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  1. I'm sure "most" landlords are fair , and there's plenty of bad tenants . About 30 yrs.ago I invested in a triplex with a partner . I did some of the maintenance , inside and outside . Most tenants were good and some skipped out without paying 2 months rent . We won in court but never collected a dime.....I sold out to my partner who now has over a 100 rental units . It must be tough for both landlords and tenants during these times & job losses . Most available places to rent want a months payment in advance . Coming up with 4 grand to get a decent place can be tough .
  2. I think some landlords will take advantage of the "times" , kick people out , then double the rents . There are people who will "share" the rent ..... I am very fortunate to have no mortgage , just pay the bills (and repairs).... Good luck Bruce .
  3. Our grandaughter rents a house about 1 km from us and pays $2000 a month plus all utilities and cable ....House prices have gone nuts and rents increased as well . Not sure if the pandemic is to blame , but many who have lost their jobs will not be able to afford to pay as other prices go up as well . I'll keep an eye out for you Bruce , looks like they may extend the lock down for another month and that won't help you find a place .
  4. I tried it today , used 10# test mono for the hair , loaded it to the hilt and used a 1/4" piece of dead weed stem about as thick as a toothpick . It worked good , the can corn didn't fall off after three tosses into 30 fow and 2 oz. of lead . You can load up the needle ahead and keep it in the corn container. Scott , I made the hair about 1 1/4 " long and put about 8 pieces of can corn right to the end to help keep pressure against the stopper . ....very quick changes when I want to put fresh corn on every 20 -30 minutes . I tried another new spot today , nice shor
  5. I'm sure she will laugh at your hasty card ! The sun was shining brightly today .... ☀️ A great day for mothers ..... enjoy !
  6. Thanks for the tips Gil . I did use 10 wraps (tight) with the braid to mono . I noticed the new braid has a slick to it . The mono to mono seems to stick to itself and I didn't have any slippage as I tightened the knot . After I trim the ends , I burn the tips which puts a hard mushroom on the tips. The real test will take place tomorrow ......carp beware ! .
  7. When we were about 12 years old we fished through large holes in the old "Black Bridge" west of the hydro gen.plant . We pulled up bass with our 5" steel rods ...never had ticks those days . Now there are spots we avoid because there's too many ticks .
  8. I wanted to use a float set up for one of the carp rods . After tying a lovely Alberto knot (30# floro to 20 lb.braid) , I forgot about the float !! Test time !! I slowly pulled the knot until the line snapped , and the braid broke 2 inches from the Alberto knot . I was happy with the result . And as you said Bocco , steady tension with the braid .... I tied the other carp rod the same using 30# floro to the 20# mono on the reel .....only needed 7 turns as there was no slippage after I secured it very tight . I usually burn the tags to form a hard ball in case of slippage... Ti
  9. It's been nice all day until about 6:30 ,then the wind picked up . If you get stuck on the lake at or near CDP , it may be best to come into the pond and call someone to pick you up there.
  10. When we go to Deseronto we get gas from the Mohawk gas station (Olco) on Dundas St. It's always at least 10 cents cheaper than here in Niagara , but I see it's the same price as Welland today . Ten cents per liter is 45 cents per Imp.gallon . We paid less than 9 cents per liter in the 50's ....
  11. Need to fill up my van ...soon . Prices now into the $1.30's /lt. I've been waiting for a drop in prices , but it ain't going to happen ! Better get it quickly ! Tomorrow will be ^
  12. It looks good ....there's 2 well done videos that show the easiest way to do the FG knot . I spent some time in the yard today , put new braid on my smaller carp bait runner , then added 10' of new 30# florocarbon to each rod . I did the Alberto knot on both rods and checked them for strength & slippage ....I used 10 wraps of the braid as I found a little slippage with 8 wraps . (better than the SF8 (smerch figure 8) ! I'll practice doing the FG until it is firmly implanted in the old noggin....if my eyes and fingers can work together ....
  13. Nice walleye Jessek ! The markings remind me of a sauger .
  14. He loaded the can corn right up to the hook . The can corn is soft and can easily be taken by small fish ,like gobies and bait fish. This is the video I saw it used ....bump it to 2:20 approx. to see.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N46BuNCS7Uc&t=163s&ab_channel=UncutAngling
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