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  1. I always enjoy your videos.
  2. How many swimbaits does the reel come with? :D:D

    1. bigdog


      I'm sure I can get you fixed up!

    2. jay33


      Ok I'll take it!!

    3. jay33


      Is your cell still 905-246-5885 ?

  3. I would think you would be popping breakers all the time if you tried to run it to fast...just get the extra battery and call her a day.
  4. Electrics only or HP limits. I don't think you will have to worry about anglers in the rec, it's those pesky pleasure boaters. (I'm only joking about the pleasure boaters, please don't hijack the thread about PB'ers)
  5. We are expanding! LIVETARGET is looking for a finance manager. Please see the attached file for more informations. Thank you! 2017 Finance Manager Outline.pdf
  6. I have an 80lb Terrova on a fibreglass 18.5 footer. Most areas in the river it is great, spot lock is fantastic like already stated. I wish I had of went to the 112lb for certain parts of the river (train bridge/peace bridge stretch), but I am pretty satisfied overall. One thing to note, the model I bought last year, the transducer does not support the down scan imaging or the side scan imaging so it wasn't a big deal if it had a transducer.. I also bought the advanced remote with LCD screen, but I think I could have gotten away with the smaller fob.
  7. Couple things: I have a Motorguide Wireless, and the range on the foot pedal is around 20-25' (tested, when I crossed the street from my boat and it was still working). One thing that you have to be weary of is breakdown rate on the steering box. That's what happened to mine. Wireless do have a slower response time than cable trolling motors, but wireless can be operated virtually anywhere from the boat. Message me if you are looking to buy parts or the pedal, I have a complete motor but the steering drive doesn't work. Mine is a quick release model, 75lb, 24V.
  8. You're right, NO REELS, rely on the drag washer to apply drag. The drag washer, the plate and the drive gear all work together to create drag; its a system. The drag washer stops the two pieces of metal from rubbing together (baitcaster/lever drag). The drag tension increases or decreases pressure on a series of washers, that in turn, put pressure on the spool. The answer to your question, is no, I have never fixed a salty, but I have fixed level drags and bait runners, with no complaints yet..same principles are in affect for almost every single reel ever made in the last century. Not trying to be condescending...but I'm not wrong. Try taking the paper/felt "piece" out of your reel and let me know what happens. (*retrieve*)
  9. Ummm...12 hours later and your still on about this? I don't need to go on YouTube, I rebuild/repair and customise reels...I've done quite a few in my time. I am confused by your interpretation of a "drag washer" and your theory on why they don't exist in lever drag reels. A "drag washer" is a paper or fabric washer in between a key washer/drag plate (metal) and the main drive gear (metal) on virtually every reel in existence. I don't need the internet for that, but I have included this article for you...because unlike you, I think the internet has some great resources for learning. If I am wrong than I am sorry for misinforming the NFN readers and I will never post again. http://www.saltwaterfishing247.com/Article/lever-drag-systems-Page1.htm I'm sorry if you misinterpreted my invitation for coffee, it was sincere...you could have just said you don't like coffee. Personally, I prefer beers after work too and I would've been more than happy to do that instead. However, I am going to rescind my offer, because clearly you don't think very highly of my companionship. I will await your follow up. (*cast*)
  10. At 4:43, you can clearly see this gentlemen is changing a drag washer on a high-end, Shimano, saltwater lever drag, round reel. How did you think drags worked...with magic and hope? Do you even know what the lever drag is for or how it works? It would be metal on metal without a drag washer...sorry, who doesn't know what they are talking about? Please don't give anymore terrible advice to a guy who clearly just had a question and needed help. If you would care to discuss this further over a coffee, I would be happy to meet you for one, but it probably doesn't need to be hashed out on here any further.
  11. You just need to replace the drag washers. The could be worn or squished - they get shiny and lose their grip. Carbontex washers will provide some good, heavy drag pressure and don't burn out like the cardboard washers. Give me a PM or text if you need help with it. Pretty easy to change. I have lots of high-end and low-end reels (Shimano)...the drag washers wear out eventually when filpping - when you have they drag as tight as possible and you heave out 40lbs of salad, you're going to burn out some drags. $1000 saltwater reels burn out drag too!
  12. Winds will be fine close to shore inside the bays and the river will be fine. http://sailflow.com/map#42.613,-79.645,9,2,!42.8035:-79.0356 Just stay in your comfort zone and wear a PFD.
  13. Find fish, then stick to them until the spot is exhausted. Go find another spot, do the same. Then go back to the first spot. They will cycle through an area. The bite really slows down early afternoon, find really deep water or fish for largies. I usually look for spots with zebra mussel patches...you can't miss them, they are the bright spots on bottom. 1/2oz spinners baits with willow leafs on calm days. 3/4 to 1oz on windy days. Bring heavy drop shot weights and tube weights. Dark tubes and white or smoke shot baits; wacky rigged 4" Senkos and Kill Shots in a 4" rigged normally (my preference, great profile). Have a dropshot or heavy tube ready for throwbacks for fish that follow a lure but don't commit. Shake the hell out of it or rip it off bottom with quick short snaps. Tight Lines!
  14. What river? Niagara? Dropshot, tubes, jerks, crnks and spinnerbaits for Smallies...and occasional pike.
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