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  1. Ha ! Too much time in the coop Gene ....need to spread my wings before I go wingy ! Not much going on today ....no good ice here yet .....I hear there's a good inch on the rec..... Sounds safe enough for a sea gull .....
  2. Buses going past the house with 10+ passengers ....? I went to get some FOOD for my dog at the local Pet Smart ....big sign in front , call or text your order only ....curbside pickup . I just dropped in on my way back from the ponds and just asked for one bag of dog food ....then had to wait 10 minutes as other people came to pick up their orders ....another 2 minutes and I was headed to Walmart to get the food ! I had to get a much larger bag for my small dog ...typical of many stores who keep little stock !.... but at least I won't need to go back for 2 years ....
  3. Those rat finks deserve to have a big brick tossed through their "peep holes " at 3 a.m. ... The "hoods" have really changed over the years when we knew everyone on the street and got along very well . Now we have those "spy phones" which I sometimes would like to shove up someones ass !
  4. One of our grandkids works in a salon which has 9 other employees . ...SHUT DOWN ! And , of course the people who supply all those products to the salon would lay off their people . Maybe they can rent some floor space in Walmart ......
  5. I think on line shopping will be the only way in the near future ..... To save even more , buy direct from China , etc. One thing about the store closings over the past year , I have actually saved a lot more money not buying store items and less gasoline , restaurants (zero) .... probably not spending about half my normal rate . ( might be able to buy a brand new pick up in a few more years) We should be getting lower insurance premiums since many are not driving as much now . .....waiting over 6 months now to buy a few deck boards.....
  6. Last I heard (yesterday) "they" are hiring "enforcers" to keep us inside the coop and issue fines ?? Maybe we need a "coup d'etat" ..... people are getting "antsy"
  7. No probs Ty ...it's not exactly prime carp time haha ! The vids are quite long ,hence I posted the hot spots in them . I think most know how to use the red line on videos to get to the "go to" scenes quickly . I like watching the local vids rather than those from across the ocean . When I saw Pete holding that 37 lb.carp I said (to myself) ... that carp is only 20 lbs more than my p.b. for 2020 ...with tears . I'm always on the lookout for bait /rig ideas ..... My lovely neighbour brought us some rice pudding tonight ....mmmmmm .... ( cooked rice for particle baits )
  8. Thanks smercho ,really enjoyed that video ....got any more ?? YEP !! Since I have more "house time" on my hands lately , I have been watching more FISHING vids ( now with unlimiited use ) It's fun watching a "new" carper catch his first carp . This vid ,with Pete Bowman was fun to watch as he introduced his son Hunter into the world of carp . They lost a couple of fish by line break offs ...using 12 lb.line ?? At 14:40 Hunter hooks a good one ! At 18:00 Pete's carp comes in at what I believe the guys said was 37 lbs ?? Me ears may be deceiving me ....cogeritis
  9. I would do the same for large items Gene , but I like to check out some things for quality and browse to get some things I see on sale . A couple weeks ago our house vac died .....CT had some on sale so I checked out a few more models in the store & bought another brand that was also on sale . I'm sure we could shop there safer than at Walmart . I feel for all the people who cannot work and keep their bills paid . I paid my CT bill inside the bank at the teller's desk ...plexi- glass & both myself and teller wearing a mask . ...actually safer than using the bank machine some
  10. So , my wife got groceries yesterday at WalMart where we can buy anything from clothing to hardware while we are there . ....ended up with 12 plastic bags packed with food ....etc . I went to C.T. looking for some hinges , etc. but cannot enter the store ....same with Home Hardware ..... C.T. is never as busy as the U.S. box stores like Wally/Costco , and therefore has more room to "physical distance" Every time I go to Wally I see people who don't know which way to go down the isles with those POINTED arrows ....(prob.drive the wrong way down one way streets) ?? I feel safer sho
  11. .....To be read by those over 65 I found this short video about age related presidents . Back in 1984 , Reagan & Mondale were "debating" for the presidency . At 1:08 Reagan was asked if he could handle the long hours , etc. to run the country .....LOVED his answer ! Mondale had a good laugh as well , and Reagan took 49 States ! He was brilliant , had a great sense of humour , and has many funny encounters with the press , etc . What a change in politics since 1984 !! Remember 1984 ?? "Old George" had a few things to say that year too ......
  12. Nice going Ty ..... real nice carp ! I have fished with a few members of CAG over the years ....real nice bunch of guys who love their carp fishing . You would have like to fish with the late Lorne Morley who was my first mentor to get me into the world of carping !
