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  3. The government has been cutting the MNR budget for years, I think we still only have one or two CO's for the entire region. Not that our license fees have continued to rise though. In my 30 years of hunting and fishing I've seen one, not a great deterrent. The States seem to put more of a priority on hunting and fishing rites, enforcing the laws fully. If you trespass to hunt in most States you could get jail time, here basically nothing. Unfortunately our rites as outdoorsman are not a factor for our politicians. How long did it take to get the spring bear hunt back after they cancelled it wi
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  5. When there is no fear of enforcement , people will act accordingly , be it tossing garbage or stealing property , etc. . I would be looking over my shoulder or skyward before I tossed that butt or piece of trash . I've seen plenty of butts tossed from car windows so I would think the police have also witnessed that as well . If they pulled the car over and levied a $1000 fine , I think word (by WWW) would spread fast ...... As technology rapidly advances , the use of cams and drones will assist the law makers to catch more people trashing our lands . They seem to be doing a better job
  6. The value of the fine has no meaning Smerch. You need enforcement and the fines to be handed out. It could be a million dollar fine for every cigarette butt tossed, however the lack of enforcement, people still would.
  7. I think I will be busy next month with moving .I also want to check the area out and I need to stock the pond with rainbows . And my boat goes in at fifty point around the same time so I won’t be going to work much that’s for sure .
  8. price update. I did some checking today for a 20 pound BBQ tank Prince Charles Drive at Riverside - $25 Prince Charles Drive at Lincoln beside Pioneer - $20 Freegas Fonthill - $17.
  9. Well ,we did ban the plastic straws ...... Let's make a $ 20 mask which can be washed everyday ...... if it helps keeps our cities clean , send those billions of masks back to china for disposal (Pacific Ocean)..... How ironic it is depending on China for masks and their "vaccine"
  10. I would love to see it Smerch. I would even be willing to pay more for my fishing license to support it. There just doesn't seem to be any interest in enforcing it to protect our access and environment. Education and changing peoples attitudes has been the focus and I agree to some degree that has worked but for the rest they only respond to repercussions for their actions. We both have probably carried a ton of garbage out of there over the years and it continues to accumulate. I applaud the person that put the garbage bins in and try's to manages those because
  11. Not really "us" anglers who mostly keep our spots clean . Those "snowflake artists" have been doing this everywhere . Our permissive "liberal" society allows this crap to continue with little consequences . Much of the garbage there comes from "visitors" who either don't know any better , or don't give a rat's ass about the garbage. .....We certainly could use more plain clothes MNR people .....and start the fines at $1000 .(money talks) .
  12. We are our own worst enemies. Went to the beacon the other day to see how many boats were out in Lake Ontario. The old pirate ship is now covered in graffiti, nothing but garbage and empty beer bottles scattered all over the beach. It's no wonder why these places are starting to put up no trespassing signs everywhere.
  13. Hunted that bush late 70's one year, got 2 does there, but lots of deer around. Fellow that worked with dad turned us on to it, he lived in one of the houses across from your property, believe it was owned by one of his family , their name was Cripps.
  14. Surf and Turf I sent a message , hopefully I did it right . Cheers
  15. Looks like people were walking on the East pier and fishing on the West side below the dam on the new concrete slab at Port! The new construction looks awesome but I think they were all still trespassing lol, I don't think its open yet but people are fed up being stuck at home, soo I think the law enforcement are closing their eyes out of good faith.... I hope people don't litter at Port when they open her up, otherwise we will end up like Bronte Pier!
  16. I have watched anglers launch their boats at the SCGFA ramp and failed to see any danger of spreading covid . They keep a good distance from others as the launch , wear their masks until they are out on the water and nowhere near as close to others as on a bus or shopping for food at Walmart . By shutting down the boat ramps , more people will fish from shore .....shoulder to shoulder in some busy spots . Fishing for me hasn't changed ....still fishing as usual in most spots where it's just me and my shadow.......
  17. Sadly, the municipalities do not have resources allocated for the proper disposal of biohazard materials. Put up as many of these bins as you want, it will still end up at the landfill. Just like a large portion of your blue box material
  18. Pushing the fear is as follows: "A DEADLY NOVEL VIRUS is sweeping the planet. NOBODY IS IMMUNE and there is NO CURE. ASYMPTOMATIC people are major drivers of disease. So we have to LOCKDOWN and WEAR MASKS until everybody is VACCINATED. Anybody who challenges this narrative is a danger to society."
  19. Cases are most likely from pro-mask wearers. I'm not talking, just to put one on to go into a store, but all the time, even when they're driving a vehicle, by themselves! 😄 When do the masks start to work into our third wave after July 2020? Yeah, thought so.
  20. I know that it's important to take steps to protect the beauty of Niagara and the surrounding areas, but it's a shame that we are limited to shore fishing spots in the region............For people that only fish from shore (like me), we can't afford to have any more fishing locations taken away from us....................
  21. I will not pick up used masks at our fishing holes , but maybe I should give them a squirt of alcohol & burn them ? "They" are saying the oceans have billions of masks , endangering wildlife ..... This lady in Edmonton collected a pile of masks to show us one of the "side effects" ....just a drop in the barrel .... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/disposable-masks-litter-fredericton-1.5980976
  22. Last week
  23. Freedom and rights come with responsibilities and right now IMO the factor in all of this is a pandemic which has only gotten worse because too many people tend to think of only themselves. If we followed proper protocols - mask wearing, social distancing , non essential cross regional travelling, limited gathering - a good many activities could still continue, but it appears we are not willing to do that. Try to see the bigger picture in all of this. This stage of the pandemic is far worse than the first when we seemed more willing to follow severe protocols, so why do we whine and wane durin
  24. Duncan you purchased a terrific property for deer and turkey. I shot a huge 8 point buck 2 years ago in the field adjacent to your property. Myself and a few buddies hunt the general area quite a bit. A good buddy of mine lives just down the street from you. If you want to pm me I can put you in touch with him.
  25. I can tell you it sucks. I’m more than happy to run the garbage out to the bin to get mask free fresh air outside.
  26. Yes it is a very broad question because I am very new to the area . I did find a tree stand in the section I have marked off and I know there are deer , I have been told that and I have seen lots of tracks and rubbing on a old building , but I am curious about any other game in the area . The reason I am asking is I have just bought the area I have outlined . Thanks .
  27. I feel for those who must wear a mask for many hours each day ( on the job) Surely breathing back some of your own CO2 is not healthy . Fortunately , I have never had to wear one for more than 30 minutes while shopping .... Masks may be doing more harm than we realize.....and China will sell all they can .... What a pleasure it is to be fishing and breathing all the fresh air !! The only ones wearing masks are the coons.....
  28. Maybe narrow down you question a bit. I can tell you it is heavily hunted, and surrounding private properties are heavily hunted as well. Make sure you know the park boundaries, the section you have boxed off is 1/2 km from the park. The park ends at the mud side road that runs along the east side of the park.
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    I'll leave that kind of thing to other area businesses.
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