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  1. How is this place open and the launches closed? Make no sense!
  2. Where do I buy your plants Big? Rather get them from you then some chain store!
  3. AwolRJ


    Last time this subject came up I got called racist and I believe that was 10 years before this covid crap! Least its consistent!
  4. Just went by. Vehicles parked all above the No trespassing Police Orders sign. Lots of Shore fishermen! Why is it ok to walk and not drive and launch my boat? Few boats in the river but not many for a day like today! Tomorrow should be elbow to elbow!
  5. Didn't used to be that way until people from hours away came and ruined em. 8 post hmmm....
  6. Take the to tangled lines if you have a few bucks. They will catch fish and you can have dinner!
  7. Crystal beach has been a zoo too, coming in from fishing since it got hot out. Not bad launching if you get there before 6. I had to wait 30 minutes in line to get out the water when i came in at noon the other day. I think more people are going then before corona.
  8. Its fake from a satire news site. Look at all the articles they are all just a joke.
  9. I bought my boat through them last year and they were no help as soon as i took it home.
  10. I got a question. Can my son drive the boat when i'm trolling or does he really need a pleasure craft operator license like me? I tried googling but cant find nothing.
  11. Good luck enforcing the same address thing. Boat launches are packed and I'm sure they all don't live together. I just been going with wife and kids lately.
  12. Crystal beach ramp has been open since saturday!
  13. Can we ban this tin foil hat, peta loving, tree hugging loser please?
  14. I'm sharing that quote smerch! Sounds pretty familiar!
  15. Seen a bald eagle yesterday driving along the welland river between chippawa and welland!
  16. AwolRJ


    I used it the boat I just got this spring when I bought it. Had half a tank of 3 year old gas in it and I put a can of seafoam and topped her up with premium and she smoked like crazy for a minute but purred the rest of the summer! That was in a 2 stroke but oil injected.
  17. Ive been using and American Angler for a long time and have had zero issues with it, cuts through 10 pounders no problem. I used to use the rapala but if the fish had any size to em it took a lot of elbow grease.
  18. I agree! Snagged a 2 or 3 pound walleye this summer trolling and I thought I was reeling in a sturgeon only to see it was a little walleye I was reeling in sideways!
  19. I like to turn around and figure 8 over the waypoint, but some days u just got to go with the waves. I haven't been out in couple weeks hope to do ok in the morning with wife and son!
  20. I got my 12 straight out from port the ride back in almost too longer then fishing tho!
  21. Hoping to get out tomorrow~
  22. Ya I should of slept in. Report looked good last night before bed. I would of launched it if it weren't my daughter with me.
  23. I just got back from crystal beach. Lot of guys launching, but it was too rough for me I had my daughter with me. Only Probably 2 footers. I don't have fun bouncing around all day.
  24. Nice fish Smerch! Glad your having a good time!
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