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Camera Thief

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As the title states I obviously had my game camera stolen. I thought this would be a good place to report this.

I hunt on a couple properties on the south side of screaming tunnels on Warner Road. 

Last night I was confronted at my stand by an older gentlemen saying I’m not suppose to be there and when I told him I have permission he called me a bleeping liar and that my buddies on the other side of the bush better leave ( I hunt alone, always). I think when he saw me he was caught off guard. It was windy so I stayed hidden on the ground rather than 20’ in a rocking tree so he didn’t see me at first. 

You work so hard to acquire a piece of property and others go and doo-doo on your parade. I feel sorry for you hunters out there that gotta mess with and steal other hunters stuff.


Hes mid 50’s, newer white pickup. Anyone know him let me know please. Or just put it back if your on this forum.

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