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  1. first two initials of each of my children. Mason & Kaylynn
  2. Hey Poncherello Nice fish & nice pics. Thanks for not smoking. You are probably to young to know who Poncherello is, but your dad will know Wg
  3. maka

    Road Trip

    if we are talking about PC Marine then I would have to agree. I was at the sportsman show and I saw a new boat. A Smokercraft. After pondering it for the night when I got home my wife called the next day to tell them we would take one. 4-5 messages over 2 days and still to this day no one has called us back. That boat was going to be about $13000 out the door. I guess they don't need the business.
  4. Or I could just keep posting replies and get my post #'s up so people will think I know what I'm talking about! Check back through my posts. When I have something to say or add I do it. I happen to think a cigarette hanging out of someone's mouth makes for a poor pic. I am not the only one either. If your going to take the time to take a picture you might as well make it a good one.
  5. I have always used a product called trip-tone. It is the best i've used
  6. I wish you guys would learn how to take a pic without a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. What a way to ruin a good pic. Nice cat anyway P.S. Pull your pants up
  7. Get over yourself! Go buy some more gulp. I am sure you are the best walleye fisherman out there with it. A true Linder if I ever saw one
  8. I didn't pay $20 for my timmies coffee, so the expectation for it to be leak proof is not there. Even still I am sure we have all had the morning coffee do a header and survive intact. This is a huge Berkley fail. I can't believe that people even back this product, or they get their pro's to talk all this BS about getting a new container.
  9. That last pic with the fish swimming away is a beauty. How do those big salmon taste out of Lake Ontario
  10. I live in the middle of St. Catharines. I had 4 laying hens for 3 years. I thought it important that my children see were they come from. If you wish to pursue something like this it is most important to know your neighbours more than you know the law.
  11. No Thanks, I offered to fill one out. If they cannot bother to respond they obviously do not need my help.
  12. I think my 5 year old son just fell in love
  13. I called as well and did not receive one yet.
  14. O.K. I will buy a keepnet. I think I have most other things I need except for ROD & REEL. Which brings me to my question. This is what I have for Rods and reels 7'6" UGLYSTICK 1pc with Abu garcia casting reel Light 9' King Kat with Abu garcia casting reel Medium Heavy BPS Extreme bass rod with BPS extreme reel Medium 10'6 UL Browning float rod with Pflueger Reel What would you use ??
  15. www.roadpost. ca This should give you a basic idea of the cost involved. Phone rentals are not bad but airtime is outrageous :lol: :o :o :o
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