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  1. Really,other then the lure hitting my gf,s face any of what you said can happen in a vechicle,as I know people are going out for a lot drives lately just to try and clear their heads,and what about the lady on my street who slipped off the curb last week on her daily walk and the ambulance had to be called,I agree until the govt Shuts everything down people will do what they think they still can during these times,not everybody will follow rules,and as we know everybody has an opinion,if the govt had a problem with what you said then we would be under a complete lockdown,now all that being sa
  2. Ok,let me see,Rolly 3 joins Mar 14 or so to join a fishing forum to tell people not to fish,if you don’t enjoy fishing,move on to another site,we all know what the world is going through,fishing didn’t cause this virus and stopping people from fishing isn’t the cure,my opinion is the govt should have banned March break travel,but they didn’t and here we are now,we all have to deal with this day to day,try and be somewhat positive or move on,,Rocket Scientist
  3. I understand everybody,s frustration during these times and I,m looking forward to a nice relaxing boat ride soon(hopefully)We have our pontoon at a local marina that permits us on the property but social distancing is req,d(of course)As the weather gets nicer,reality is more people will get out,pretty quiet there now,as most boats need lift in or need to be trailered in by others,,ours is pretty simple,,back trailer in drive to slip,,we are going to wait two more weeks still before we decide(weather definitely plays a factor).I personally think my gf and I going for a boat ride will do no har
  4. My buddy did his own years back,took a bit of time but appears to help out,his boat stays in his slip all summer,pressure washing with some elbow grease and it comes out nice Bill,i just bought some oil for my Yamaha outboard and a fuel filter,basically they cross reference to a Merc product,so far so good for me,fuel filter matched up 100%
  5. I just had my cables done Smerch,one was stretched,other one seized,what a difference now,3 inches of movement is way too much,i did disconnect cables off at motor first and engine components work fine,thot about doing cables myself but wanted it done professionally,there is some adjustment needed on the new ones,good luck
  6. Oh yeah,Buyers Remorse,this is my 4 th boat in 3 years,now I’m happy with what I got(I hope)😁
  7. Mine handles fine in the Niagara River,stable,they are more designed for calmer waters tho,went through some rougher waters on Sun,wasn’t that bad,if you want something that can hold a few people with space to move around,pontoons might be the one,depending on HP some of them move pretty fast,all depends what you want,I can fish off mine,I’m at a point now I enjoy just puttering around on the water,
  8. I have s slip at the boat club in Chippawa Bill,we putt around the Niagara River,Welland River both sides of the border,I think you will find much better selection Kingston area ,I always keep the cover on,seen too many with sun damage,not hard to put on,I found $15000 -$20000 gets you a really nice pontoon,$12000-$15000 still gets you a nice one but little older,$12000 and under I found needed some type of not so minor work,usually interior,I got mine $4000 less then asking price but have to deal with the stiff shifter Bill,take care
  9. Just a couple more things Bill,from my experience in looking,a lot of underpowered ones out there,I mean 20 ft with 9.9 or 25 on them,a lot had rips tears or sun damage,some were touched up with a paint and looked horrible,some had 2 stroke,oil injected(I’m not a big fan)like I said before no trailer was common to see,a lot of variables to weigh in on,mine came with fairly new Bimini top(couple patches due to lures)brand new mooring cover,trailer,all seats were redone not long ago and carpet in great condition and the 40 4 stroke,no dents or damage to the toons,couple small dents in the side
  10. I also found Bill,around our area,Niagara,not much used around,,,,up north and Kinston to Quebec has more,,,i do like that one in your link tho,mine is not quite that nice,but also not that much $ either,took me a while to find one but had a max budget that I stayed under,wanted so much to go to Ottawa and/or Gatineau area to look but just couldn't justify the drive and go ,,nope not the one,,,good luck in your search
  11. I just bot one Smertch,2003 18’ Lowe,40 4 stroke Yamaha,so far love it,it’s in great shape(except for stiff shifter)I must have not paid attention to that on water test,my fault,I’ll attempt to repair myself without getting too deep into it,it does about 20 mph WOT but no more,but didn’t buy it for speed tho,came with fish finder and radio,I found prices were all over the map and ones that sounded good always ended with,,no trailer😁
  12. Its sad to see any person or dog/cat get attacked or worst case killed but the way I see it is,,,the more we build the more we will see of them,,i honestly believe they are running out of area to live,,,
  13. You put a smile on my face with the ham & eggs comment Smerchly,he,s alive and kicking,take care
  14. I myself Smerchly have a trade and just started a new job this past week with one of the school boards(hopefully retiring there).I highly recommend a trade for any person starting out looking for a career.I have never been out of a job and can,t see robots doing my job.I,m up ladders,on roofs,in ceilings etc with my trade.All the best
  15. Ive been to this lake a few times,a buddy of mine has a cottage on it.Lots of largemouth and a few pike is what we get(along with smallies and tons of sunfish).Since you cant target bass our pike were caught on various spinner baits(anything that reflects in the water),but we were mainly after bass.Its a big lake(I recommend a map) with a few small lakes attached to it.Our pike came near islands and weed beds.My buddy knows the lake inside and out,he was our guide.That time of year should be good,we usually go up in late July.If I remember right his cottage is at the opposite end of where it e
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