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  2. Good info for anyone needing a hut, Snags! Just a note for anyone using a hub style hut - NEVER use bungee cords for your hub anchors. I heard of at least one case a couple of years ago where the bungee cord snapped in a wind, and the metal hub snapped into the hut and the fisherman got hit in the head w it and ended up with a concusssion.
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  4. Was at Princess Auto on Fourth Ave (St. Kitts). They had a good stack of em for $200, four person hut ... for those who aren't as motivated as Smerch to build their own. Hut they are selling Not sure on quality or ease of setup ... but I would imagine with the various shipping delays around the globe not everywhere will have some for sale.
  5. congrats on your buck very impressive for a first deer i hope that trend sticks with you for many more seasons to come6
  6. Congratulations on your first one! Thats a nice looking deer.
  7. Congratulations, that's a nice one!
  8. Way to go! Nice to get it the first morning.
  9. Finally got my first deer 45 minutes into the hunt Monday morning. I had 8 does hanging out infront of me but decided I wasn't going to tag out on a doe less than an hour into the season, especially because I was hunting alone and didn't want to drag it out by myself. Glad I waited, all of a sudden this buck comes out of the woods on a mission right after 2 of the does. Beautiful 9 pointer for the freezer
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  11. Well ,here it is a month later, Nov.27 , and no minnows yet . We had a good amount of snow last Dec. 1 but it's supposed to be milder the first 3 days of Dec. this year . Some snow on the way tomorrow but light I hear . I checked my pic. files & I did get some minnows Nov.27 last year ...think I'll try Port one last time tomorrow ....if no luck I'll toss a few trout rigs (no roe) but can use pink worms , plastic minnows & flies, etc.
  12. Golden Anniversary Beer, haven't tried it but sounds like a fine premium brew! Ha... I bet those customs guys probably had some good parties every weekend!
  13. Yep, you nailed it. I'm a big Ruger and Leupold fan. That rifle is chambered in 308 and handles like a 22, great quick handling woods rifle. I have three Internationalls, 308, 243 and a 22. along with two other M77's in 338 and 204 For a dependable hunting rifle you can't beat them.
  14. Ruger 77 International , nice , got 4 77's but never got an International. looks like a Leupold 1.5-5X on top
  15. Hey that's pretty cool. Amazing they can bounce back like that. I think they'd only take issue if you're transporting them back in water and it looks like you're trying to keep them alive. Good work nice system
  16. Congratulations surf and turf and great story. the terrain they have there is great for hunting with lots of hills and valleys but its sure a pain when having to drag a deer out!
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  18. They took the beer because we said we have nothing to declare ....maybe they would have let us keep it if we declared it ...5 cases , 4 guys in my van , one case for the camp for 2 others in our party . He was a very nice BIG Indian fellow , & asked us if we had any more booze in the 19' boat , and we better tell the truth or they would impound the boat ! Yikes !! The beer we had was "top of the line" ....good stuff !! Cheap ...hell yes !!
  19. Take a man's beer, that's just wrong. Well at least it was American beer, hopefully they picked it up at Tops for $4.99 case. Back in the day we used to get Milwaukee's Best, terrible stuff, I don't think it was actually brewed, probably beer flavouring mixed with alcohol and water, then into a can it went.
  20. Thanks Surf! So what I am getting out of this is we can fish the glen, just don't be an idiot or take any chances or it will cost you...
  21. We didn't have such luck when we bought 5 cases of beer at Duluth and got searched at the border at Thunder Bay . They took all the beer (none was mine) , but they let me keep a mickey of Yukon Jack that was "made in Canada" as I stated to them lol ! The other guys re- bought their beer in Thunder Bay $$$$$ !
  22. Direct from police and fire. Basically if you are off trail and doing something that your average person would know better than to do. If you are trying to access a fishing spot that you think that most wouldn't have the balls to try to reach, you might want to give it a second thought. Try to scale a cliff rather than take the trail like everyone else and fall, it's likely going to cost you. Wade out to a rock so you can extend your cast by 20 feet or get that perfect drift, then you're gambling your own life and money. If you ask for a rule book they will tell you to stay on the trails, and definitely out of the water.
  23. Right on Surf and Turf. Can I ask where you got that information and where are the places you shouldn't be? I contacted the niagara parks a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything back. Thanks!
  24. Nice deer. I usually see a ton of deer over there when fishing.
  25. Nice young buck y'all ! Good to see you can cross the border hassle free .
  26. Well the moon, planets and stars aligned so we were able to make it down for this years New York opening weekend. The first time leaving Canada in 18 months. Hit duty free going across into Buffalo to pick up some beer and whisky, only 4 other people in the whole store. The US customs agent seemed just happy to talk to someone, didn't ask if we were bringing anything in, didn't even ask to look at our guns, just shot the shite about hunting for 10 minutes while the cars backed up behind us. lol Met up with our American friends Friday night had a nice dinner, drank lots of beer and whisky while catching up and telling war stories. We were met with a bit of snow on Saturday morning, saw four does but as hard as I could squint I couldn't get them to grow antlers! Another nice dinner, more beer, more whisky, more stories. Sunday morning was a bit warmer. Has two does walk in front of me around 8 am, kept waiting for the buck to emerge from behind them but no such luck. Then about 9 am, three deer came running up the hill from below me all in a line, one doe, then another, the next one must be a buck, nope damn. Then about 10 seconds later up comes another deer, yep antlers, it's legal, it was about a hundred yards below me and a hundred yards to my right so I had a few seconds to assess. I had my heart on a big buck, but we didn't have a deer down yet, I waited as long as I could looking down the hill to see if a bigger buck was behind him, no 8 pointer following, he was now directly to my right about 100 yds out, so I get on mim, I let out a "baaah" to get him to stop, but he kept running, so followed through and dropped him in his tracks. Ended up being a small 6 pointer. I kinda felt bad since he was working so hard to catch up with those does, poor little guy. Should be tasty though!
  27. Well, I got the following scoop on the weekend. The trespassing charges are at the discretion of the police. Basically if you are doing something that they deem as stupid, that puts yourself, or others at risk you will be charged with trespassing. If the fire department has to come out to rescue you and they and the police decide it was because you did something that common sense could have avoided, or you went somewhere you shouldn't have been, you will also receive a bill for the cost of the rescue which can easily run into the thousands of dollars.
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