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  1. I hope it won't be too sloppy on the ice . I like fishing when it's mild ....no hut needed , but I wear the rubber (insulated) boots . I was all set to take the hut out today , but 65 K winds do not appeal to me , fighting to get the hut set up ,etc. Winter has been a "blast" so far ! I haven't seen snow banks so high in many years ! Two months+ to go !
  2. smerchly


    The smelt have been dinks for many years . Us older gents remember dipping for them during the 50's & filling 5 gal pails in 10 min. with 6 -10" smelt . They were double the size of these "minnows" we get a Ramies . I believe the salmon have something to do with that . The dinks make good pike/cat baits . I keep some in the freezer.
  3. Back to ...... I "intended" to go yesterday but spent too much time clearing snow from 2 vehicles & my boat , sidewalk & driveway . Then it began snowing again ! And it was snowing when I arose today at 8 a.m. .....did the routine again ! Very cold again tonight ( 8*Frigid now) . I (had) a date at the hospital tomorrow after lunch for a routine ultra sound on the neck but decided to cancel . (covid related). After several calls I couldn't get through ....enough time wasted ! They can bump up the others in wait . I hope to be fishing tomorrow ( weather be nice) Feeling much better the past week as I chucked my last 100 statin pills .....read a lot about them & the bad side effects . The van is all loaded up except for the live minnows . My maggots bit the dust , must be too cold for them in the sun room which drops to 60*F on cold nights. They turn black after they die ....maybe useful for black crappies ......
  4. Your on BT ! I'll need to find a 50 gal . gas can first . ( varooooooooooooooom ) !
  5. I need to get one of those 12 bangers for my square back canoe .
  6. Wow ! There's enough floats there to re-float La Grand Hermine !
  7. I spend more time clearing other driveways and side walk across the road than on my own property . Some have chronic breathing problems and the cold air is too much to handle . The snow plow keeps pushing more snowbank towards to curb until they can see the sewer drains . Got the belt adjusted today and the old girl runs fine ....but it's so damn NOISY ! ....I wear the muffs !
  8. Same here , my machine worked hard until the belt came off the pulley . I thought I broke a shear pin but it has 2 separate blades which will still blow some snow . That old 30+ year old 29" Craftsman is a brute . Tomorrow , I will adjust the pulley & tighten up the belt as I see the snow plow has left us another bank across our driveways. After a few hrs.of work both tires go flat ....will put tubes in them this spring !
  9. Good on you Mike for being an honest person ( like me) I have posted a couple things I found but no replies . If I found a case (full of Ice Raps) , I would keep them ....... ....kidding ....
  10. The blizzard of 77 was worse . ...very cold , high winds and huge snow drifts . Here's a good read about it . https://www.niagarafallsreview.ca/news/niagara-region/2017/01/26/niagara-closeup-blizzard-of-77-40-years-ago.html
  11. Our street is a bus route , plow/salter comes by many times until the road is dry ,but we pay the price for high traffic and lots of speeders ! Side streets with newer housing are a disaster ! Ice fishing will be a challenge ! Gene , we got snow coming from the north straight from L.Ont.
  12. They are called "creepers" Ty....... ☺️
  13. It's about 4 ' deep or less where you are fishing ....move this way another 40' and it drops of quickly to about 8' with a little current added , the ice will be thinner . It's amazing that leaning tree on the left is still standing , it's been that way for a decade ! Rennie isn't ready for my feet yet ...mayyyyybe by Mon.I'll venture out somewhere in that area .
  14. Temps have been close to freezing , maybe a little water on the ice but I think it will freeze up solid in a day or two . A cold week ahead.
  15. I was using my spud today ...My minnow tank (no minnows) has 3" of ice ! I chopped a small 3" hole and turned on the shop light which heats the tank from the bottom ! This spud was made from a large flat file , hardened and tempered and the handle is 1" water pipe , made in the 50's by my wife's uncle in Chippawa . When the ice is only 3-5" I don't use my auger , it does the job nicely .
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