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  1. pauly

    some cats

    My son and I decided to take a break from trout and pike. Got into some cats about 2 weeks ago. Caught some fat chubs for bait.
  2. pauly

    Old Reel

    Great reel for smaller sharks. Used by many salt anglers.
  3. I'll be at the swap with a table as well. Thanks to SCGF for this!
  4. 15lb Fluoro lead about 3 feet. Water clarity isn’t as clear in recent years so no issue with 15. I drop to 8lb when water is clear. Nice fish. Caught 2 more a few days ago but really had to work for them.
  5. Omg Smerch. That was funny.
  6. Tried out a new striper rod today to test it on some trout. Caught some browns. The fish I caught came on hardware in mostly slack water. Here's a pic of one fish.
  7. Got a few fish on some streamers I tied up the other night. Back at it Thursday. Merry Christmas.
  8. Waiting to see if I'm around. If so, might get a table.
  9. pauly

    It's on!

    Nice bow! I’ve been fishing from shore at night and getting them on glow corkies. Had a salmon join me in the shallows swimming behind some rocks. Creepy zombie.
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