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  1. That one jumped the Falls Dave !
  2. smerchly


    I don't like to leave rods in the van as I believe the heat breaks down the fishing line , and leaves thieves empty handed . I did manage to land a nice 38mm goby ! There are usually minnows about when I start catching fish there . I may give it another go tomorrow while the worms are still fresh . If no hits on the harness , maybe try a drop shot rig for perch , drum , etc.
  3. smerchly


    Got me some fresh lawn worms , headed to Port D. to drift some harnesses .....forgot my rods !! Damn ! But , I had my minnow net to look for some fresh shiners but nothing but a few gobies . Not much action anywhere today , nobody at the dam . Surprised to see the Beer store open on vote day ...dropped in to say hello ! Drove past the voting place today , saw the big lineup ....kept on driving . Will try fishing Port again soon ....looking for a cloudy cooler day , even a little rain rather than this warm sunny stuff.
  4. view # 132 ☺️ ....... It is good news if the lake trout can sustain themselves in shallow Erie . Lake O .is deeper and colder for them . They would need to compete for food from the large walleye population in Erie as they do in Lake O. as the salmon devour the smelts . It would be great to see the large salmon and lake trout free of chemicals for consumption . (smelts too) !
  5. I watched a video yesterday (Australia) showing a 70 year old woman being heavily pepper sprayed in her face by 2 cops while she was already taken down in the middle of the street ...absolutely no threat at all . Her face was covered in white foam . Some people commented it looked good on her for protesting the mandatory passports ,etc. I'm sure China is laughing as people eat each other up in the "democratic" countries in the world .(Good show Wuhan) I could not find that video today ....guess it was deleted by You Tube ? Maybe some of you gun owners know , didn't Australia ban firearms ? .... ( looks like typical Chinese law enforcement now ) Trudy would be proud too. ...ah , found it on the Daily Mail ....just a snip shot of the elderly lady being abused by these "tough" creeps in Melbourne Australia .
  6. I got a 16 page "brochure" delivered yesterday from the PC's called " Meet Your Liberal Team" , with Trudeau's mug on the cover . It has the latest technology containing square "bar codes" which can be accessed by scanning them with yer Schmart phones , or get the info on line . Not much about the gun laws but on the back cover it states "Paid for by the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights . I don't have a gun now , hunting days are long gone (more time to fish) , but I'll support our basic rights on this as I do with telling any government to keep their filthy hands off our bodies . Anyone who thinks they have rights over our bodies , vote for the Libs.
  7. Years ago I did the "strategic" thingy by voting for the party most likely to beat the incumbent out of office ....then stopped voting altogether as nothing changed with a new party in power ....been there ,done that ! Now we have 4 bros . padding in the same yak wearing the same pants and different coloured jackets . Not much selection there .... so even if it puts Trudy back in the high chair I can't stomach any of the other "cons" either , so I hope to see the "alternative" guy get enough voters to get him a spot in the big house to give Canadians some say regarding our constitutional rights , especially rights over our own personal bodies . It's too bad the line up to vote is so long now as we practice physical distancing ..... solo fishing has been quite enjoyable for the last 2 years.
  8. This is a very thorough and informative article about ticks & Lyme disease in Ontario . I am hoping many of them got fried in this summers heat . https://www.ontario.ca/page/lyme-disease?utm_source=google&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=2021_MOD_Lyme_Disease_MOD_LYM_001-english&utm_content=300x250_EN_Ad2_20210507_Lyme-Disease_MOH-image
  9. Another nice Wed.morning king ...congrats ! It is a bonus when they jump ...puts the adrenaline into high gear !
  10. Interesting read today about the O'leary boat crash that killed 2 in another boat that they say didn't have any lights on . I agree with the judge that lights have to be on after dark. Just one question about the speed they were going .....I believe there is no law how fast a vessel can go day or night ? I have seen boats & seadoo's going full speed across the water at night . There's some night time video showing the crash . As boat speeds increase and with more boats on the lakes , there will be more of this happening , day or night . Maybe time for some updated rules ?
  11. I heard 90% of Grimsbytonians don't vote .....
  12. The hood here is much larger as many people from abroad are buying up new houses . For 2 years I have been avoiding crowds , or standing in line at a store ect . I will not take the shots, so I do the mask thing , & keep my distance , hand sanitizing , follow the arrows . They had a piss poor set up there ....don't know how many they let inside . I will need plates soon and drivers license . I may to do it all on line if there's a lineup at Service Ontario . And ....on the bright side ..... I held my new 3 day old great grandson today ! I told mom & dad we are not "vaxxed" ,& they said neither are we ...so we had coffee here and enjoyed a nice afternoon together . Got this sent to me .... another Andrews member , makes 7 greats now .... "Dawson" has more hair than me ! (poor quality pic)
  13. Last call for early voting ....so , for the first time in the past 3 Fed elections I decided to vote since we have until 9:30 pm today . There was a long line up outside and the line wasn't moving ...maybe only one at a time allowed inside while a crowd waits outside ? It was lightening and thundering as well . There was 5 or 6 Chinese people ahead of me so I asked if this is the voting line ...he said yes it is ...... I returned home and my voting card is ripped up and in the garbage where it belongs ....never again ! Fishing rods ready as usual on election day !
  14. That's true , but I think the allowance is still too high . Didn't they raise the speed on the QEW to 110 ? So 40k over is 150k (not stunting). Any sane driver knows he is going way over the limit and should be fined much more . I believe we are seeing more accidents lately , including a lot of motor cycle drivers being killed....Time to get real tough on those drivers who think they are on the racetrack . We are trying to get the speed limit dropped to 40k on our street ....saw kids waiting to cross the road yesterday ...a 5 minute wait to get a 10 sec opening .... Someone in Ontario glued a 50k sign over a 80k sign after pleas to lower the speed on their county road were ignored. Illegal yes , but it got more attention !
  15. Reading my morning news in the Sun over coffee this a.m. , it was good to see they are upping the ante for the idiot stunt drivers . ...going from a 7 day licence suspension to 30 days and vehicle impoundment doubles to 14 days ....and under the "Moms Act" after a conviction one could lose their licence from one to three years ....then your insurance doubles or more . They still need to lower the threshold for stunt speeding ....doing 150 k on the QEW should be stunt driving ! It's a start ...... https://torontosun.com/news/provincial/stricter-regulations-on-stunt-driving-an-attempt-to-curb-idiots
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