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  1. Got to start small with my canoe . Hoping to get some cooler weather and hit Jordan . Did the 12 today ...landed 4 carp , one escaped after the hair broke ....story and pics later .....
  2. They ruined some real nice spots by dumping large boulders , like the pier at Port Dal. where we could fish right from the wall ...NOT NOW . What a mess they made to save a few bucks ....same thing at Rooker's Rd. where they 'dumb-ed' more huge rocks. ...shore anglers matter (SAM) !
  3. Those cut offs were the 40 pounders ! Was your bait sitting in rocks ? Is there a steep drop off ? I have used a 3 way rig for spots like that ....with a 'cheap' weight .(free at any beach) I did some work on my bike today ....ready for another trip to the 12 tomorrow . They hit hard in that current ! I don't take my big net , wear boots and the carp don't leave the water . Question about chumming ....depending on how heavily chummed ..... That spot at Hammi was chummed well of course , so I wonder how long the carp will remain there after all the chum is gone ? And .....if there was a lot of chum eaten , would they be hungry enough to eat again for a week ? just me thinking outside the box again ......
  4. I remember Curtis ... they have a great thing going . I'll probably run into them again . Rennie always produces carp , some days better than others . That spot is probably well chummed now .......
  5. The name Fat Boyz was familiar . They know all the spots in Niagara including CDP and Gibby .When you have a group like that you can give a new spot a good workout . ( 6 guys = 18 lines) I wonder if they tried spots at the Rec. canal ...some nice grassy spots and trees there . I have a few spots I want to try for carp before giving it a rest . I hope Erie is tame for you guys next Sat, Ty . it would be a blast to catch eyes from a yak ! Maybe try a little jigging for them if you pick them up on your screen ...just as we do for them when on the hard water .
  6. That's a nice fat one Ty. Three more like that would give you 80 lbs of fish . The weather here was mixed , we had it all ,....rain , sun ,clouds , thunder , lightening ...not exactly the best day for fish to be on the feed . That spot did produce some fish I see . Are those guys the same group that fishes Rennie ? They were a great bunch of guys to talk with and they know their stuff about carping ! This week looks good to get out , cooler and hopefully the aftermath of yesterdays stormy weather will get the carp on the feed again . I hear ya Gene ha ! I have put in 12 hours lately .....took 3 outings to do it .....
  7. I had many skunks this year but sometimes I come home with something else (besides ticks) .On my last outing I noticed a black rod sticking out at the top of the full garbage barrel... and about 30' of fishing line from the pail & down the trail ....The black rod was a telescopic rod holder like the ones I use for carp . The threaded brass fitting was bent as was the inner telescopic rod . I can fix that !! .. so I worked on it today . I easily straitened it out , cleaned it up and inserted a plastic rod inside the top part (photo) & sealed it with goop .That insert makes it much stronger & it will not bend . I cut off the bottom plastic piece that goes into the ground and inserted a nut and threaded screw and ground it to a point to make it easier to push into solid ground or sand . Then I added pretty tape which helps remind me to take it out when done fishing . I now have 3 matching tele. props which also hold the carp alarms . One mans garbage is another mans treasure ! a work of art .....
  8. Maybe best to have 50 people show up at a council meeting ......oops , no can do until the C-19 bill "passes" ...... I sent another email to M .Harris ....not a nice one , to let him know ....... And to please remove his email addy if he hasn't the time to answer .....Got this same answer from Mail Delivery today . I'm done !
  9. Interesting read for you guys ! I give these retired teachers credit for paddling 500 km. ,taking the long route to their new home . When we canoed up the Moose R. we took a lot of dry food and made bannock with raisins & honey...... We met a guy who we saw coming down some pretty rough rapids in a yak who was on his way to Moose Rive Factory .He was travelling very light (pup tent,and dry food ) We gave him a can of beans to enhance his next walleye meal ! There may be some good tips for those adventurous canoeists and yakers ..... Nice to see older folk celebrate their 31 st anniversary on the water . https://www.cp24.com/news/retired-teachers-spend-about-4-weeks-canoeing-to-new-home-in-perth-ont-1.5530762
  10. They all got their letters from us about ignoring your voters ...... We can make our leaflets pretty cheap these days !
  11. good luck tomorrow , I hope the rain gods put the fish in the mood to try your smorg !
  12. I'll second that ! When the bite is off , it seems to be off almost everywhere whether we are fishing for bass ,eyes , perch carp , etc etc . Sometimes , mother nature has bad days and puts the kibosh on us !
  13. Oh , that's better ! You should have no prob.matching that ! I always thought Hamilton harbour would have plenty of those big lake carp . At this time of the year they may be in the deeper water ?
  14. Unfortunately my 3 emails were rejected . They all post their email addy but it looks like they don't answer them . Google Mail said they would try for 45 hrs. ....then 20 more hours but no answer from any of them . I don't expect to see anything done .... This is the answer I got from Google mail giving reasons why my emails were not accepted ......
  15. No other anglers there today . I think the rough lake was bringing in all the moss from the rocks . right after I chummed , 2 nice ladies came right over the chum in their yaks and headed out to the lake . They wouldn't have got far in those big breakers ! Is 89 lbs for 3 fish ? That would be all 30 lb....wow ! Good luck Sunday Ty...ya, rain I see , but you have the bivvy and a nice bed .....
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