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  2. I've never owned anything Suzuki but know guys who've owned ATV's and they were great! Personally I own a 2003 Polaris ATV, and others in my camp own Polaris bikes as well. They've been very good machines and really reliable! I look after it and put premium gas in it and it has never let me down.
  3. I'm sure suicides have go way up, but that'll never be properly reported. CV-19 has apparently cured every other ailment. 🤔
  4. It's a chore to get accurate numbers , depends on what news media one watches . It would be interesting to know how many drug o.d.'s & suicides happen every day in Canada . That's not counting the thousands who die from legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco ...... Every small business across the country should open their doors ....and yes take precautions to stop spreading the flu , as always .....Open up or shutter up for good .....
  5. Weekly death stats in Canada show COVID hasn't DEVASTATED the country - YouTube
  6. From April 23 , 2020 ..... From today's Sun , Dec. 1 , 2020 ....I rest my case ...... https://torontosun.com/opinion/bonokoski-poor-granny-smith-died-of-covid-19-or-did-she-now
  7. I guess blood trails are a little easier to follow in the snow
  8. I'll take this snow over the wind and warm conditions we had in Nov.
  9. I started shopping around and the price for a new Yamaha are ridiculous. I think I might just do a new carb replacement in my 115 merc.
  10. I have an older 2005 Merc 4stk efi , haven't touched anything under the hood since I bought it about 8 yrs.ago . ...adding Sea Foam to the gas . The dealer (C & J) switched to Tohatso which I have been told are excellent motors ...a product from Nissan . And now that shop is gone... And Merc's went to China ??? Bottom line .... I would prefer any motor made in Japan now . ( parts pending )
  11. Gordie was a good guy , a clean checker . Those were the days hockey was ......hockey . Big bucks runs the show ... The wimmins play better hockey now !! 🏒
  12. My thoughts also Verado. The Suzuki outboards seem to be amazing but service and parts are going to be the deal breaker for me. There must be a reason why Suzuki is not expanding their dealership especially in the Niagara region.
  13. I knew a bear guide north of Thunder Bay. He put about 16,000 km on year on his ATV's, liked the Honda, Yamaha, and CanAm, didn't like the Arctic Cat or Polaris. His oldest machine was a beat up Suzuki. He was waiting for it to die but it never did. Didn't look after it at all but said it always started and never left him stranded. I think that all the major brands of outboards are pretty high quality. I bought my 200 and 9.9 Merc in 2014 and have had no issues. Something you do have to consider is the availability of parts and service in the areas you do most of your boating. Suzuki and Honda
  14. This is Canada. You leave our hockey brawls alone. I might have to send Mr Hockey/Mr Elbow after you.
  15. bought a brand new df9.9 in 2009 ran great for 3 years then no spark.....good luck getting parts needed a stator 600.00 but non in canada that was after chasing a coil n cdi also non in canada.It was 4 years old at the time and suzuki canada had no parts I needed.Got a stator from i the usa iboats 425.00 usd then sold mtr.I was very disappointed with a Japanese mtr having electrical issues after 4 years but maybe just a fluke.I was more disappointed with finding parts in Canada.Just saying
  16. Suzuki make outstanding engines. I have a 10 year-old 90 hp Suzi on my Smoker Craft (bought from Marsh's in Waubushene), it runs like new even though I put a huge amount of time on it every year from ice-out to freeze up. Always starts right away, idles so quiet you cant hear it, runs smooth as silk, no smoke, no fussing, would buy another one 100%.
  17. Tyler, where do you usually go to fish on L. simcoe?

    I guess im going to have to think of hauling my gear up there if I want to get any ice fishing this winter.


  18. Got many a turkey over the years from that very spot - just wasnt expecting them to be there this late in the year! that is usually a late spring and early fall roost for them.
  19. I bought a new Suzuki in 2016 ,don't have anything negative to say about it and price and warranty cannot be beat , I got it at C.A.S power marine in Ayr its just off the 401 outside of cambridge , they had the best prices on new suzuki's in ontario at the time .
  20. Small world bubba, I’m in Kearney!
  21. My old stomping grounds, I grew up in Emsdale!
  22. Last week
  23. I bought up north close to where my cottage is . Katrine Marine
  24. Where did you purchase your motor? The closest dealer for me is Port Dover
  25. Deetch. I have a 6 hp Suzuki on my little tinner at the cottage. It replaced a blown 9.9 mariner. Bought it new and ran it for 3 years now and no problems. I actually really like it and was much easier on the wallet than Merc/yammy/honda.
  26. I guess you know where to turkey hunt now.
  27. Deer and other wildlife still have to eat regardless of the weather. Heavy rain, snow or winds might curtail their activity for a day or two but if the weather is extended you can be sure that they will be once again searching for food.
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