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    smerchly got a reaction from Bubba14 in Lack of tackle shops   
    My cousin has one of Steve's long rods ....a real nice rod !  
    Speaking of"tackle shops" ....I was in the vicinity of Peter's Tackle today , thought I'd drop in a drop a few bucks ....Low and behold ...doors locked ...nobody home !!    Smerch forgot they are closed Wednesdays !     
     I heard they may resume opening Wed. soon .....   
     Tomorrow is going to be a cool one .....maybe try Rennie ONE MORE TIME  and hit up Pete's on the way to or fro ...
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    smerchly reacted to Tyler0420 in Stickers   
    Ontario is not ticketing for expired stickers. I see more expired stickers on cars now then valid ones. 
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    smerchly got a reaction from dave524 in Dain City Tavern   
    Thanks Dave ..... I worked at GM  with  Ernie Horvath who gave me info for a place in .Ft.Lauderdale  where  he enjoyed vacationing ....he would be in his 80's now.  I  don't recall John Rasso  saying he fished himself ....
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    smerchly got a reaction from NiagaraRiverFisher in Making Hunters look bad.....   
    Some of those veggie loonies will scream you are hurting the fish with that hook !!  ...as they eat that tuna sandwich and sit on their nice leather seats in their electric car ..... mostly snowflakes ...... 
      ...now enjoying a piece of pizza with ham and pineapple.... 
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    smerchly reacted to мормышка in Making Hunters look bad.....   
    No hot peppers with those toppings? 🤨 I would do double cheese with that as well.
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    smerchly got a reaction from мормышка in Just Vaccinated   
    I have been very reluctant to get the shot to be a part of the "herd immunity" ,even more so now that more  covid vaccine "brand names" are emerging ....and covid variants ... We now have Pfizer , Moderna , Astra Zeneca , Johnson & Johnson  .
      We could have our own "Canadiana" brand and lots of it , and much earlier after Brian Mulroney sold us out to BIG pharma which stand to make billions  from the vaccines , but we may get cheaper vaccine from India .... Maybe I should be investing in the vaccine "market"   ?  (sanitizers , masks , gloves ) 
      The main problem today for many (like me) is the NEWS , which I now believe much is fake and controlled by the billionaires of this world .  That makes it difficult to believe what politicians say , what scientists  say and lastly what they tell us about covid number nineteen .  TO numbers are high and they come here daily ...
     I was a bit surprised to see this article written by a woman  as I think men are more "negative" towards politics , etc.  As I said before , I'll wait .....and wait  ,  until such time I  can visit  close friends or family in LTC ....
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    smerchly reacted to gunner-2 in Making Hunters look bad.....   
    I agree with every word smerchly 
    very true as well as gun owners and with the gun grabs coming after us we don't need this stuff adding fuel to the fire that's all it's doing she does need to stop 
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    smerchly got a reaction from honeyv in Going Camping/fishing ...   
    As we know the sales of outdoor gear is booming as many have bought rec.vehicles , trailers, boats , tents , etc etc. 
    For those who want to pursue the great outdoors this summer , it may be not be easy to find a place to camp ....
    You may have to do some research to find a spot at a provincial park as stated in the TO Sun this morning .... (copy/paste)....
    They say that campers have made 58,475 reservations in that span this year, up from 29,504 reservations in the same period in 2020.
    The agency recommends that campers do their research well in advance of their reservation date becoming available on its website so they can book as early as possible.
    They also suggest camping at a less popular park to ensure greater availability for sites.
    Algonquin, Killbear, Pinery, Sandbanks and Bon Echo are Ontario’s five busiest provincial parks.
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    smerchly reacted to Mbocco in Just Vaccinated   
    Well said.  
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    smerchly reacted to Captain Hooksets in In-shore trout casting....how early?   
    You can start now for sure. It’s easier if the shore is ice free. Rocks/shoreline get very slippery with snow and ice on them.  
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    smerchly got a reaction from Bubba14 in Hammi Pier   
    I think this means it went through for me ......used my original email addy from Cogeco ....

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    smerchly got a reaction from мормышка in RED today !   
    Been going there for years .....day & time of day matters and I have never had more than 3 people ahead of me ...in and out in 10 minutes average .
      May call my designated name to " It "   
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    smerchly reacted to Bubba14 in Hammi Pier   
    Yes Bill, it worked for me.
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    smerchly reacted to Bubba14 in Hammi Pier   
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    smerchly got a reaction from Bass-turd in In-shore trout casting....how early?   
