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  1. Turkey point canals are loaded this time of year
  2. bob

    Ice Boom

    Pretty sure that is the reason for the ice boom
  3. Try a shallow crank bait,,,
  4. Put in at queenston last weekend ,,,went 4 for 6 ,,,,water was gin clear and fish were pretty spooky
  5. bob

    Yarn Balls

    I use them all the time ,,,,used to use them with roe ,,now just use them on their own,,,love the glow bugs,,,scent them with something it helps
  6. bob

    Oos Pics

    Totally understand my pic is gone too
  7. <p>good first trip to the river,,,went 5 for 9,,terriable hook up ratio,,,a bit rusty I guess. water temp. was 51 degrees with 5ft. vis. winds made it tough later in the day.we did lose a tank of a bow that jumped completely out of the water.i know the ones that you don't land always look bigger but this was one the biggest ones ive seen in years.looking forward to the next trip,,,,,good<a class="bbc_url" href="http://s315.photobucket.com/user/bobkayla08/media/nov82014007_zps59c15c56.jpg.html"><img alt="Posted Image" class="bbc_img" src="http://i315.photobucket.com/albums/ll443/
  8. I use a 8ft. Med. light fast action tip ,,,,both spinning and bait casting ,,,any thing longer than this seems to be a pain in the boat
  9. bob

    Some Muskies

    Caught my 1st yesterday,,,,,,definitely hooked
  10. My buddy Sean finally got me and my buddy mike down musky fishing for the first time at lighthouse cove Never fished musky before and it was quite the experience. Throwing baits that weigh almost a lb. Takes quite the toll on your arms. Anyhow managed to get five in the boat and missed a few .biggest was 47 inches.looking forward to the next trip, .im taking him to the niagara for the first time.hope it's as good as The musky trip
  11. After the boat comes out of the water lower the motor all the way down for a minute or two. Fire up the motor for a few seconds to get the the impeller spinning . This will get any excess water out .been doing it for years. It will not harm the motor for a few seconds. When you get home lower the motor all the down and leave it . Take advantage of the great winter fishing . Good luck
  12. I'm sure some have seen these before ,,but here's to a safe and fun season on the niagara [/url [/url [url=http://s315.photobucket.com/user/bobkayla08/media/niagara%20trout%20fishing/eganville10017.jpg.html][url=http://s315.photobucket.com/user/bobkayla08/media/niagara%20trout%20fishing/mar1509012.jpg.html]
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