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  2. You gotta get that boat out more smerch.
  3. They ruined some real nice spots by dumping large boulders , like the pier at Port Dal. where we could fish right from the wall ...NOT NOW . What a mess they made to save a few bucks ....same thing at Rooker's Rd. where they 'dumb-ed' more huge rocks. ...shore anglers matter (SAM) !
  4. Yesterday
  5. I don’t think it was too rocky. I checked the bottom before I put bait out. Felt silty with a bit of weeds. The shoreline was a nightmare. Probably 10’ down, huge boulders plus the rain didn’t help.
  6. I wish my commute involved my canoe
  7. Those cut offs were the 40 pounders ! Was your bait sitting in rocks ? Is there a steep drop off ? I have used a 3 way rig for spots like that ....with a 'cheap' weight .(free at any beach) I did some work on my bike today ....ready for another trip to the 12 tomorrow . They hit hard in that current ! I don't take my big net , wear boots and the carp don't leave the water . Question about chumming ....depending on how heavily chummed ..... That spot at Hammi was chummed well of course , so I wonder how long the carp will remain there after all the chum is gone ? And .....if there was a lot of chum eaten , would they be hungry enough to eat again for a week ? just me thinking outside the box again ......
  8. Yes it is. I thought more fish would of came out but we still managed around 10fish between 5 of us. This was Burlington side of hammy harbor. Fat boys did lose around 5 fish to hook pulls and a cut off.
  9. Nice. Can’t beat a leech on a drop shot. The fish can’t resist it
  10. Caught him on a leech..............
  11. Sounds like another great trip. I’m not really one for using lures. If I do nothing better then early morning/Late evening poppers.
  12. I remember Curtis ... they have a great thing going . I'll probably run into them again . Rennie always produces carp , some days better than others . That spot is probably well chummed now .......
  13. Back to Grundy we were for dad son camping. A lot of rain again but plenty of pike and bass for all. We spent the day yesterday on Clear Lake which is far less populated by campers. That’s where all the better fishing is here. I caught my share so offered to take kids out on the canoe 2 at a time and put them on fish. For most it was their first time catching fish in artificial. I am all for worms but there is nothing like casting and retrieving a lure and enticing a strike. The boys loved it. We had a fishing contest and everything. Fun times.
  14. This is one of the guys, had a great day hanging out with Curtis
  15. Thanks I’ll msg you. Having the summer off of work doesn’t get any better then that.
  16. Nice smallie. What bait did you catch it on?
  17. Good luck out of Bruce. Its close by for me and I've been out there at least 3x a week all summer. Basically every calm day as I have the summer off work. Let me know if you need any hints on baits, etc... I will probably be there every day this week except for saturday haha
  18. Well, not really...................But now that I have your attention, I caught my 2nd fish of the year this morning............Nothing earth shattering, but I'll take this size any day of the week....................................Have a good day................The fish was quickly released, by the way..............
  19. Yes they said they fish port colborne, the rec, pretty much the whole canal system, martindale, cdp etc….
  20. The name Fat Boyz was familiar . They know all the spots in Niagara including CDP and Gibby .When you have a group like that you can give a new spot a good workout . ( 6 guys = 18 lines) I wonder if they tried spots at the Rec. canal ...some nice grassy spots and trees there . I have a few spots I want to try for carp before giving it a rest . I hope Erie is tame for you guys next Sat, Ty . it would be a blast to catch eyes from a yak ! Maybe try a little jigging for them if you pick them up on your screen ...just as we do for them when on the hard water .
  21. We were lucky to only have the rain , sun and clouds. The storms seemed like they stayed around the escarpment area. I think the carp gear is going to take a rest now till the fall time. Going to try and lay the smack down on Erie eyes in the kayak, maybe even some Lake Ontario kings/bows. I have another fun tournament this Saturday coming up out of port Bruce. (Walleye) 23 boats and I think only two kayakers. Hopefully Erie will be nice to us kayakers and let us get out there.
  22. Yes smerch that’s them. Rennie is their go to spot to catch some fish and hang out under the willows. Some of them might start posting here.
  23. That's a nice fat one Ty. Three more like that would give you 80 lbs of fish . The weather here was mixed , we had it all ,....rain , sun ,clouds , thunder , lightening ...not exactly the best day for fish to be on the feed . That spot did produce some fish I see . Are those guys the same group that fishes Rennie ? They were a great bunch of guys to talk with and they know their stuff about carping ! This week looks good to get out , cooler and hopefully the aftermath of yesterdays stormy weather will get the carp on the feed again . I hear ya Gene ha ! I have put in 12 hours lately .....took 3 outings to do it .....
  24. Oh to be young and have that amount of stamina!! My old body couldn’t stand to hunt or fish anything for a 12 hour period!!
  25. That would be a nice way to get home.
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