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  1. You would in 51 and 52 division. Couple of my drinking buddies were too stupid to shut their yaps
  2. Back in the day, a comment like that would get you a ride on the "Cherry Beach Express"
  3. It is not a law. It is an "emergency order'. You can interpret it however you will. I'm simply passing along the word from the premier's office.
  4. There are a few good local makers of tackle as members of NFN.
  5. Word from the horse's mouth/premier's office.. There is no ban from the province on fishing and hunting. The ban is on travelling outside your area to do so.. That said, that does not preclude local government from placing their own restrictions,
  6. We had some great times, eh Jack?
  7. From the wee George, the rest of my family, and myself, the BigUgli. We wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas
  8. He had access to a release boat and chose not to use it. Also, on the subject of biologists, many larger tournaments, like the Can-Am walleye tournament, have staff on hand to oversee fish handling.
  9. This is Canada. You leave our hockey brawls alone. I might have to send Mr Hockey/Mr Elbow after you.
  10. They aren't bad from cold water. Tween a sunfish and a bass.
  11. With all the jigs and weights I've been producing,I have to make sure I take a break every now and again or the eyes go buggy.
  12. Just had to go find me some more perch. Lots of fun despite the wind getting up.
  13. I can't afford to haul away all the garbage I find in local fishing spots. Especially with all the added garbage fees and reduced collection. I content myself with picking up the recyclables. Currently I have 6 bags full of crushed cans for the scrap yard, and have already sent out the same number in compacted plastic.
  14. I forgot to mention, the bald eagle was still flying over the river searching for food. Has not migrated yet.
  15. I only had my panfish bag with me. No heavier line or hooks
  16. Took a little searching, but I found some. Pity I only had my ultralites with me. Got bit off way too many times by hungry pike
  17. I'm too old to be heating a house with wood any more. Lord knows I did it for 20 years in Beamsville. Cutting, hauling and splitting 5 bush cord per year is tough to do with a cane. They had the furnace running yesterday afternoon. House is too warm. The way the warden likes it.
  18. It's all your fault. You start up the snowblower, and the next day my furnace quits just as it starts snowing.
  19. According to all the earlier discussions and consultations, the construction is supposed to improve fishing access. Then again government is famous for lying or going back on it's word.
  20. This switch to warm weather has the fish confused. had a hard time triggering the large pannies to bite.
  21. I've seen the ticket queen tagging overflow vehicles a few times by the whirpool and glen lots over the past few weeks. I like taking the scenic drive to Lococo's along the parkway.
  22. And I can guarantee the ticket queen was having a field day.
  23. Still haven't properly retired, although I am trying. Farm keeps getting in the way.
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