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  1. Well well .....Happy National Mushroom Day !! Good info on shrooms and recipes ..... and for all you vegans , a mushroom burger ! yum https://torontosun.com/life/food/make-room-for-the-shroom-its-national-mushroom-day
  2. The has been people swimming at the Pool . They are completely oblivious to the dangers of those changing currents . The "dad" might have moved if his son was washed off his feet into the current , and there could have been two lives lost .
  3. ....could be a member of pee-tah and will post the pictures of the anglers who are molesting and murdering fish .... !
  4. I think his dad needs a brief update !!
  5. The mighty Niagara River is a dangerous place . We must be very careful where we step . The rocks have slime on them ! Wasn't it about a week ago two people were stranded on a rock and were rescued ....others weren't as fortunate . It has been announced they have found a body near the Navy docks ......
  6. I had no idea he was there ! Times have changed as people can shove a camera at your face anywhere , anytime. sometimes I would like to grab their phone and shove it ..... ss ! There are all kinds of wing nuts who walk the road down there . Someone has a tent back in the bushes near my spot , probably a homeless person ....don't venture down there after sunset ...... That chunky carp took off into the main current & headed upstream . It's surprising how fast it could rip through that fast current pushing 1.5 oz.of lead .... .
  7. It's hard to catch them when they dump trash at night . The city will come to empty the trash barrel and take the other junk too . At my fishing spot there was 2 empty pop cans and 2 empty condom pkgs.....lots of after dark activities goes on there ! The carp wasn't big , but was a good scrapper and it came back upstream and caught my other line , but came back under it again . I don't take my big net as it is too much to handle with my bike . There's a nice little cut out to get them close enough to release them . You can the shadow reflection ... a guy was taking a video of me fighting the carp . I didn't know he was there until after I released it .
  8. And to think my grand daughter will be 40 in November ! I feel much older now .......
  9. Got to the 12 a little late , went 1 for 2 today . Water was a high tide and viz about 2 ft. got a few bumps on the corn puffs and maize , could be suckers bumping the baits . The garbage people did their thing beside the trash barrel ....they will gate the entrance off if this keeps happening . Good day to be fishing ....cloudy with low sw wind . Fall colours are almost in full bloom ...nice time to enjoy the beauty !
  10. I remember 67 very well ....4 th year working at GM ..... For a shroom that size we would hang a huge pot over a fire in the back yard ...... and add it to the rabbit/squirrel soup ......
  11. "Back in the day" is about 60 -70 yrs ago Tyler ..... You weren't even a thought then ..... Today is a hair rig day ......the worms are marinating .......
  12. Lots of rain lately and more this evening (and now) ....The "dewies" are fatter and very plentiful tonight and I picked a couple dozen in 10 minutes . The soil is well saturated and the worms have bounced back after a hot dry summer . Get them while it lasts as cooler temps. are on the way and the pickings will be slim.....They will grace my 3 way worm harness rigs in the very near future . For a thought .......does anyone remember this little nursery rhyme from "back in the day" ? The worm song ...... "Nobody likes me , everybody hates me , Going to the garden to eat worms , yum yum , Big fat juicy ones , long thin slimy ones , Itsy bitsy fuzzy wuzzy worms ... yum yum ! we need to laff ........
  13. Thanks for the link Corey . On our way to Thunder Bay , just west of Kapuskasing, before daybreak , we had to slow down as a bull moose ran down the middle of the road for 100 yds. before heading into the bush . We were going moose hunting !!!
  14. That thing is huge ! Did you get to eat any of it Tony ?
  15. You must be careful Jeff , some deadly shrooms look like sisters to edibles. The big white puff balls are good eating and some fungi also . Welcome to the club and I hope to see some pictures ..... This is a typical large field mushroom I picked recently ....pink gills .
  16. Mean looking king and beauty hen brown . I'll soon be tossing some appetizers for the trout , eyes , or "anything" that will bend my rod ! Congrats on another successful outing !
  17. I've been watching vids about cleaning & lubing fishing reels . was looking for the best way to clean & lube drag washers in my spinning reels . Some didn't put any oil or grease on the washers , some used oil , some used grease . This short video seemed to be the most common and he made it look easy with some good tips , like putting the spool back on the reel before dropping the washers inside . I always set my drags back right after I am done fishing so I don't forget later ..... My 4000 Stradic spinning reel is over 30 years old , (Raso's).. just needed a new bail about 4 years ago ..... This is good to know ..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX7aJCON9KQ&ab_channel=MarkH
  18. Nice catch Dan . Nice to see this rare species being caught in these parts !
  19. Many follow the ships through the canal , seen them in a runoff ditch at G.M. , Glendale plant for years. With more rain than usual , I expect them to make the trip to Balls Falls by now via Jordan Harbour and the Port Dal. falls . Many more end up in local marinas to end their life cycle .
  20. Have you guys tried using a 3 way rig using a Kwikfish ? They can be cast out a long way with 1 oz. lead and have great action at low speed . I use a 12" drop for the lead weight and 3 ft. lead .....seldom get hung up . I also like using a large Mepps spinner as I believe the turbulence from the large blade gets their attention ....slow retrieve with them also .
  21. I blew it !! The old memory let me down ! Got all the gear ready , cream corn and oats, a small lunch , ...got there and THEN remembered ,,,,, I forgot the maize , my main bait ! Off to Port Dal. to see if I could find my parking light lens that went missing last trip ...I think someone popped it off for themselves.....no parking spots anywhere near Rennie P So I got gas on the way home .....70 liters for $98 ...most I have ever put in the tank . (saw gas @ $1.43 at other bars) I may not have missed much today ....east winds in my face , water viz. brackish , water level low (slippy rocks)
  22. We call them field mushrooms . They have pink gills (ya ,like a fish) The small ones look like a golf ball , then get a flat top as they grow up to 6" wide. Very tasty ! ( I meant to say "on the way there I spotted the shrooms) ....got wet crawling under a fence lol I will be fishing 20 to 30 fow tomorrow Ty ... just got my "rock rigs" done tonight .
  23. I believe the Kamloops trout were stocked in the 12 Mile Creek system . a friend told me he caught a 10 lb one at the Decew Hydro rapids when we were allowed to fish there .
  24. I tried Gibby today ....3 hrs. of nothingness , not a sniff . Water was clear and about 4-5' deep with a thick line of weeds 6 ' from shore . some slime and small weeds all over the bottom .,,,used pop up bait on one rod ,corn on the other rod. On the way I spotted some shrooms .....only found one fresh edible one and the rest were passed their prime ....should have went a week ago . It's large enough for a couple of fat juicy steaks !!
  25. Nice "spekkies" Bruce .... Save the heads for your "special soup ! ...some good eats there !
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