    We have an early Easter this year , I hope you are right . We have had snow storms on St. Patties Day ....and as a soothsayer once said .."Beware the ides of March" 
     Happy Dump Day Bass-turd ....hope it's a BIG one !!    
    Just a note on the weather .....high NW winds today , getting colder for the next week ....more ice in the making .....  There has been some heavy run off ,  be extra cautious ....
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    smerchly reacted to Bass-turd in In-shore trout casting....how early?   
    I eat too much food on Easter weekend it usually gives me more then one major dumping 
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    smerchly reacted to DNorton in Going Camping/fishing ...   
    We got our annual trip to welcome lake in algonquin booked already for trout opener. I grabbed a cottage for a week in August aswell. grabbed a site in arrowhead for the family for a week in july aswell. The nice weather cant come soon enough. 
    Side note: 2 years of research and going back and forth I think I finally pulled the trigger on my boat.
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    smerchly reacted to shoemaker in Going Camping/fishing ...   
    We managed to get into marten river,finlayson pt. ,and then goin northwest to wakami.  Cant wait
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    smerchly reacted to Mbocco in Just Vaccinated   
    No issue with those meds Smerch. 
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    smerchly reacted to deetch in Dain City Tavern   
    Yes I did see John and his wife Juliet about a couple years ago or so. Still the same ole John , yap, yap, yap..... I haven’t seen him since.  John would be in his high 70s to low 80’s by now.  That place on Broadway was awesome his dad wouldn’t get to involved but his mom would always be at the register.  No prices were stamped on anything, John would yell over to his mom the price which at times would change a couple times.  That place was classic, and had everything you needed. 
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    smerchly reacted to Tyler0420 in Up to 3 rods   
    3 rods,6 spools we can try just about anything out there now. 
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    smerchly got a reaction from Bubba14 in Hammi Pier   
    This will start a never ending war on our culture . There are plenty of products which will need to be "neutered " . Barbi and Ken doll will need to be "twins"  .  The femmes today still strive to look like Barbi  lol....tall , thin , big eyes with the brow painted on the forehead, glued on eye lashes , painted face , "enhanced  lips" & hips
    , coloured hair do's , ear trinkets , and the "perfect frame , (  36-24-36 ) ...or 44 -22-44    .   Isn't it great what they do for us chauvinistic males !   .  Carry on ladies !!   
    Me thinks the weed is too strong these days . Maybe the covid isolation has created so much boredom among some people they have nothing better to do than try to neuter the world . It ain't gonna work !!  
    Keep up the fight Miss Barbi and Mr.Ken !!   
      .....time to eat my pan cakes now,,, with Mrs.Butterworth's syrup  .....my aunt Jemima is awol .....
    I read some of the Spec today but cannot find anything on the pier situation ( Sun Media blocks non paying members from reading full stories ),,,, lots of other papers to read)  !  
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    smerchly reacted to Snags in Hammi Pier   
    Taking access away is an easy way to prevent lawsuits.  Regardless of the signage USE AT OWN RISK, a good lawyer will try.  Canada is not like the US in the compensation side of lawsuits, however the easy way to stop them is to shut them down.  See how many waters that hydro uses and they have shut people away from, while it is for your own safety, it is also cause they don't want to deal with a lawsuit regardless of how stupid you may be.
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    smerchly reacted to Tyler0420 in Hammi Pier   
    Never caught anything off the pier but I hear at the right time of year it’s pretty good for carp.  
    did they slip on some goose $hit, now suing for it not being cleaned up?
    why can’t people just work instead of finding an easy way out. 
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    smerchly reacted to fishingking in Lack of tackle shops   
    Take a drive out to port Colborne ...it's open everyday except Sunday I believe ...more geared up for Erie but they do have most stuff there as far as hooks sinkers swivels rods reels line lures but not so much the corkies streamers type things...and probably a bit pricier but if you guys know what you would typically be using this time of year why not stock up and save on your gas money instead of making several trips across town?spend that has money on stock and if somethings working that you don't have then make the trip...Erie trackers also has minnow shack open all night 5$ a scoop for minnows if your in need of bait early morning or some night fishing..I've been shopping at Peter's since it opened in like 1993-94...always great prices and just about everything you could need..I think if Angela could find a knowledgable worker to be there full time she may open up earlier and or be closed less but good helps hard to find at minimum wages. Just my 2 cents!
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