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  1. bigugli


    Other than an epic pair of trips out, which were posted, I've been too busy making tackle, and crop harvesting, to fish.
  2. The location was constricted in size. No room to expand. Especially to provide a gas bar that regularly runs $0.06 cheaper than the gas chains. The farm fuels up the truck at the Stoney Creek locale every week.
  3. Driving by the parking lots this morning saw two ticket cops doing their best to earn money for Niagara parks, and the parking lots were full.
  4. Lunchbox is a great compact bush tomato. Another favourite retail variety
  5. Multi-bloom sunflowers are fairly common as ornamental varieties. We've been growing and selling the plants for a number of years
  6. There are so many places to fish in the area, and along the way, from shore
  7. No crappie.. Smallies, perch, pike, walleye, ling, whitefish
  8. Disappeared for a week up north. Great resort, good food, great hosts. Fishing was really good too. Lots of fish in the boat. Lost a couple of monsters. Just a few pics to tease
  9. I also have my Mitchell, along with Grampa's Luxor, in a glass case These finds will now join them
  10. Ister in-law sends me an old tackle box with lead to melt down and odds and ends. It was the property if my father-in-law. Dr A E Conley. A man whom I never had the honour of meeting. Inside we find treasures. Amongst the "stuff is a 300A from France complete with spare reels still in their Mitchell storage cases with cleaning pads. They will never again see water, but they will join the rest of my family's fishing treasures from a better time.
  11. Cannot say we have not needed the rain we've gotten the past 2 days I've emptied 1/2 the irrigation pond at the farm keeping the crops alive. However, I am getting tired of walking around like a drowned rat trying to get my chores done. The shoes are starting to develop a distinct aroma.
  12. It wasn't the beans. It was all the fire and moose meat in the chili
  13. Are you talking about those nights at Jack's trailer?????
  14. Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton.
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