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  1. Sadly, the municipalities do not have resources allocated for the proper disposal of biohazard materials. Put up as many of these bins as you want, it will still end up at the landfill. Just like a large portion of your blue box material
  2. bigugli


    I'll leave that kind of thing to other area businesses.
  3. bigugli


    Past couple of days, I've manged to find me a couple of feeds, from shore, out on the Welland R. And well away from any crowds.
  4. Haldimand Norfolk doing exactly what it did last year. Same is happening along the Ganny again. Take away public access to keep the city invasion away.
  5. Ever since the Al Qaeda types planned to blow up the bridge, a few years back, railway trestles get a lot of attention from enforcement
  6. They have a small fleet in Disney World
  7. The whole province is full of very friendly people.
  8. I only lived in Dartmouth, and Oyster Pond, a month or so at a time when Bonnie, and my uncle, was home. There were more than a couple navy families on Dustan and the street below.
  9. The fleet was a sight to see all lit up at Christmas. We had the highest house on the opposing shore, so we always had a perfect view of the harbour once the fog rolled out.
  10. 69 was the last Christmas I saw the Bonnie. My uncle was a matelot lifer with her. One of the tallest fellows in the fleet. "Lofty",
  11. That's going back a good while back.
  12. Run here in the south is mid march to late May depending on location and weather. Finally got out on Sunday, but only caught a few..
  13. Even riding at anchor with cable run out, a vessel still moves/swings with wind and current.
  14. With large ships there is very little steerage control in strong winds. On the open sea, best option is to put your bow into the wind and ride it out. Not possible in a seaway. That is why the Welland canal has frequent shutdowns.
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