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  2. Thanks fellas, just wondering if anyone has any insight or theories into how the numbers could go from pretty good one year to pretty terrible the next.
  3. genec


    It wasn’t just good in the 50s Bill. In the early 70s I had a 20’ seine net, and I still remember one night in the Niagara at Ft. Erie - a buddy and I made 1 sweep with the net, filled 4 green garbage bags, and still emptied over 1/2 a net full back into the river!! We spent a lot of the rest of the evening driving around giving pails full to friends, then 2 + hours cleaning smelt!! After that night we decided we wouldn’t ever take that much again!.,
  4. Last week
  5. I hope it won't be too sloppy on the ice . I like fishing when it's mild ....no hut needed , but I wear the rubber (insulated) boots . I was all set to take the hut out today , but 65 K winds do not appeal to me , fighting to get the hut set up ,etc. Winter has been a "blast" so far ! I haven't seen snow banks so high in many years ! Two months+ to go !
  6. smerchly


    The smelt have been dinks for many years . Us older gents remember dipping for them during the 50's & filling 5 gal pails in 10 min. with 6 -10" smelt . They were double the size of these "minnows" we get a Ramies . I believe the salmon have something to do with that . The dinks make good pike/cat baits . I keep some in the freezer.
  7. Cleithrum


    I'm hearing that the smelt ice fishing is lousy so far this year. Not many smelt and they're all dinks. Are the the good numbers of smelt a cyclical thing? Any other factors that can be patterned?
  8. Spring-like conditions for three days next week, 4 and 5 degrees with rain, should knock the snow down a bit. Then freezing up again after that.
  9. I tried the northern section of the rec canal this morning. Nothing, not even a nibble, and no marks on the sonar either in 2 hours. And the snow was a female dog; I should have got my collapsible ski base out for my hut!
  10. Back to ...... I "intended" to go yesterday but spent too much time clearing snow from 2 vehicles & my boat , sidewalk & driveway . Then it began snowing again ! And it was snowing when I arose today at 8 a.m. .....did the routine again ! Very cold again tonight ( 8*Frigid now) . I (had) a date at the hospital tomorrow after lunch for a routine ultra sound on the neck but decided to cancel . (covid related). After several calls I couldn't get through ....enough time wasted ! They can bump up the others in wait . I hope to be fishing tomorrow ( weather be nice) Feeling much better the past week as I chucked my last 100 statin pills .....read a lot about them & the bad side effects . The van is all loaded up except for the live minnows . My maggots bit the dust , must be too cold for them in the sun room which drops to 60*F on cold nights. They turn black after they die ....maybe useful for black crappies ......
  11. Your on BT ! I'll need to find a 50 gal . gas can first . ( varooooooooooooooom ) !
  12. I’ll get one too and we’ll race from port d to Toronto……loser buys some of bigugli’s floats for the winner…. I just need to do my repairs first
  13. I've been carving for a few years and want to connect with other decoy carvers to improve our skills and encourage hunting over carved blocks here in Southern Ontario. Saturday February 19th I will be in my garage from 12 - 4 working on decoys. If anyone wants to stop by for an hour or two and let chips fly or talk shop please send me a message. I ask that you RSVP with a private message and I'll provide the address and make sure we have enough space to meet any COVID rules. All skill levels welcome!
  14. Wow very impressive line up this year louie! Good luck go fishing 🎣 👍
  15. I need to get one of those 12 bangers for my square back canoe .
  16. I know the feeling. I look at my boat wrapped up in the garage and I am itching to go. Might have to buy a new one this year (in my dreams) as I see Mercury has introduced a new 12 cylinder 600 hp verado. A unique feature is that for steering, only the lower gearcase turns while the engine itself remains stationary. Makes sense, why turn that whole 800lb engine.
  17. In the course of a year the family goes through 50-60. We fish a lot of tangled structure and timber. Especially for crappie.
  18. Still a through line slip float. Just have some folks who like the extra indicator on top.
  19. I make a few hundred every year.
  20. Wow ! There's enough floats there to re-float La Grand Hermine !
  21. Wow, looks like a good lot of bobbers.
  22. Are the caps on some of the bobbers for use if not using a bobber stopper ?
  23. Wow. That’s a lot of floats. Do you lose many?
  24. I know that we are in the middle of winter, but it won't be long before I'll be chasing spring pannies. Gotta rebuild my float supply.
  25. My questions have been answered thanks.
  26. I have a few questions about my Jeep Cherokee and was wondering if anyone here is in the field. Thanks Dan
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