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  2. Exactly Gene !! We also have call display and 9 out of 10 calls are scammers or advertisers . ...pain in the ASS ! We have reached the point where we ignore most calls ....if someone wants to talk to us , leave a message . It's too bad there are so many scammers making a living by calling people and threatening them with going to jail if they don't pay their taxes owed . ...sad that with all the newest technology we can't nail these scum bags and toss THEM in jail ! There were some advantages from the days of the "dial" phones ...
  3. I have 5 great grand children & one in progress ... I hope they never have to experience these quarantines and lock downs again . I would like to be optimistic , but the world has shrunk ..... There are big excavator machines at the end of the east pier , don't know when they will be finished there and they messed up Rookers Rd wall with all those rocks ...hoping to see people on the west pier this year (gatherings & access considered) . CDP would be my choice for a kids catfish derby ...years ago my bud's grand daughter caught a huge crappie during Calhoun'
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  5. Anyone else finding they are getting far more nuisance phone calls lately, especially from the Toronto 416 area code? yesterday we had 5 calls, with the first one coming at 6:55 am! Today’s first just came at 8:05. Fortunately for us, we have call display and call answer, so we just ignore any calls from numbers we don’t recognize, and let them leave a message if its someone who wants us personally. The frequency of these calls seems to have increased dramatically in the past 2 months. And dropping our landline isn’t a solution, as it is needed for our alarm system, and we
  6. I can agree with a lot of this. What I disagree with is asymptomatic people. These are the people who are actually spreading it. Infection and transmission is going to happen for the first few weeks regardless of whether someone has symptoms or not. With the survival rate of 99.6% meaning that 4 people in 1000 will die from this, in my age group I am willing to take the risk. My hesitation on having the "vaccine" (which really is not a vaccine in the traditional sense) is that proper clinincal trials were never conducted. I have worked for 3 large pharmaceutical companies throughou
  7. At present, Kid's derbies, the fishing shows, etc... are in limbo as long as large gatherings are forbidden.
  8. St. Catharines Game & Fish used to have "Kids Day", first Saturday in May, but who knows when the piers will open up. Long time ago used to be Catfish Derby by Calhoun's on Buntring Rd. First Saturday in June.
  9. That's why I figure just buy when you can like normal. Like you say, it will catch up.
  10. Although they are not ticketing you will have to buy them eventually and you will have to back pay also. The dates will remain your birthday. So if you don’t buy 2021 this year, you will have to buy it next year when you buy 2022.
  11. I've been out of the loop for a long time as far as kid's fishing derbies go...............Being that I have a 4 year old grandson, I'd love to start taking him to some fishing derbies..........Are there any out there these days for kids???? Does anyone else have young children (grandchildren) that would like to see a few more kids fishing derbies take place during the year????🙂
  12. Interesting. Would have to go for a drive and drop in to see what he's selling. Name of shop?
  13. I would most likely close on Tues/Weds and stay open, even on holidays for the rest of the week. Even open at 6am for weekends, not 9am. Usually working people go fishing on days off.
  14. So when does this end? You can still order online and have them mail to you. So is the reason for people's finances?
  15. I didn't realize that they were closed on Wed...........Hopefully they will change their schedule, if they already haven't...................
  16. Thanks Tyler , I haven't really looked at other plate stickers...but have seen many plates with unreadable numbers .
  17. Ontario is not ticketing for expired stickers. I see more expired stickers on cars now then valid ones.
  18. My cousin has one of Steve's long rods ....a real nice rod ! Speaking of"tackle shops" ....I was in the vicinity of Peter's Tackle today , thought I'd drop in a drop a few bucks ....Low and behold ...doors locked ...nobody home !! Smerch forgot they are closed Wednesdays ! I heard they may resume opening Wed. soon ..... Tomorrow is going to be a cool one .....maybe try Rennie ONE MORE TIME and hit up Pete's on the way to or fro ...
  19. There is SO much more to learn about this flu - demic . More vaccines are being "tested" with various "strings attached . A vaccine called Sinovac should be the best of the best as it is made in China , the original home of the "C-19" ! We could get the jab at our local Walmart and get points on your card ......and the WHO is endorsing this fantastic break through ...how can we go wong ......? The more I read about the vaccines , the more wary I become ..... This , from the BBC , my main source of info , is interesting , but for now .....no thank you ..... http
  20. Steve drove cabs for a minute. He picked me up years ago on my mail route. I told him I remember going there as a kid for bait.
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  22. Last time I heard of him he had a shop at the junction of Hwy 6 and Hwy 24 south of Simcoe.
  23. He was about the Fenwicks for sure, then G Loomis before he move onto Port Burwell for charter fishing. Yes, long time ago. 😄
  24. Steve had a Tackle Shop in the 80's, first in the front of a home on Main, later on a store on Lakeport think it was, catered mostly to the salmon and steelhead crowd. edit : that vintage the Fenwick HMG 1441 blank was really popular in the 12 footer, it was a true noodle rod, 2-6 pound line.
  25. they are fishing from that shore based on the pictures and videos online. They say you can access from other sides and not directly from the barriers. Which makes me feeling confused. Anyway... not familiar with the area so I do not know any other places around....
  26. That is technically trespassing if you are fishing from their closed property. But there are many other access points to the river in that area that are allowed.
  27. All vaccinations, mRNA or otherwise do exactly that, albeit in different ways. Believe me, I’m not a fan of the mRNA idea yet, but all other vaccine styles versus covid have proven less effective. I do worry that allowing a vaccine to program my DNA is concerning. We can agree on that for sure. NO vaccines prevent infection. I also agree with that 100%. The vaccine essentially gives you a head start on an immune response once you are exposed. So absolutely, vaccine or not you can still be exposed and likely you will eventually be infected. No different than the common
  28. That time of year again ....new license plate stickers and also new health card . Service Ontario says to get stickers on line and they "frown" on people going there . My grandaughter is still driving on her 2019 sticker ....She called & they said she would have to pay for two years (no free bees) . So I assume I can drive on my old sticker until they allow me to go in person ( next year ? ). They have shut down some of their offices and now want us to do everything on line ....JDM (jobs don't matter) ... Going to Peter's (inside the store) to "browse" ....and
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