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  1. Loonietoon1

    Lest We Forget

    watch A Pittance of Time A Pittance of Time - Terry Kelly
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  2. marktheperchman

    Rec canal

    Beautiful day. Just waiting for the fish to cooperate. It's been at least a year for me and the canoe so nice to just get out. Found some. 23 keepers almost all caught in an hour.
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  4. DaveC

    land border opening

    Biggest federal scam ever!! You do a pcr test at home, go to US and use that same test results to come home? Duh...i guess once your tested negative here that theres no way you could be infected over there. This Gov is the most incompetant ever!! 99% the Gov is collecting kickbacks off these pcr tests, hence encouraging you to get tested at home before you go. Insane!
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