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  1. Don't think you'll see them coming down in the winter months to check. My assumption by looking at that sign is "liability" just like smerchy said.
  2. Anyone know if we can fish by boat on the US side once it's been opened? I know last year they were patrolling and you couldn't fish the US by boat. Seems a little crazy but with all these rules changing everyday don't know if we'll ever be back to normal.
  3. Still open as of today but unfortunately the flow is off at port with a limited drift in the boat.
  4. Cables go. I've changed a cable on an 09 50hp as it was stiff. Check your cable connection at the shifter and throttle control that it's not loose. Or get a buddy to watch it while you shift in the driveway. New cable is a couple hundred bucks and done in an hour or so depending if you have access to the cable vs fishing for it through the gunnel
  5. Bad ramp for launching a boat, great for my jet skiis. I've seen some ppl come in hard to smack the concrete walkway. Its not deep either so you have to watch. If the winds are bad forget it. They'll probably charge everyone for parking weather on the water or on the beach.
  6. Ramp had some ice build up this afternoon. Two brave boats launched in this frigid cold weather. I'd bring some sand or a shovel just in case you're going to launch this weekend with the cold temps. Water had about 1ft vis but we had some good winds last night so we'll see how she looks for the weekend
  7. I'm assuming rainbows are being caught at the bar? I know spring is hot for the Lakers.
  8. Welcome to the region! Different times of the year different baits work. From roe to streamers, beads, rubber minnows etc... lots of places to shore fish on the river from the whirlpool down to queenston. You're close enough to fort erie which has some great fishing as well. Good luck!
  9. The front deck of the boat should come up easily. I've repaired a "cracker" (tracker) boat that had the same problem (welded hull mind you). Winter project I would say. I would also reinforce the structural of the floor if you're gonna do it. I have a guy that can weld it for you in Niagara if you want to do it. Cost you about $500. Pouring a foam bottom will also give more added strength to the hull. Dont junk it and dont pay a stupid amount of money for a dealer to send it out and get done.
  10. NINO


    Not the same as it used to be, I tried it and was disappointed. I've been using Andy Line 8lb for most of my fishing from bass to bows and on my centre pins.
  11. Hope the river is clear for the weekend! l am hoping to get out myself, as of today the upper and Erie were mud.
  12. l probably wont get mine until spring. No point in getting batteries when the boat is going to be in storage for the winter. FISHKID - You're right, Megnacharge makes "TROJAN" batteries which are suppose to be top of the line. Energizer batteries should do the trick, make sure you store them properly and charge them once in a while during storage.
  13. l am in the same situation. Been looking on Kijiji for some. Found refurbished for $50-$60 with a 90 day warranty but they are refurbished. I dont know if anyone has had any experience with them. Found probably the best deal around, Magnacharge Brand group 27 Deep Cycle (27DC180) for $120.00 each MCA = 1000 RES CAPACITY = 175 AH = 105 WARRANTY = 36 Month with 18 Month Free Replacement DIMENSIONS: L = 12 ¾ X W = 6 ¾ X H = 9.0 Magnacharge Battery Corporation 6670 Columbus Road, Unit B Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2G1 Office: (905) 565-6616 or Toll Free (888) 271-8888
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