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Gas still dropping

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Way back I asked , 'Will we see 60 cents' ?    Many are at 65 .6 today , and one is 89.9 ??   :huh:


Not nearly as much road traffic since this c-19 thing ......   great for guys heading out fishing in their boats or driving  more distance to fish .


I heard C.tire sold out of the 20 lt. gas cans ( not a good idea to keep a lot of gas at home )  the price of stabilizer isn't cheap ......


I have 2 cans of Sea Foam (Princess A) ....getting ready to fire up the old boat with fresh gas.   

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18 hours ago, мормышка said:

Carbon Taxes go up 1st April, 2020. No fooling!

Yep ...when we get back to "normal"  I expect to see the prices increase dramatically . Add in the carbon taxes and watch our wallets deflate .  Take advantage of the low prices and burn some petro ! 


....Filled up 2  Jerry cans today  (Mar.26)  at 60.9 ....added the Sea Foam ...for the boat , and all the small engines (except my  E -weed wacker)  It's been a while since gas was 60cents which includes the new carbon taxes.

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