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  1. In the course of a year the family goes through 50-60. We fish a lot of tangled structure and timber. Especially for crappie.
  2. Still a through line slip float. Just have some folks who like the extra indicator on top.
  3. I make a few hundred every year.
  4. I know that we are in the middle of winter, but it won't be long before I'll be chasing spring pannies. Gotta rebuild my float supply.
  5. That's why we take it in shifts. Still have the back 1/2 of our driveway to clear, but no one is hurting bad from the workout. The snowpile extends 6' into the street.
  6. We are finally dug out to the road. Our problem was a lack of dumping space for the snow.
  7. We got a solid 24" or more. I'm just doing so much shovelling at a time. I don't mind, but the joints aren't what they were. Should be finished some time tomorrow.
  8. Sure looks like a good old fashioned winter at the moment.
  9. The clan is not keen on me going without a buddy. Especially solo trips up North.
  10. Oh so true! Just like venturing solo on the ice. Just not the biggest fan any more.
  11. Warmest Xmas I remember was 82' or 83'. I was up in the Soo then, and for 3 days it was in the mid 60's Christmas eve to Boxing Day. We paid for it right after. The lake effect snows started and we got 4-6 inches every night for the next 10 days..
  12. We used then on the runners for winter camping dogsleds as a scout project years back. Worked great.
  13. Small portion of the mountain
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