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  2. Now with piers open to public, best way to learn is go down in October by the hydro dam and watch how others fish. Offer to net fish to see their set ups.
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  4. No disrespect to you Trouter but I have not been a shore fisherman for many years so I would not have any idea as to where to direct you. My favorite spots used to be Lake Gibson at Decew, St. John's pond in Effingham and the sand docks at Queenston. Welcome to the Forum.
  5. Nice carp Daryl! Not a carp fisherman but today I stopped at the waters edge in grimsby….I make a weekly trip to 50 point market for some goodies. Many carp along the shore 2-4 feet cruising and many with their head down a** up….like the way I prefer my w…Never mind …. Assume they are in shallow feeding?
  6. HA ! I'm probably about 60 years older , been here about 17 years , retired for 30 years and lots of time to post from my diary . I like to see new people introduce themselves with a little background and something about themselves . Some just have a one liner "Where's the fish at " or "How about some way points on your pike spots" lol I believe I am the 'old guy" here ....There was an "old guy" named Trevor who was an excellent trout angler (fly rod) and he has since passed ....I met him at our swills ...terrific man ! I would like to see some younger people join us so I can be thei
  7. I'm being a bit of a smart-ass Smerch, but I noticed that Trouter has 1 post on this forum. Maybe you should have told him to check out your other 17,200 posts for information on fishing this area. LOL
  8. Very nice intro trouter (George) ? Nice map you have there , I can see about 50 of my fishing spots there ! We used to fish a lot at Lock 2 (circle) ....tons of big drum off that small pier on the east side (off limits now) And we got our baitfish in the ditch on east Carlton St. ,,,and crayfish as well . And you're not far from the Port Weller east pier for many species coming in the canal from the lake . The circle at Port Dal. also has many species of fish in the 2 zones , (20 & 16) . We fish 12 months a year there , and it's one of my fun carp areas . Bottom bouncing with worms or
  9. Hey fellow anglers, I'm finally going to get out fishing this summer, fall, and beyond. I live in St. Catharines and I'm awful excited to get out and catch something. I understand that this might not be the best time of year to pull in trout (spring & fall) but nevertheless, I will do whatever I can to find some, or anything else to catch within my area. I'm limited to walking & public transit unfortunately. I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some advice on a good spot to try. From what I have read, I was going to try a bottom bouncing rig (minnow or worm) in Po
  10. I'm not sure ....it's got some leaves on one side and a lady's face on the other side .I have drilled a hole in some and use for washers . Many people keep old finds like that , clean them up , paint them and use for flowers ,etc. I found a very old white water kettle under the back steps years ago (1981) .....still have it as is (was) sitting on the deck ....wife likes to put dried flowers into it. and our only TV is over 30 years old and it will used until it croaks . Our old gas furnace lasted 40 years and the fridge outside is still cold after 40 years ,and the freezer was h
  11. What’s that copper looking thing under it?
  12. Good eye Chris I think you are right .I have both tools and my center punches don't have that flat head . I didn't grind it which might take the temper out , just used the 6" x 1" wire brush to clean it up . I should invest in a metal detector .....but I might not have any grass left ....
  13. That is a nail set used to set finish nails below the surface of the wood for finishing. It should be flat on the end. Someone has ground it to a point to use as a center punch.
  14. Back when things were built to last. When I was digging up my back yard to renew for garden I found a very old coke bottle. I didn't keep it. Maybe I should have. 🤔
  15. Last week
  16. I think the carp have spawned and are now "resting" ....depending on what body of water they dwell . My daughter sent me this picture of a very preggy looking carp waiting for the family to arrive . She lives further north where the water temps may be a little colder than here in Niagara . She will leave Carmilla alone to have her kids unmolested .....
  17. Digging with a garden fork in my yard in a spot I haven't dug into since I bought the house in 81 . The house was built in 55 ...3 bedroom bungalow , 50 x 150' lot (10 grand) I dug deep , about 12" down ,flipped the soil over a saw this rusted piece of steel . I thought it was a piece of well rusted spike . I cleaned it up on my dad's old 50's grinder with a coarse wire brush on one side. It turns out to be a usable punch with some numbers on it .....no idea how old it is but it's good to go . I used to work a ETF Tools where they made many drop forged hand tools which were very high qu
  18. No not really. The cats aren't too big. More of a nuisance when trying to catch the carp but it fills the time.
  19. Good one Darryl ... I see people fishing there quite often ,catching the cats . Any size to the cats ?
  20. Went out to Gibby today. It was cool with some wind at around 6am when I arrived. Literally nobody else out fishing, it was a ghost town. The catfish were non stop then finally got a good hit and line started peeling. Took about 10 mins to get her in because I was only using 10lb mono. I have no idea how much it weighed because a pike broke my scale a while back and I haven't been able to get out since to replace it. About 11am things died off and I called it a day. No tick sightings as of yet .
  21. Bill, you need a dedicated “tick outfit” treated for the little buggers, like my camo 2-piece rainsuit for hunting! I wear it ALL the time I am out hunting, no matter what the weather. Go to Peavy and buy the 1-litre spray bottle of Ultra Shield. Pick out a shirt and pants just for outdoor activities, spray them thoroughly with the Ultra Shield, and seal them up in a plastic bag. Just take them out of the bag and put them on when you are going out, and reseal them back in the bag as soon as you come back. The spray treatment should last at least 3 weeks before you need to r
  22. AND ....that ain't all of the story .....At 11 am this morning my wife found tick on my bed !! I'm not sure if those 2 ticks came from my fishing spot yesterday or from my gardens which I have been weeding (some tall dead columbines ,etc. The ticks seem to like my blood ....maybe it's the bananas ?? Looks like I'll have to use a whole can of deet spray , or bath in it !
  23. I think they finished spawning , there was no activity in the shallow backwater today . If I ever get another hook in me , I'll use the string method ....our hospitals are too busy .... I'll be carp fishing the 12 and Gib in the weeks ahead, much closer to home base. Need to add this ....... I sprayed my clothing well for ticks , didn't see any on me after fishing and checked myself at home from "top to bottom" ...no ticks .....Last night while having a wizz , I noticed a black dot climbing the "totem pole" ...TICK !!! ....never had one in the underworld before !! It went
  24. The fish must be on the move smerch. Nice hole is your finger. Ouch!!
  25. Got off to a late start today , lines in at 10:30 am, Water wasn't too bad after all the rains but lots of algae from top to bottom . Started with maize/hair rig , then added corn puffs and yellow mellows to help elevate the corn , then just used the puffs and mellows as the green slime/algae would build up quickly and currents would then move my 1.5 oz.weights & accumulate more algae . Had about 10 "bumps" as bait fish or small fish were breaking the surface constantly . Needless to say no fish caught ....but saw a few carp jump in the distance . But I did catch "something" .......
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