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  2. We bought a duplex a few yrs back that had both units rented out. I can tell ya from experience, it’s not easy to get tenants out even when the regulations are on your side!! I can’t imagine it’s very easy when you just want to “take advantage of the times”. Im sure there are some that will cash in on the house value increases, but I’m not sure I would consider that wrong?
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  4. I think some landlords will take advantage of the "times" , kick people out , then double the rents . There are people who will "share" the rent ..... I am very fortunate to have no mortgage , just pay the bills (and repairs).... Good luck Bruce .
  5. At the moment, there are 50 to 100 families looking for a new home to rent. I am seeing the same faces at times.
  6. Water temp is Huge concern the depth is 25’ and the aeration is handled by a pump designed to cover up to 30’ deep and half acre . I have less than 1/4 acre , probably .2 acres in addition I am getting a fountain that shoots 8 feet at centre and 6 feet at sides to add more water movement . The pond was initially designed to have speckles in there but I don’t think that would be a good choice .
  7. Our grandaughter rents a house about 1 km from us and pays $2000 a month plus all utilities and cable ....House prices have gone nuts and rents increased as well . Not sure if the pandemic is to blame , but many who have lost their jobs will not be able to afford to pay as other prices go up as well . I'll keep an eye out for you Bruce , looks like they may extend the lock down for another month and that won't help you find a place .
  8. I tried it today , used 10# test mono for the hair , loaded it to the hilt and used a 1/4" piece of dead weed stem about as thick as a toothpick . It worked good , the can corn didn't fall off after three tosses into 30 fow and 2 oz. of lead . You can load up the needle ahead and keep it in the corn container. Scott , I made the hair about 1 1/4 " long and put about 8 pieces of can corn right to the end to help keep pressure against the stopper . ....very quick changes when I want to put fresh corn on every 20 -30 minutes . I tried another new spot today , nice shor
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  10. I would have guessed water temp would be a concern
  11. You need to get a permit from the MNR , and only native species are allowed to be stocked ,Rainbows , Bass etc . In my case it was relatively simple because I don’t have any feeder streams for fish to escape into the watershed . The company I am getting stock from was a big help in sorting things out for me and advising what steps where needed .
  12. That’s for sure. Crazy prices now.
  13. Good luck with the move, Grimsby is not the town you left if you are considering coming back
  14. Looks like we are taking our show on the road after 5 years. Don't know where. Not much available out there unless you have really deep pockets.
  15. May be a racist statement but " will the last Canadian out of Toronto please lock the door behind them " has some truth in it.
  16. Did you consult a biologist about putting Bows in your pond ?
  17. Look at who owns/manages each of those ramps. Municipal/regional gov't=closed. Private=open. For the most part.
  18. We hunted the property between you and the Park last November and every evening would see a group of deer, at least half a dozen or so, come out of your property into the field to feed. They would stay right in the middle out of the field, out of range from us. They would emerge fairly close to the front of your property, maybe a quarter of the way back,
  19. That sounds like pretty unusual behaviour for a Coyote unless it was so focused on a potential meal it didn't notice you. Would have been cool to see though. They don't allow hunting them in the Park, so maybe he's a local one that is getting a bit too brave for it's own good?
  20. No. That’s Stoney Creek. I saw empty trailers at Foran’s. But they could have just moved the barricade.
  21. I got all mine in February right after ice out. EDIT I hate auto correct. Lol
  22. If you have any cats or dogs, watch out. I know people who lost big, strong dogs to those buggers. One will keep the dogs attention and the others attach from the rear.
  23. I found a much nicer , newer stand yesterday while I was checking out the west corner of the property . The east corner had some Turkeys in a field close to my tree line , the previous owner has told me there are turkey nests in the trees and lots of deer beds there ,but I have not really checked out that side of the property so I am not sure what I will find
  24. Also check out the Grand River Conservation Authority website for river flow data before you go. It will give you a multi day history of water flow rates, so you can gauge whether it is fishable or not. If there were recent rains and the flow rates are heading up, or are up, stay home. Learned this the hard way a few times. Another really good resource is the Hatch Charts on Grand River Troutfitter's website. It will definitely help you match the hatch. All barbless hooks and catch and release until you hit the Elora Gorge I believe.
  25. I have just moved into the Chippewa area this week (Wednesday ) and I have been getting my pond ready to stock rainbows ( aerating and bacterial control ) . It was just before dusk and I was checking out the back end of the pond , across from me in the tree line I heard a almost hoot sound coming from there . That’s when I saw the Coyote about 80 to 100’ feet from me .The cheeky part was he started circling the back of the pond towards me , he was interested in the goose that was in the pond and had no fear or concern for me being so close . If this becomes a habit I may have to do something
  26. That’s a good spot also if you go up above Fergus from melita auto sales up to the RV sales place there are 3 access points that are equally good spots .
  27. If you mean 50 point at Grimsby then it is closed .I have my boats docked there and I can’t even get my rib put in at the ramp to put it on my boat .
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