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  1. Going to be down there tomorrow - lower river. Could tell you where all the fish are but that would ruin all your fun in looking for the hot spots. You can fish just about anywhere and get a mudcat. Other species are area specific. Spend some time on the river you will find the holes and ledges.
  2. Keeping top spots for chemical filled crappies top secret - LOL.
  3. The ice cracking was excessive that was for sure. Especially when the ATV would go by, a little scary for the young ones. I am feeling the walk out in my legs today, really need to have some claws on the boots. We kept about 8 big ones, there was a pike or two caught but overall we were happy to catch fish. Wish I had pictures but daughter sent us out with dead batteries, Oh well.
  4. One perch after another - solid action -only fished from 1pm to 3:30 pm and got the limit no problem. Nice black ice 5 inches thick. slippery walking out - ice skates would of helped. A few jumbos but mostly average size.
  5. looking to do some ice fishing this winter. what would the best source be for up to date conditions and information.
  6. Ok, thanks. You all mostly agree that the CLAM is the way to go. I want to buy right the first time. If it does not work out I would like to easily sell it. Going to head to Bass pro for the 4 man.
  7. What manufacturer makes the hut with the best resale value. I want to be able to tow it as well either by hand or machine. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the input, that's makes me feel a whole lot better. Maybe next time. You never know some day's are good some aren't, you picked the better day.
  9. Well what can i say, sure, I picked today to fish, the day the fish were not biting. No one seemed to be catching anything. Only 6 perch in total with 3 lines for 8 hours. Last year we had the limit a couple times over in and around the same area. The operator (J's fish huts) was good I will say, brought his camera and sonar and the fish were there, just not hungry.
  10. Thom Thanks, but I guess you have to book these guys early. Not much to choose from, ever heard of Two reel fishing huts ( B&J hut rental)? in Lefroy, booked with them, hope there are some fish in that area.
  11. Thom, as usual thanks. You da man. I got there # from the website and will give them a call to see what the scoop is for next week. I hope i get something that I can eat.
  12. Would like to ice fish this coming week somewhere on Lake Simcoe. I want to possibly take the family and dont want to spend a fortune. I can ride my sleds to the hut and have my own equipment so I only need the hut with heat, no transportation needed. Last time we used Lucky Sons or something like that. Who do you guys recommend?
  13. I wonder if the pike are spread out all over the river or do they hang out at one end or the other during the winter.
  14. We were snowmobiling on the Welland river the other day and happened to go into the conservation area. Seen there are a couple of ponds in there. Anyone know if they hold any fish or how deep they are of if you are allowed to ice fish in there. Also where would the best place be to ice fish on the Welland river and what would I be trying to catch or expect to catch.
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