .....but it creates a lot of jobs getting rid of it .

 Products are made to have a much shorter life span now ....Good for the billionaires and the governments that collect the sales taxes .


...today ,  the toaster went for a $hit , about a year old , in the garbage it goes like most of the other cheaply made appliances that are made these days.....keeps the wheels of industry turning , the ships sailing & the trucks  rolling .....

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