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  1. That's good to know . I hope to see fewer people coming from Toronto as it seems the huge 600 seat jumbo jets are still bringing infected people from Dubai ....... They tell us to stay home and THIS ?.............expect to see large demonstrations soon ...... https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/emirates-returning-500-seat-a380-to-toronto-route
  2. I have my 3 tomato plants growing from my own seed , and will plant 2 rows of green & yellow beans as I had last year . A couple of basil plants would be fine too....
  3. Those are some big fat momma carp ....soon to have a 100,000 kids to feed ...... I just spotted this in the cbc news showing Russian war ships on the loose while some guys are fishing for carp . https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1884796483687
  4. I would definitely be fishing , but my sciatica told me to cool it for a few more days .......soon M. soon !
  5. They have been eyeballing me the last couple years .... I wear my camo hat and keep on moving .....
  6. I was just outside talking to my neighbour when we heard some commotion above us , only 2 feet over our house roof .....About 5 birds were chasing a very low flying turkey vulture . They circled and came back right over our heads and I could see they were doves chasing the vulture which had taken a baby dove from their nest ! I have never seen a vulture take young birds from their nests !
  7. Yes , other factors come into play when buying petro etc from afar . But if you happen to be fishing nearby take your tank along ..... I usually buy my gasoline at Port Dal.since I fish there , my vet is close by , the beer store is there and Pete's Tackle just around the corner ...and they serve gas while I relax in my seat (cheap service for an extra 2 cents/liter).
  8. Just read this about ticks ....some of it I wasn't aware .... They do not need warm temperatures to be active and the dog tick can cause other diseases I never heard of..... A short informative read we should all know as the ticks move northward . They do crawl on the ground and up your skirt !! https://www.healthing.ca/diseases-and-conditions/ticks-on-humans
  9. That is my main concern . I do not like to see the hoards of people squeezing out local from fishing spots . We can't smelt fish at Queenston now as the spot has been taken over by people from large cities . It is legal yes , but we don't like it , and they leave their trash for our towns to clean up at our expense and they don't spend a dime here either. Over the years I have seen many fishing spots shut down and the remaining spots are getting more crowded and trashy every year . My beef has always been the "garbage people" who leave our shores looking like a dump site ....THEY need
  10. When there is no fear of enforcement , people will act accordingly , be it tossing garbage or stealing property , etc. . I would be looking over my shoulder or skyward before I tossed that butt or piece of trash . I've seen plenty of butts tossed from car windows so I would think the police have also witnessed that as well . If they pulled the car over and levied a $1000 fine , I think word (by WWW) would spread fast ...... As technology rapidly advances , the use of cams and drones will assist the law makers to catch more people trashing our lands . They seem to be doing a better job
  11. Well ,we did ban the plastic straws ...... Let's make a $ 20 mask which can be washed everyday ...... if it helps keeps our cities clean , send those billions of masks back to china for disposal (Pacific Ocean)..... How ironic it is depending on China for masks and their "vaccine"
  12. Not really "us" anglers who mostly keep our spots clean . Those "snowflake artists" have been doing this everywhere . Our permissive "liberal" society allows this crap to continue with little consequences . Much of the garbage there comes from "visitors" who either don't know any better , or don't give a rat's ass about the garbage. .....We certainly could use more plain clothes MNR people .....and start the fines at $1000 .(money talks) .
  13. I have watched anglers launch their boats at the SCGFA ramp and failed to see any danger of spreading covid . They keep a good distance from others as the launch , wear their masks until they are out on the water and nowhere near as close to others as on a bus or shopping for food at Walmart . By shutting down the boat ramps , more people will fish from shore .....shoulder to shoulder in some busy spots . Fishing for me hasn't changed ....still fishing as usual in most spots where it's just me and my shadow.......
  14. I will not pick up used masks at our fishing holes , but maybe I should give them a squirt of alcohol & burn them ? "They" are saying the oceans have billions of masks , endangering wildlife ..... This lady in Edmonton collected a pile of masks to show us one of the "side effects" ....just a drop in the barrel .... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/disposable-masks-litter-fredericton-1.5980976
  15. I feel for those who must wear a mask for many hours each day ( on the job) Surely breathing back some of your own CO2 is not healthy . Fortunately , I have never had to wear one for more than 30 minutes while shopping .... Masks may be doing more harm than we realize.....and China will sell all they can .... What a pleasure it is to be fishing and breathing all the fresh air !! The only ones wearing masks are the coons.....
  16. Right on about the garbage Steve . It comes from local anglers , out of town anglers and other non anglers as well . The MNR should put more focus in the reg book on keeping our spots clean . I always look for discarded line and bring it home . I hope the bus loads of people have stopped during the covid rules , but we can't stop people from crowding a bank anywhere . I remember the days of trout opener at Thornbury ...insane crowds , people fishing over others , fights ,...and we didn't spend any money , just fished and went home . The lock downs have got many more people interested
  17. When I worked at GM (Glendale) they were apparently releasing about 11 tons of particulate into the atmosphere from the foundry cupolo's . They spent millions to install scrubbers which turned that black smoke into steam . We noticed the difference in the air and on our cars in the parking lot . All of that has gone to China .... We should have the technology to perfect this process instead of burying our garbage in giant landfills . Gene , those European countries don't have much space to bury their garbage , what are their alternatives ? Maybe we can do like China did and dump tra
  18. I have noticed seeing more discarded masks as many people use them once ,then toss them among the Timmies cups and water bottles. Masks are used by the millions each day and most end up in our land fills among the millions of diapers etc. How do we dispose of the mountain of hospital supplies that staff and patients use everyday ? I believe other countries use incinerators that have scrubbers to clean the smoke before it enters the atmosphere ? Do we keep burying as we have been doing for years ? The climate change people seem to ignore this as we turn our backs to this type of garbag
  19. smerchly


    Where can I buy a magnetic electronic tracer ? Do you sell way points too Bruce ? It's hard to find those spots as the crowds from afar get larger and mark their way points .....
  20. I clicked on to the pdf link but it will not show ..... Sometimes a mod can change the format to show the pro in his element .....
  21. Protest here today ....next one coming to the Falls . Ramps are being shut down , just as the bite begins ..... And more "variants" of the flu are arriving daily at T.O. airport ...... many of them "visit" here ..... Summer is on the way , I expect to see more and larger protests ...... I will be fishing , same as usual ......
  22. And there has been a few hit by trains as they walked the tracks with "head" phones blaring as the train blew the whistle ....... I used to walk the tracks from St. Kitts to the trestle to fish and when I had a car , I parked at the dead end street near the tracks and walked directly under the trestle . We have lost many good spots to fish over the years ..... I wouldn't be surprised if they have security cameras for all train trestles now .......
  23. I must have used 20 cents worth of can corn ....... The "Carp ,Cats ,Rudd" and "others" seem to be on the feed as the water warms up . I'll see what they do with the maize next time ......
  24. I caught a couple of those corn robbers there Dan .They have a small mouth and can strip the corn one piece at a time . I believe they are young rudd fish .... here's a google shot of the rudd ......
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