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  1. Exactly Gene !! We also have call display and 9 out of 10 calls are scammers or advertisers . ...pain in the ASS ! We have reached the point where we ignore most calls ....if someone wants to talk to us , leave a message . It's too bad there are so many scammers making a living by calling people and threatening them with going to jail if they don't pay their taxes owed . ...sad that with all the newest technology we can't nail these scum bags and toss THEM in jail ! There were some advantages from the days of the "dial" phones ...
  2. I have 5 great grand children & one in progress ... I hope they never have to experience these quarantines and lock downs again . I would like to be optimistic , but the world has shrunk ..... There are big excavator machines at the end of the east pier , don't know when they will be finished there and they messed up Rookers Rd wall with all those rocks ...hoping to see people on the west pier this year (gatherings & access considered) . CDP would be my choice for a kids catfish derby ...years ago my bud's grand daughter caught a huge crappie during Calhoun'
  3. Thanks Tyler , I haven't really looked at other plate stickers...but have seen many plates with unreadable numbers .
  4. My cousin has one of Steve's long rods ....a real nice rod ! Speaking of"tackle shops" ....I was in the vicinity of Peter's Tackle today , thought I'd drop in a drop a few bucks ....Low and behold ...doors locked ...nobody home !! Smerch forgot they are closed Wednesdays ! I heard they may resume opening Wed. soon ..... Tomorrow is going to be a cool one .....maybe try Rennie ONE MORE TIME and hit up Pete's on the way to or fro ...
  5. There is SO much more to learn about this flu - demic . More vaccines are being "tested" with various "strings attached . A vaccine called Sinovac should be the best of the best as it is made in China , the original home of the "C-19" ! We could get the jab at our local Walmart and get points on your card ......and the WHO is endorsing this fantastic break through ...how can we go wong ......? The more I read about the vaccines , the more wary I become ..... This , from the BBC , my main source of info , is interesting , but for now .....no thank you ..... http
  6. That time of year again ....new license plate stickers and also new health card . Service Ontario says to get stickers on line and they "frown" on people going there . My grandaughter is still driving on her 2019 sticker ....She called & they said she would have to pay for two years (no free bees) . So I assume I can drive on my old sticker until they allow me to go in person ( next year ? ). They have shut down some of their offices and now want us to do everything on line ....JDM (jobs don't matter) ... Going to Peter's (inside the store) to "browse" ....and
  7. After reading Lilley's column in the Sun this morning and reading the comments which were very anti covid 19 vaccine, I will fight for my rights to have a "choice" . If employers are given the right to fire employees who do not have their "pass card" , or Walmart greeters ask to see your "pass" card ....then we have reached total government control ...as in "China" . Many can see "the writing on the wall" . ...actually sad to see so many people have no trust left in our government(s) .
  8. Thanks Dave ..... I worked at GM with Ernie Horvath who gave me info for a place in .Ft.Lauderdale where he enjoyed vacationing ....he would be in his 80's now. I don't recall John Rasso saying he fished himself ....
  9. I have read a few articles about our capacity to produce vaccines in large quantities ....as usual , don't know who to believe these days as news media has their own biased agendas . One writer said we could have a large drug manufacturing plant since Mulroney shut down the plant . A short quote taken from B.Lilley , writer for the Sun.... "This might be a good time for the Trudeau government to reconsider seeking domestic production rights for vaccines. Despite claims to the contrary, Canada still has significant capacity to make vaccines, including plants in Toronto, Mo
  10. Some of those veggie loonies will scream you are hurting the fish with that hook !! ...as they eat that tuna sandwich and sit on their nice leather seats in their electric car ..... mostly snowflakes ...... ...now enjoying a piece of pizza with ham and pineapple....
  11. I have been very reluctant to get the shot to be a part of the "herd immunity" ,even more so now that more covid vaccine "brand names" are emerging ....and covid variants ... We now have Pfizer , Moderna , Astra Zeneca , Johnson & Johnson . We could have our own "Canadiana" brand and lots of it , and much earlier after Brian Mulroney sold us out to BIG pharma which stand to make billions from the vaccines , but we may get cheaper vaccine from India .... Maybe I should be investing in the vaccine "market" ? (sanitizers , masks , gloves ) The main problem today for many
  12. I think this means it went through for me ......used my original email addy from Cogeco ....
  13. Did you get a confirmation Scott ? My post may have went through , will wait and see and try again .
  14. Some good info for the last of the ice fishing season ..... some saying it has been the best year ever ! Interesting ! https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/ice-hut-removal-deadline-approaching-for-area-lakes-1.1717048/comments-7.492206
  15. Tried again .....and a page comes up to sign in , pass word , etc . then asked if you are an " E -Petitioner " . do they want to see my bank book as well ? I hope we can get thousands of people (and the mayor) to show up at the piers ....numbers matter !
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