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  1. Got to start small with my canoe . Hoping to get some cooler weather and hit Jordan . Did the 12 today ...landed 4 carp , one escaped after the hair broke ....story and pics later .....
  2. They ruined some real nice spots by dumping large boulders , like the pier at Port Dal. where we could fish right from the wall ...NOT NOW . What a mess they made to save a few bucks ....same thing at Rooker's Rd. where they 'dumb-ed' more huge rocks. ...shore anglers matter (SAM) !
  3. Those cut offs were the 40 pounders ! Was your bait sitting in rocks ? Is there a steep drop off ? I have used a 3 way rig for spots like that ....with a 'cheap' weight .(free at any beach) I did some work on my bike today ....ready for another trip to the 12 tomorrow . They hit hard in that current ! I don't take my big net , wear boots and the carp don't leave the water . Question about chumming ....depending on how heavily chummed ..... That spot at Hammi was chummed well of course , so I wonder how long the carp will remain there after all the chum is gone ? And .....if there was a lot of chum eaten , would they be hungry enough to eat again for a week ? just me thinking outside the box again ......
  4. I remember Curtis ... they have a great thing going . I'll probably run into them again . Rennie always produces carp , some days better than others . That spot is probably well chummed now .......
  5. The name Fat Boyz was familiar . They know all the spots in Niagara including CDP and Gibby .When you have a group like that you can give a new spot a good workout . ( 6 guys = 18 lines) I wonder if they tried spots at the Rec. canal ...some nice grassy spots and trees there . I have a few spots I want to try for carp before giving it a rest . I hope Erie is tame for you guys next Sat, Ty . it would be a blast to catch eyes from a yak ! Maybe try a little jigging for them if you pick them up on your screen ...just as we do for them when on the hard water .
  6. That's a nice fat one Ty. Three more like that would give you 80 lbs of fish . The weather here was mixed , we had it all ,....rain , sun ,clouds , thunder , lightening ...not exactly the best day for fish to be on the feed . That spot did produce some fish I see . Are those guys the same group that fishes Rennie ? They were a great bunch of guys to talk with and they know their stuff about carping ! This week looks good to get out , cooler and hopefully the aftermath of yesterdays stormy weather will get the carp on the feed again . I hear ya Gene ha ! I have put in 12 hours lately .....took 3 outings to do it .....
  7. I had many skunks this year but sometimes I come home with something else (besides ticks) .On my last outing I noticed a black rod sticking out at the top of the full garbage barrel... and about 30' of fishing line from the pail & down the trail ....The black rod was a telescopic rod holder like the ones I use for carp . The threaded brass fitting was bent as was the inner telescopic rod . I can fix that !! .. so I worked on it today . I easily straitened it out , cleaned it up and inserted a plastic rod inside the top part (photo) & sealed it with goop .That insert makes it much stronger & it will not bend . I cut off the bottom plastic piece that goes into the ground and inserted a nut and threaded screw and ground it to a point to make it easier to push into solid ground or sand . Then I added pretty tape which helps remind me to take it out when done fishing . I now have 3 matching tele. props which also hold the carp alarms . One mans garbage is another mans treasure ! a work of art .....
  8. Maybe best to have 50 people show up at a council meeting ......oops , no can do until the C-19 bill "passes" ...... I sent another email to M .Harris ....not a nice one , to let him know ....... And to please remove his email addy if he hasn't the time to answer .....Got this same answer from Mail Delivery today . I'm done !
  9. Interesting read for you guys ! I give these retired teachers credit for paddling 500 km. ,taking the long route to their new home . When we canoed up the Moose R. we took a lot of dry food and made bannock with raisins & honey...... We met a guy who we saw coming down some pretty rough rapids in a yak who was on his way to Moose Rive Factory .He was travelling very light (pup tent,and dry food ) We gave him a can of beans to enhance his next walleye meal ! There may be some good tips for those adventurous canoeists and yakers ..... Nice to see older folk celebrate their 31 st anniversary on the water . https://www.cp24.com/news/retired-teachers-spend-about-4-weeks-canoeing-to-new-home-in-perth-ont-1.5530762
  10. They all got their letters from us about ignoring your voters ...... We can make our leaflets pretty cheap these days !
  11. good luck tomorrow , I hope the rain gods put the fish in the mood to try your smorg !
  12. I'll second that ! When the bite is off , it seems to be off almost everywhere whether we are fishing for bass ,eyes , perch carp , etc etc . Sometimes , mother nature has bad days and puts the kibosh on us !
  13. Oh , that's better ! You should have no prob.matching that ! I always thought Hamilton harbour would have plenty of those big lake carp . At this time of the year they may be in the deeper water ?
  14. Unfortunately my 3 emails were rejected . They all post their email addy but it looks like they don't answer them . Google Mail said they would try for 45 hrs. ....then 20 more hours but no answer from any of them . I don't expect to see anything done .... This is the answer I got from Google mail giving reasons why my emails were not accepted ......
  15. No other anglers there today . I think the rough lake was bringing in all the moss from the rocks . right after I chummed , 2 nice ladies came right over the chum in their yaks and headed out to the lake . They wouldn't have got far in those big breakers ! Is 89 lbs for 3 fish ? That would be all 30 lb....wow ! Good luck Sunday Ty...ya, rain I see , but you have the bivvy and a nice bed .....