  13. Got 25 minutes to spare ? This video is very informative to anyone wanting to try their skill at fly fishing for carp . This vid is well done with great photography ....taken somewhere at the Bay of Quinte near Belleville ..... some boat and shore fishing . I enjoyed watching every minute of it ! At 3:40 , first fish on .......at 5:40 fish landed ...beauty mirror !! They used 8 and 9 weight rods ....12 lb. tippet about 10 ft.long.... At 19:30 they show a collection of flies used for carp . The main thing for fishing carp in the shallow water is a soft easy presentatio
  14. Not as tasty and hard to fillet . Yes you need that discipline and slowwww presentation for carp ....
  15. I have the Alcatel One Touch flip phone , bought at 711 Lake St . about 4 years ago . First year cost , phone included , was $125 (if memory is still intact) . That gave me 100 minutes for the year and you need to remember to renew the minutes before the expiry date in order to keep minutes remaining . I have it with me for emergencies or calling home or asking knightfisher how many pike so far lol ! For the past 2 years I have topped up my phone for $20 . That is pretty cheap a year ! The rates, etc. may have changed and they have other plans as well ..... Good luck !
  16. The canal has been drained , no ships... tons of rock being brought in to shore up the bank ,all trees gone ! ...BIG project ! I have a heavier ice fishing rig ready to try ...stronger rod & reel , 12 lb. line , drop shot rig with larger Octopus hook , 6" off bottom and 3 oz.weight on bottom ( bolt rig) . I'll use it every time I go ice fishing for perch .....nice to have 2 rods !
  17. My area has changed a lot since 81 . The 10 acre field back of me and the farm land in the front is now solid with housing , and expanding every day . I spoke with two Asian guys last time I was at Port who said they were from Hammi . They have been doing well on the trout fishing . Once the piers are finished the anglers should have more elbow room .(hopefully)
  18. I drove along the Welland canal today ...people walking the trail in hoards , just like any "summer" day . From there I drove to Port Dal. .... was going to get a coffee (gift card) at Tim. Hortons but didn't feel like waiting in a 20 car lineup at the drive through . Port was busy as ever , nice day , everybody out , parking spots full and about 10 anglers fishing from walk bridge ...looked like Toronto dwellers that frequent Port these days .....can't blame the crowds out there today, enjoying the spring weather .
  19. That would send you directly to jail .....for bribery !
  20. Nice fatty Dan !.... do they still have some P & V in the cold water ? I forget what it feels like to hook a pike .... Thanks for reminding me what they look like ..... yesterdays pike was very tasty !!
  21. We "seasoned" members have no "papers" to present ... We will have to ask the officials to let us fish on compassionate grounds ..... Good post steelshady ! Our friends south of the border are very fortunate to have that weekly fishing report !
  22. Dan there are a few good ways to clean a pike (Google , You Tube , Ask Alexa) Even if you just fillet a pike ,from 3 lb.to 10 lb..... you can easily find that row of "Y" bones after frying the pike and remove that line of "hair bones" with a butter knife , fork or tweezers ! The meat is very good coming from such a strong smelling live pike . If you want that chub , it's in my freezer . I may use it in my rat trap ....something in my garage ate a 6" hole through my wicker basket garbage container which had a few dead minnows inside the plastic bag ...Thanks for the fish Daniel
  23. I got a newspaper in my mail box yesterday , called The Epoch Times . I looked it over quickly to see it has been around for about 20 years . I was pleasantly surprised to see it was not the same old left wing propaganda crap the big papers and global news media spews out . We just need to "read between the lines" of the establishment news and know who is backing them . (Facebook rings a bell) Censorship in the news is alive and well .....for now ! Mopmb....nice to have some sane opposition to balance our thoughts . ....
  24. Sounds like a plan Stan....That pike was 29" Dan , measured it twice , and it weighed just over 5 lbs . & had a 6" chub in it's belly ! I did the 5 fillet method ,then chopped it up for easier faster frying ! No Beamsville fish'n chips tomorrow .... it's Gibby's fish'n Chips ! You caught it at MY spot ?
  25. Hey , that's my line ! lol I think there's more questions than answers about this c19-20-21 ..... flu .It has mutated several times already , but the brand spanking new vacs will solve the problem eh ? I was in Walmart last week and YES , they have the arrows in each lane to "advise" us to follow them , but many don't know what those little arrows mean ! Then you have to wait for someone who is filling their cart with 100 cans of pork'n beans ....you either wait or pass them with 6" of "social distance" lol !! The stores need to cut back on customer numbers and open the s
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