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  1. Welland river bottom fish u will catch lots of everything
  2. Very cool video would love to see footage of the schools out tht way in the fall the perch schools are by the thousands
  3. Wat on the Niagara today got tones
  4. Ill be there around seven thirty tonight
  5. Ya I think we plan on being there all night my jeep is packed full of fire wood and we are smoking some meat during the day Saturday to bring with us as well as an assortment of different bait
  6. Bigugli and fishing feldie will be there as well
  7. Anyone interested in meeting up for some catfishing Saturday night at ec brown in welland
  8. fished it again today did really good and it was so busy a grand total of three boats on the water didn't see the first one for seven hours!
  9. I fish it every single weekend and do ok and there is always at least five or more boats fishing there as well its been getting better and better every year so I highly doubt it will ever get fished out or there would be tighter regs on them! if u don't like the reports I post don't read them! and why be on a public fishing forum if u are only hear to complain cuz u sure don't make many reports!
  10. FishingFeldie and myself decided to fish the river this weekend trying our bucktail harnesses fast and slow trolling them to see what we could get and we ended up slaying them our total walleye was 8 with only one being under 18 inches and caught quite a few bass both large and smallmouth a couple really nice ones to boot and one small pike and catfish! lost a couple monsters tat would not give up the fight never got to see them even after a few min on the line. All fish were caught on white bucktail harnesses made by my father and I.
  11. well this weekend was a fantastic fishing weekend for myself and Fishingfeldie we started off by launching my tin boat in one of our fav spots for walleye. we were on the water and set up with white on white bucktail harnesses and with the rain and clouds the temp stayed nice and cool and made for one of our best days yet I landed 5 walleye with my biggest at 17.5 inches and chris landed 3 his biggest was 22 inches we also caught a couple bass and lost a few other one of which was a three and a half foot long pike! and sunday we fished with my pops the bigugli along allanburg and managed
  12. really nice eye for tht spont indeed all thought we have been seeing a lot more bigger ones this year then last
  13. oh it was a blast almost every cast was a fish some of them were over 20 inches and the first trip up I caught a bonus 22 inch oos smallie will defs make a trip up there for next years run!
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