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  1. What I like about this there's no propane bottles to lug around or discard or larger stove. I don't know the BTU rating , but it seems to give off some good heat ...will have to try toast next lol ! I think it will cook hot dogs , sausages ,etc.on the rack .Each can cost $1.25+ tax ...hoping to get 2 hrs per can . This stuff (Sterno) has been around for decades ! In my younger days , about 1969...ish ....I had an old 57 Volkswagen (winter beater) I bought for $150. that had no heat ...no defrosters or gas gauge . A wood stick was used to dip into the front gas tank under the hood ! I wo
  2. smerchly


    You look a little thin on that bike Jack ...better eat some of that cheese . Great idea on the "minnie" - trap !
  3. Busy day raking & mulching leaves with the lawn mower with bag .....then picking dozens of tomatoes at various stages , going to be zero tonight ! Also made a coffee can stove and gave it a test run . I put 2 cups of cold water into a metal bowl and lit the cheap Dollar Tree fuel-in-a-can . The water began to boil in 20 minutes with 90% of the fuel remaining . ....good for some heat or heating up a can of stew or water for coffee/tea etc. It will have a test in the fish hut (maybe next week) ?? There are still dozens of those small egg size tomatoes on the lone plant (lunch box)
  4. I think it was after I ate the banana that I finally had a fish on the line ! It was a gorgeous day to be on the water , except for that wind . It will be nice when you install the new Lund seats Dan .....my geezer legs are still numb ... Tyler .....the carp seem to like bananas , they look like a big corn ball to them ..... Time to dunk some of my 3" minnows under a float for more toothy ones .....
  5. We had haddock & fries yesterday, mmmmmmmmm !! ( Beamsville F & C ) , just oil fried with no hot stuff ,etc, to over ride the natural flavour . ....don't know for sure where/how they are raised . Still can't beat catching our own perch , pike , eyes, crappie , etc etc ..... 👍
  6. I eat some pike , they are very good eating , just need to clean them properly to rid of the "Y" bones on the sides . I have cut them into small pieces about 2 -3" and put them on the BBQ either on a rack or kabobs with bacon ,etc. i like to eat them from 4-8 lbs the best .
  7. Well , the two pikateers were at it today ! The pike were really avoiding the canoe as they saw the smerch was there !! The knightfisher hooked into a nice one on cast # 567 , a nice 26" er ! As I was approaching my 1000th cast after trying every lure in my arsenal , I finally hooked into one ....for a few seconds , and off it went (felt like a 20 lb.ski ) ...still waiting for the shot I took for Mr. Knightfisher . ..... ( pike whisperer) ) Beauty day , lots of wind , leaves on the water and beautiful colours !!
  8. You sure get around Tyler !! Better invest in a little trout net soon ...... Most of my floats are red , my old eyes can see them clearly in most local waters . Getting my float rod ready for pike (soon) , got me some some nice fat minnows for those nasty pike ( or anything else ) .....do you hear me jwl ?
  9. smerchly


    Nice fish Bobert ! The speckie looks to be about 10 lbs......(compared to those 5 lb.bass)
  10. I don't want my fish to be running around my plate & like to know what I'm eating and where it came from . ...never tried it . It may taste good , like the sauce its in . If you slice carp in thin slices you may not know the diff .....
  11. smerchly


    All work and no play can make you "grumpy"
  12. smerchly


    Belly DOWN Bocco ! haha !
  13. smerchly

    The 12

    When I saw the tim bits boxes I thought someone(s) have been into the weed , seen lots of that going on at fishing holes . I usually have a green garbage bag in my back pack but only had a Wally bag which I used to wrap my maize bag . I had to flatten down the pop/beer cans etc to get it all in the Wally bag . At least 3 swivels with the steel leader Scott . Maybe there's too much drag from the fast current without the swivels . I was surprised my line held up dislodging that contraption from the depths of the strong current . There was a lot of light brown foam runn
  14. We can also avoid the QEW to get there from St.Kitts via the Homer Bridge or take Thorold Stone Rd. via the Tunnel . They said they will still have 200 jobs at St.Catharines . Our daughter is hoping to get hired at the new Home Depot ....lives in Chippawa. If I visit the Falls H.D. ,I'll take my fishing gear ....I have a few spots to fish Thorold way .... 😘
  15. smerchly

    The 12

    Water was very high & fast & about 1 ft. viz. , using 2 oz. of lead but changing currents still moved weight about ....using corn bags for carp ,then shrimp for channels , or anything else . It got very noisy down there as several big jet liners passed by just above the clouds about 5 minutes apart . That spot is usually clean of garbage but some trashy people left their mark behind today ....couldn't stand to leave it so cleaned it up when I left . The main parking lot at Glendale has been closed ...looks permanent as a result of the oil that was dumped there .... But I came ho
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