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  1. Terry Kelly - A Pittance of Time (Official Version) - YouTube www.youtube.com › watch
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  2. rbrwrm

    late report

    fished Monday out of cb ,what a fantastic day weather wise and fishing, got on the water about 11:30 with 2 scoops from Dominion .straight out to 60 fow to a waypoint I have but nothing there so moved about a third of a mile east to a group of boats and they were on fish and I started catching but my partner wasn't and after a while and a dozen fish reallised all my fish were being caught on a gold hook and john didn't want to change and it stayed 5 or 6 to 1 all afternoon all big fish with one that must have gone 2 pounds ended up with 46 big perch 'great way to end the season, tim
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  3. genec

    Ft. Erie today

    Had the urge bad to try some fishing, so got up at 6:30 and headed to Ft. Erie to fish the river. Spent over an hour by Nicholls trying a variety of plastics and spoons, but no luck. there were 5 guys already there fishing w minnows when I got there, but none of them caught anything while I was there. Then headed to the old coal docks and tried there for over an hour, but no luck again. There were 9 people fishing there, and some coming and leaving during the hour, but all I saw caught was one 5” perch during the time I was there. In spite of the lack of any luck it w
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  4. Agree ! Many people are buying boats , large and small as fishing spots are crammed with more & more boats . I can see both sides of Port Dal. harbour crammed solid with moored boats . Docking fees will help cover the $30 million + for those vessels. Parking space will be a concern , more so on the west side .
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  5. The may make a designated fishing only area, but the rest most likely to favour boaters/dockers.
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  6. According to all the earlier discussions and consultations, the construction is supposed to improve fishing access. Then again government is famous for lying or going back on it's word.
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  7. smerchly

    DST ??

    Gottcha beat .....I bought a pack of Kools in 1959 , cost me 35 cents !!! ....smoked less than half the pack and tossed the rest in the garbage ....been "clean" ever since . I only "cough" for the doctor now !
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