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  1. It's a chore to get accurate numbers , depends on what news media one watches . It would be interesting to know how many drug o.d.'s & suicides happen every day in Canada . That's not counting the thousands who die from legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco ...... Every small business across the country should open their doors ....and yes take precautions to stop spreading the flu , as always .....Open up or shutter up for good .....
  2. From April 23 , 2020 ..... From today's Sun , Dec. 1 , 2020 ....I rest my case ...... https://torontosun.com/opinion/bonokoski-poor-granny-smith-died-of-covid-19-or-did-she-now
  3. I have an older 2005 Merc 4stk efi , haven't touched anything under the hood since I bought it about 8 yrs.ago . ...adding Sea Foam to the gas . The dealer (C & J) switched to Tohatso which I have been told are excellent motors ...a product from Nissan . And now that shop is gone... And Merc's went to China ??? Bottom line .... I would prefer any motor made in Japan now . ( parts pending )
  4. Gordie was a good guy , a clean checker . Those were the days hockey was ......hockey . Big bucks runs the show ... The wimmins play better hockey now !! 🏒
  5. "Sport's" today has morphed into "extreme" sports .. gotta do wheelies on bikes , back flips on skate boards , or climbing "challenging" cliffs , etc. Many like to watch the "brutal" sports like bare fist kick boxing ...the more blood the better , and we can't have a hockey game without some brawny brawls and spilled blood . What a violent society we have become ... It keeps the hospitals busy at least ....
  6. Nice catch Bruce ....enough there for a good feed ! Looks like they are on the feed . I don't mind the breeze if it's off shore .
  7. Funny ....you go "south" for the winter and drive through snow lol . I had a 2 wd pickup a few years ago and had to add weight in the bed for more traction . ...just had regular Michelin Defender radials . That old 2002 Ford is sitting 2 doors from me now. Got all 8 tires changed yesterday ...a little stiff today ! Need to hire a strong kid @ $20 per hr !
  8. I have noticed that anything rubber- nylon -plastic breaks down and gets brittle if left constantly in the sun . Those who keep their cars in a garage will get more time out of their rubber products and windshield wipers which cost so damn much now .
  9. The next thing the insurance co's will say ...no snows , no pay ! Being retired and don't need to drive when the roads are bad , my snow tires don't get much intended usage . With 2 sets of tires I should be good to go for another decade . My snows are not noisy Dan . If my vehicles were 4 wheel or all wheel drive I would probably run snows all year even if they are softer and wear a little faster and don't see much hwy driving ...
  10. For sure Tyler , I have a large torque wrench and set it at 100 lbs ....then do a re-torque after driving a while . Some wear on the bare pavement but saves wear on the summer tires . They should last me another 40 years .... Came in for a coffee break ....my good neighbour just gave me some home baked cookies to accompany my coffee 🥰
  11. Well today looks like the day .....I install my 8 snow tires .....a lot of heavy work for this old codger ..... And sometimes I wonder why I bought 8 snow tires and rims .... Ninety five percent of the time the tires are running on snowless roads ! The insurance gives a 5% discount on rates ... I would save more if they gave a very low mileage rate since we average less than 5 km on each vehicle . So , I'll spend the day huffin & puffin and save nearly $200 to have them installed by others . ( But I do feel safer when they're on) Let it s
  12. Yes ,it's nice to have a little extra time to field dress the two bucks . We got 2 bull moose 20 min.apart in the same meadow and we were lucky to have enough daylight left to dress and transport the quarters back to camp . Congrats "410" (nice little guns) ....enjoy your excellent bounty !!
  13. I spent some time trying to find the number of people who passed at LTC homes in 2018 ...before the c19 came....couldn't find any numbers but lots of different ways and reasons many died . ( like neglect, drugs, falls , etc etc ) It would be interesting to compare the numbers then and now for 2020 with all the "covid deaths . This is all I could find , not what I was searching for , but the stats are sad .... Maybe 2020 will bring some badly needed changes .....I'm sure many here have some stories that relate ..... http://www.mcscs.jus.gov.on.ca/english/Deathinvestigati
  14. Will that work well in deep water , e.g., the rec.canal --30ft .in the middle ? I have some large heavy floats when using chub baits at the rec. I just measured off 30 ft.from the hook and put my small stopper there . I have caught a few big perch from that depth while fishing for pike . Fun to see that float disappear in 30 fow. 🔴
  15. I used to fish the 12 Mile using tubes with braid line and kept losing them on the rocky bottom . Went back to mono with better success . I have also tried using 3 ft. of 30# floro carb with braid and it helped but found I needed to go 8-10' with the leader since the banks are very steep at most spots .
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