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Man killed

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A man driving in Halton hit a deer this morn. and the deer went through the windsheild . The man died of his injuries . They showed the car with the deer half way inside on CH news. We must be on the alert for deer especially at dawn & dusk when they are very active . ....and it wouldn't hurt to slow down & drive the speed limit "if" conditions are clear ! Cars are lower to the ground and the deer will come right through your windshield and at high speeds , you will not have much of a chance to avoid hitting it . Keep an eye guys & gals !

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This time of year is bad you have to watch every area that you drive that is known for a high deer population. this my not be the place to post this but did anyone call PETA and get them to put a warrent out for white tail deer DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH KILLER DEER IN THIS AREA.

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Thats horrible. Any loss of life is tragic.

I had a close call a few years back. Driving back from

Fort Erie at night, totally dark for miles on some stretchs,

I was in my cougar with the cruise set at 70. Just ahead of

me in the slow lane was a 18 wheeler, and he was flashing

his lights. Not knowing what he was doing I caught up to him

and we were side by side. The following happens in seconds.

Out of no where a deer jumps onto the highway, past the truck

and into my lane, then as fast the deer moved to the dividing line

and was between my car and the truck. There was absolutely no

time to react. There was nothing to do but say holy sh@t. The

momentum of the deer trying to get out of my way was not enough.

I assume the deer tried to jump over my car, because he hit my

car behind the door and then he was gone. I wanted to stop, but

by this time there was another 18 wheeler behind me, and the same

one beside me. It took miles before I was able to pull over and look

at the damage.

There was a small quarter size dent on the side my car, and fur, stuck

in the back window.

I couldn't get back to check out the deer, and was obviously shaken up.

I was lucky. You definitely have to be aware out there.


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Guest FisherNick

Of all places I recently had a close call In Hamilton. Not in the boonies either. Close to where they are building the red hill creek express way is a small stretch of forest that is connected to the golf course over there, but more off to the side and seperated by roads and house (a small ravine). I would have never expected to see a deer around there but sure enough there it is on the road staring at my car. Luckily I was driving slow enough to stop, but was pretty startled.

I wish the family of the man killed my condolances, and hope that others learn from this.

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