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  1. OPEN HOUSE DATE: NOVEMBER 13, 2012 at 6:30 p.m., in Committee Room 1, Third Floor, City Hall, 50 Church Street. The Planning Services Department is hosting an Open House with respect to a proposed City Wide zoning by-law amendment to the provisions/restrictions relating to recreation vehicles including travel trailers, camper trailers, pick-up campers, motor homes, boat trailers, boats, recreational trailers and utility trailers in residential areas. The City wants your comments on this application before a staff recommendation is finalized and a decision is made by Council. Copy and paste th
  2. We missed your volunteering to help this year Smerch. Too many people still feeding the geese, and it looks like the mild weather will encorage multiple batches of off spring this year. With the number of people using the "city walkway" you would think the city would have it cleaned daily. A nice little seasonal job for a student.
  3. A shore fisherman has left his tackle bag behind in Port Dalhousie. You can retrieve your property if you can correctly identify it in an email to me.
  4. $10.00 Pot winner was Bin Nae with a 10lbs 2oz Brown trout (female) winning $280.00 $20.00 Pot winner was Jamie Ashfeild with a 8lbs 12oz Brown winning $380.00 John D Amico took 3rd with the second biggest fish weighing 7lbs 2oz winning a SCG&F hat Tony Lucciola caught the most weight in fish with 4 fish caught total weighing 22lbs, won a SCG&F hat Al Butcher caught a 7lbs Brown trout seconds before finish horn wins a SCG&F hat CLICK ON PHOTO for SLIDE SHOW
  5. Please note that Steve has extended the derby to 1:00pm.
  6. Steve is learning computer skills and will be posting results and pics shortly. The anglers participating in the 50/50 draw raised $65.00 towards the Annual Kid's Day fishing fund. Thank you to ALL!
  7. I agree Bill, but for now there is a loop hole that products can be identified by the distributor. Most blatant examples are processed groceries, especially private label. Checking out the declarations on many food products you will find they simply declare "packaged for" and hope the consumer will not investigate further. As long as consumers continue to make price a dominate factor in making a choice, quality product will continue to rise in cost as volumes drop. In many instances we are our own worst enemy. If we did not buy the cheap crap, the retailers would not inventory it. A vicious c
  8. My Energizers were purchased in the spring of 2006 and have seen 5 years of service. Until I have to replace them and have a different experience, my opinion of them remains positive. Interestingly these Energizer batteries are distributed by Johnson Controls under license and do not have a country of origin on either label.
  9. I reinforce the negative comments on Nautilus batteries. I'm not familiar with Interstate, but having tried a few brands, Energizer batteries from Walmart have been the best from my years of experience on the water. Energizers are also made to be used as a cranking battery. An annual rotation of your trolling battery with your cranking battery will extend their life.
  10. Marion Daniels has just canceled due to health and will reschedule, probably for the April meeting. She send her regrets as many were anxious to get updates on the state of our fisheries. We have a full agenda nonetheless and it will be a good time to come out of hibernation and catch up on the club activities for 2011. General meeting commences at 7:30
  11. Doug Gauthier, president of the St. Catharines Game and Fish Association, passed away Monday morning. In keeping with prior arrangements, there will not be any visitation and Doug will be cremated. At 11:00am Friday February 11th there will be a celebration of Doug's life at the Faith Lutheran Church, 31 Agar Street, St. Catharines PH: 905-934-2434 Doug and Shirley Gauthier 148 Linwell Road, St. Catharines L2N 1R7
  12. Joe Montgomery's Annual Ice Fishing Show NEW VENUE GUEST SPEAKER WIL WEGMAN Here are some links to information on the guest speaker: About Wil Wegman: http://www.wilwegman.com/profile-of-wil-wegman.html An ice fishing article by Wil Wegman: http://www.tourismbarrie.com/Libraries/PDF..._2009.sflb.ashx
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