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  1. Stay positive Bro, you'll get through this. Get well.
  2. What are you fishing for ?
  3. Very sorry to hear Bill. He was a great little guy.
  4. Here's what I use https://sawyer.com/products/permethrin-premium-insect-repellent/ it's not available in Canada though. Your local NY Walmart carries it for $10. I initially ordered it from an american outdoors site and they refused to ship it to Canada. Emailed Sawyers and they said Health Canada hadn't approved it and they wanted a crazy price in the thousands to approve it. With their sales in Canada it wasn't worth it. The only people that can get it in Canada is our military. So it's just another money grab. You spray your clothes, NOT your person. It works, I use it for turkey hunting.
  5. Bones

    Boat Vinyl ?

    Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  6. Does anyone know a local company where I can buy a few yards of material for a boat floor ?
  7. Welcome Gunner, you're a great addition to the NFN team. The best part to me are the stock options
  8. Cliff how about a pic of the T's & Hoodies
  9. I usually wait until there's more snow on the ground. I like hunting them on a sunny morning after a dusting of snow over night. If you don't see any then, start yote hunting !
  10. I've referred a few people to John Kellaway. He's a good instructor. http://www.firearmseducationschool.com/contactus.htm
  11. You can always contact the NPCA ( Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority ) For a yearly fee you can hunt some of their properties for deer, small game turkey or waterfowl. Not your first choice obviously but it will get you out hunting this fall.
  12. No big deal Finsanity. You've got a decent boat, use it. Just get a cooler and a portable aerator. I even won it one year with a 14'er this way.
  13. Just saw this. I'm having puter problems and haven't been on for awhile. Thanks for the invite Dave, it was a good time. It was the first time on this part of the Grand for me, but won't be my last. Here's a few pics from the day.
  14. Bateman's Tires in Niagara Falls. I just got a couple tires for my boat trailer there. Not sure about rims though.
  15. Dave that sounds good, definitely up for it. Light rods with small spinners. Great time Cliff, thanks for the invite. Always enjoy fishing the Saugeen. Here's a pic of Cliff on the river.
  16. The procedure is contributing to the forum and when you reach a certain level of posts you will have access.
  17. Bones


    I have one for fall/winter that has some merino wool in it. It is "carp scales" lol
  18. Bones


    I have a few Bill, last one I bought is a "cool max" Buff. Haven't worn it yet to see if it's any different than the others.
  19. I use this one more than most but I check out quite a few sites to get an idea. http://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/ofs/ofs_animation.shtml?ofsregion=le&subdomain=0&model_type=wind_forecast Here's a couple other sites to check out. http://www.windguru.cz/int/index.php?sc=67 http://www.windfinder.com/forecast/lake_erie_east_buoy
  20. Many many years ago when young and dumb a friend and I went duck hunting in december. Typical december day cold with snow on the ground. Even though we were young we knew from experience that mergansers weren't on our hit list, just puddle ducks. A duck flew in, landed and paddled around but it was a merg so we didn't shoot. Wait a minute, that"s a mallard ! Too late , it's gone lol Real slow morning with nothing flying until I do finally drop a mallard. So I go out to get it in a tinner with oar locks. get it back and put it right behind the blind. Later i get up to stretch and look back at the duck and it's not there !! WTF Couldn't be yotes as we were on an island. I got down and followed a little blood trail in the snow to some cattails at the waters edge and I see him just in the water, he looks dead, but can't reach him so go back and hop in the tinner and oar around to him. doo-doo he's moving away so I head back and get my shotgun and head around the island again. He's tight to the cattails so I wait and keep rowing. He keeps moving until he gets to the front of the blind and my bud finishes him off. Naturally I retrieve his duck for him.
  21. The Ontario walleye record is 22.25 lbs and 36" long. Caught in 1943 in the upper Niagara River.
  22. It was Ontario . Six Nations reserve to be exact. Different laws apply there. Outside the reservation in that area hunters aren't allowed to use 270 cal rifles. I agree Bubba, he admitted it. You're supposed to know what you are shooting at. Should have been at least a careless discharge or more. Doesn't make sense
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