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  1. This is a great site for reel repair. For my Okuma Convector's there's like a 130 picture tutorial on how to repair them. Hopefully this site can help some of you guys save some money. There's a few websites online that can get you all the parts you need. http://dev.alexandersafetysolutions.com/
  2. I left my suv and boat on the road for the night a couple weeks back and my gas tank was stolen! Good thing I noticed before I got to the Lake.
  3. How can that even be legal? I've seen some stupid posts on this site over the years but WOW this is awful! To waste all those fish like that is a shame. JHM
  4. try this site http://alantani.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=uqllbeijbrhn7gedbvde2rd330&
  5. run the big dipies.........0 setting 120' back and your good
  6. Hey MK We get lots of walleye on Pigeon Lake. I think maybe you need to try changing up your fishing techniques. Those fish are in the weeds now try bucktail jigs they always produce or better yet early morning try slip floats on the weed edge with leeches or minnows. JHM
  7. I was out today only caught 5 perch......I was on about 15" of ice with my sled but I heard from erie tracker he heard a guy went threw the ice yesterday (don't no where)everybody's afraid to talk about spots........I was between Pt Abino and Port Corlborne the ice seemed good to me.........There was about 30 other guys out there but looking at that satt. picture I'd be careful JHM
  8. Panko crumbs I keep meaning to try them! Next time.
  9. The day started out really slow. Moved a round a few times and around noon the fishing really turned on. The 3 of us ended up with 95 perch. The ice seemed to hold up really well threw this mild weather. Use caution if you go out I fished on about 15" of ice today but I'm sure I crossed some thinner ice getting to the spot I fished. If you are going to head out a good set of cleats would really help. Here's a few pics.
  10. Wow I had a look from shore this morning and things did not look good where I was........And the wind was crazy!!!
  11. I'm just wondering why people only give ###### a hard time here . Any Tom, Dick or Harry can go can go to Fishing Niagara buy $3 worth of minnows and he'll put you on those same spots and does. Erie Traker the same thing. I think it's a joke you's all try to blame Steve for Pleasant Beach. That wasn't intended as a shot at Denis either both these guys are just trying to make a living but I think Steve gets the bad rap because he's not a board sponsor. Both these guys have personally put me on fish and to me that's what it's all about. When I first joined this board I learned so many new ways and places to fish. Waverly eyes (Denis), Lower grand eyes (######), Simcoe Perch (Sue Watson), Mouth of the Niagara Lakers all the different lower river drifts for Rainbows (Cliff), Moira Walleye (JWL) the list goes on and on and on. This site definitely made me a better fisherman with that being said. Who is Pike212 to question James (fishlips). I've fished with James many times and have been put on fish by him many times. I don't think he has his head up anyone's arse. This site has become such a joke all the pissing and moaning. Just a bunch of grown up big babies. Do everyone a favour and don't look a gift horse in the mouth someone offers to help put people on safe ice take the advice Man. What are you thinking telling people to try spots that look good off a Google map you'll be happy when a couple of kids give those spots a try and drown. I haven't fished Dunnville in a couple years but I do appriciate seeing a post where a guy is showing us safe ice.
  12. Flip style forsure. I own a Clam Yukon heavy but great quality last a long time tons of room for 2 people.
  13. Has anyone fished Lake Muskoka? I'm planning a trip there this spring and I'm looking to fish for Walleye's. Any info would be great. Thanks JHM
  14. Congrats on the derby..............I'll make the sunset pic of the bridge a screen saver thanks......Jeff
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