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  1. No worries I know who my loyal customers and friends are. Also when people drive up beside me and log my GPS numbers I don't charge them. Every single time I'm on the water people are following me so if you have a problem with me or my reports please don't visit my website it's as simple as that. Enjoy this #polar_ vortex I'll see you on the water. And I won't post here anymore you can trust me on that 1.....
  2. Thnx guys I didn't know what to expect. Other then them spelling my name wrong it was a blast.
  3. Sorry for trying to make a living. How much money ppl spend daily on coffee and me charging 5 bucks a month for detailed river reports. My time and effort and reliability with conditions should be worth something . Unless you can drive from a few hours away free of charge.
  4. If anyone's watching WFN check out the bass we caught on Lake Erie. It's on at 4pm today
  5. Ice looked good today but this is Lake Erie and things can change. If you follow the long range and extended forecasts you will see heavy Westerly winds all week along with freezing temps. There's gonna be pressure cracks for sure but this is the best ice we've had in years and in a couple weeks everyone will be catching perch. I suggest getting all your essentials togther and tested because trust me there's not to much help available 5 miles offshore. The crystal beach ramp doesn't look to be accessible unless we have friends on here with back hoes? I have FREE videos on YouTube.
  6. Thanks Rob and everyone else that helped, fished and participated. We do it for the love of the sport and that's what counts if you ask me. See you all next year
  7. It's not about the looks and you get what you pay for in most cases. Find an oldschool raven vectra and you'll be good to go, I know I am
  8. Fish on the catt aren't that smart? seriously? Can you tell me where the smart steelhead live then? Very interested to hear this.
  9. That's biggest reason i don't post here anymore. I like to help people but some ppl don't appreciate that.
  10. Sorry I missed the Friendship Tourney Bill. I had some health problems, Big thanks to Dougy D for covering for me. I heard you had a good turnout and over 12lbs took first place. Congrats on another great year my friend. Fish with ya soon.
  11. ifloatfish on FB if I'm allowed to tell u that? No trout yet due to water temps and lack of stocking but if you put the time in you may be surprised
  12. To each his own you can never please everybody
  13. WTG Tony I used to love fishing off those piers catchin sheeps reds and flouder
  14. dip them in the river for FREE
  15. Lots of perch out there that was probally us in the ranger, you gotta keep moving if you wanna keep catching
  16. Alabama rig can't wait to try them on erie
  17. Great show lots of celebrities around, Bob Izumi and Wayne Izumi, Big Jim Jim Saric the musky hunter and it looked like Ben Woo was there. Seen J.P and his bass boat all the niagara bassmasters and not to mention Tons of people I know that stopped by just to say hi. Always gonna have haters and those that know it all saying show sucks ect ect. Well in my opinion those people aren't any help to the industry! These shows take ALOT of work and EFFORT to put togther so for those that showed up or helped in anyway I say THANKS the others well they can continue to be internet fisherman. Today is the last day in what was an extremely long week and I really can't wait until everything is packed up brought home and unpacked again. The 14 bucks your spending to come in and show some support goes along way and if you don't think so then you really don't see the big picture but then again you'd probally rather just see your name on NFN posting how shitty the show was and having a handful of people agree with you. Sorry for the rant no offence but that's just how I feel and it makes me sick to constantly see people shooting down anything and everything to do with helping out the niagara region. LOTS OF FISH AND LOTS OF STUFF TO SEE AND DO..... Surprisingly enough i asked as many people as I could that I didn't recognize and they all drove in from out of town, you know what they brought??? MONEY for the area :worthy: And to those people I say THANK YOU cuz we need it..... SEE YA at the SHOW
  18. Kind of like all the new advertisers on this board so don't be crying to me about exploited spots with 3 new tackle shops promoting the area, no hard feelings but it's funny to read other peoples opinions. I won't be at Bill's show "the Original Outdoor show" and this will be the first time in 10 years. I will be in Spring Valley Illinois fishing the MWC season opener which I've done for the past 5 years. I am able to make it to the so called other show which I think is a great idea unfortunately for Bill it's hard to get such a big space and in the past 10 years I've noticed a great decline in the # of people attending Bill's show which is sad because a TON of work goes into making that run as smooth as it does every year Hope to see a few familuar faces next weekend
  19. I can't wait until these pro's start posting up some reports
  20. Everyone complains yet there is still garbage everywhere. I've never seen anyone kicked out of somewhere fishing for picking up garbage, something to think about.
  21. They only jump like that when the water is warm. Been fishing the Illinois for the past 5 years and have only caught about half a dozen but the locals tell us that it's bad in the summer when the water gets stagnet.
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