  16. Well , forget Jordan ! I tried ye old spot today and within 60 seconds I reeled in a nice fat bunch of moss ! It's moss from top to bottom and the current wraps it around the line and bait in seconds . I moved to shallower water but had no takers for 2 hours . Nice to see a huge eagle there today . Tyler ....mail box full ?
  17. Nice to see the odd bowfin caught . I have tried for pike ,perch and carp a few times and had no luck . Some of the bowfins can have nice colours .
  18. Ha , that's right , whatever is to their advantage they use both systems . When they first changed over to metric fishing line was sold with 100 meter spools that gave us an extra 10 yds but back to yards again ! They sold flooring by the yard , like 2.99 per sq.yard and now it's by the sq.foot ....not meters ! And I find it comical when they still advertise something for 'only' $ 999.99 ... They really think we are stupid ....and there's no penny change ! haha ! We buy regular bread and noticed smaller slices (diameter) . We sometimes buy caraway rye bread in the half loaf size for a treat ....verrrry pricey !!
  19. Next Christmas (2022) I will have 30 yrs. of retirement under my belt . The years fly by too fast ! A pension of $1500 per month from my employer isn't quite the same after 30 years ...ha ! I think going metric was a costly mistake . Mechanics still need both sets of tools and houses are still built with 4 x 8 sheets .& 2 x 4's . The metric system can very easily knock off a few grams , ml's and shrink quantities hoping we don't notice . What's next , a 300 ml beer ? omg !! There are some advantages to metric though ....my 33 inch pike is 83.82 cm ! Ya ,our children and their great grand children will be paying for our spending as most of their earnings are grabbed for taxes . By wisely , read labels , remember sizes, and boycott (personcott) ..excusum moi.....
  20. Most of us retired folks can remember when we had the Imperial system for liquids and weights ..like .... ....gas at 39 cents per gal ...(4.55 liters) , or 10 cents per liter .. ...a "quart" of milk was 40 oz. .... ...bacon was sold by the lb. ( 454 grams) Now we have the metric sizes which are so easy to downsize ....like coffee cans getting smaller and many other products shrinking .... Gas is now $6.00 + per gal . but $1.35 per liter looks cheaper ... Bacon is now 375 g....... just buy 2 packs ! Last night on the news .... a liter (1000 ml) of milk will be downsized to 750 ml . and NOT raising the price ...so nice of them eh ? If we consume the same as usual , we will have more packaging , and GARBAGE to recycle or fill our dumps . So much for "saving the environment" ! Personally , I just buy less , spend less and look for alternatives and make some more home made items . I hope we all get good raises to cover the new costs coming our way ..... ( compliments of the planned c19 aftermath ) ?
  21. Those coons can climb brick walls and gnaw their way into attics ! We have coons ,cats ,rats , skunks , possums , and rabbits in the hood . Any of them need to climb a 5 ft. chain link fence to access the yard . I also added Tbars and 1 inch chicken wire to the bottom to keep young rabbits out ,away from my dog's fangs !
  22. I noticed a bunch of flies on the lid of my plastic garbage can this morning , then saw several holes with teeth marks . One hole at the handle was about 3" long x 1/4" wide , some dime size or smaller holes too ....about 8 holes total . I used some chalking to plug the holes . My wife said coon , I think she's right . And my little Jug dog got a piece of a cats ass this morning .....one lucky cat to escape this girls jaws . I will set a trap and catch this cat and take it to the humane society ....better alive there than dead in my yard .
  23. I would like to see a big bump right in front of my house and watch the low profile "sport" cars lose half their undercarriage . ...but they would sue the city . City buses run this street and if a passenger goes flying out the window ...... I think installing an auto speed detector would be the best option . People will quickly learn to slow down or get a fine in their mailbox . Allow 5 km over 55 km.... I do 45k down this busy street and it takes me 3.7 seconds longer to reach the corner of St. Paul (4 way stop) .
  24. People down the street were using a hand held radar device today with large home made signs on their yard "asking" to PLEASE Slow Down . They posted a photo on Facebook showing a car doing 82 km. today in front of there house . These "radar" units are probably not legal for ticket purposes but can be shown on the web. I tried to find these devices on google to no avail , only speed devices for sports . I hope to hear from one of the city councilors I wrote to....but not holding my breath waiting for a reply . Well ...low and behold I got 3 emails from the 2 councilors & one from the mayor !! All three said "There was a problem sending ...bla bla ,and they will try sending my emails again . When I hit the send button , it said "Message was Sent" ( but not received ) ??
  25. An update ..... July 26 , 2021 We had radar put on the street and drivers were pulled over , even a bus was speeding . It helps somewhat as most of the speeders will slow down as a second conviction could be very costly . Today , I received a "resident" letter asking us to contact 4 city hall people via email , letter or phone and ask them to install 2 stop signs at this section of the road ,with cross walks ! It will make the road crossings safer for sure but expect more noise as the Indy drivers put the peddle to the floor as they get their thrills from the noise . If you travel south down Cataract Rd. near Holland Rd & hwy 20, there are 2 stop signs at 2 lane ways with one house 1/4 mile down the road ! I have never seen a car come out at either lane . We know money talks . ...Hoping to see 2 stop signs installed soon .... or an automated radar unit which they can put on my front yard anytime ! I'll only ask for 10% ....
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