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  2. The first ones they made was before phones and it had a receiver that you used on shore. I think it was only about 2" square and you could clamp it to your rod. Probably not as detailed as the screen on your phone.
  3. Very informative. We also use all those rigs here. Thanks for sharing the video.
  4. From that Deeper sonar that Tyler put up is from a South African fellow. Lots of good videos and here is one of them. You may want to use subtitles to get through the accent. I don't think carp from there will behave any differently. Still got to eat, right?
  5. Definitely good for scoping unknown water from shore, but I don't like the idea of using my phone....unless you buy another phone just for that purpose.
  6. If you got it new or even lightly used for $225 you did well.
  7. AH HA. Deeper is the brand name. I have seen those before for shore fishing.
  8. I found one. Picking it up tommorow. $225. Tyler, i want one for the bigger waters like Niagara, and Saugeen. Dont like bombing the float reel my shoulder gets sore tossing long casts on those rivers. Thinking i can use it for hardware casting as well. Someone was showing me his...i was impressed how its no problem to float fish with as well. Winter use would be great as well. Just something i want to add to arsenal. Thinking of unloading a bunch of fly equipment and materials. Just going to keep a basic single hand 5wt get rid of the rest.
  9. The deeper unit is a castable sonar unit. It’s connects to your phone.
  10. That’s the one I’d be looking to get. Maybe I’ll try and see if anyone has them for a black Friday sale.
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  12. Lol. Deeper is the name of it.
  13. How is a 'deeper' sonar different from a normal sonar? Mine can go to at least 200' and lake Erie is not even 90' where I fish.
  14. Hey Ty, a buddy of mine is using the deeper Chirp plus. He’s not a hardcore angler but more of a weekend cottage kinda guy but he likes it so far. He’s showed me some of the features and it looks pretty cool.
  15. Plenty of fish in the river right now. Its still a roe bite with salmon still kicking around. Best bet for trout is above the dams and beyond if you are comfortable pushing up that far in a boat. In mid november when temps drop fish seem to drop back and spread out more.
  16. Went for a drive to the lower twice this morning. 0830 maybe 12 trailers 1130 same but different trailers, 3 boats leaving. Going down Wednesday with low expectations. Noticed that some of the Charter guys don't even book till November. Any lower updates would be great... lots of shore guys
  17. What I like about this there's no propane bottles to lug around or discard or larger stove. I don't know the BTU rating , but it seems to give off some good heat ...will have to try toast next lol ! I think it will cook hot dogs , sausages ,etc.on the rack .Each can cost $1.25+ tax ...hoping to get 2 hrs per can . This stuff (Sterno) has been around for decades ! In my younger days , about 1969...ish ....I had an old 57 Volkswagen (winter beater) I bought for $150. that had no heat ...no defrosters or gas gauge . A wood stick was used to dip into the front gas tank under the hood ! I wo
  18. Smerch you always have the best contraptions. Looks like your stove will work well.
  19. smerchly


    You look a little thin on that bike Jack ...better eat some of that cheese . Great idea on the "minnie" - trap !
  20. Busy day raking & mulching leaves with the lawn mower with bag .....then picking dozens of tomatoes at various stages , going to be zero tonight ! Also made a coffee can stove and gave it a test run . I put 2 cups of cold water into a metal bowl and lit the cheap Dollar Tree fuel-in-a-can . The water began to boil in 20 minutes with 90% of the fuel remaining . ....good for some heat or heating up a can of stew or water for coffee/tea etc. It will have a test in the fish hut (maybe next week) ?? There are still dozens of those small egg size tomatoes on the lone plant (lunch box)
  21. Jwl1


    To keep with the fall spirit....wifey poo decided we are going to a last minute Halloween thingy.....and to boot..was dressing up ....I didn't know this until about an hour ago literally......her costume little did I know was minnie mouse.....so I scrambled into her craft room and came up with this... hahaha
  22. Last week
  23. I think it was after I ate the banana that I finally had a fish on the line ! It was a gorgeous day to be on the water , except for that wind . It will be nice when you install the new Lund seats Dan .....my geezer legs are still numb ... Tyler .....the carp seem to like bananas , they look like a big corn ball to them ..... Time to dunk some of my 3" minnows under a float for more toothy ones .....
  24. Couple weeks?....lol....let the snow fly....dec. ..jan...feb ....20 plus fish days in the boat sometimes if you know the drifts....presentation and boat control......been doing it for decades. My favourite fishing of all time.....bundle up and let the steel fly 🎣
  25. Jwl1


    Hey bill....sometimes I like to dress her up this time of year... lol.... and getting back on topic.....beauty fish guys!!!!!
  26. Nice fish knightfisher. Banana on the boat smerch? That’s why you got skunked 🍌
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