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  1. its a resturant in the hollow below the town of jordan i believe
  2. mazz


    theres a couple bait shops in hamilton that usually has minnows
  3. theres a crappie derby there this sunday i believe
  4. mazz

    Crappie Mount

    great job!and nice fish larry
  5. mazz

    Great Day

    first time icefishing this year and it was an awesome day.sausage on the cue. one 9.8lb bow iced and 2 other bows lost at the hole and 7 jumbos in the bucket .beauty day to be out
  6. just predrill with a smaller drillbit. they will go in easy by hand
  7. mazz


    didnt think anyone got that larry
  8. mazz


    nice perch smerch
  9. mazz

    Happy Dogs

    you and smerch are killin me
  10. looks awesome smerch.gonna have to get me a pike now
  11. good job smerch.bacon wrapped pike cabobs?
  12. best of luck Judy.Merry Christmas to both of you!
  13. good job on the perch.thats what i had for dinner last nite with homemade fries
  14. mazz


    sounds like u did alrite considering the weather.we got out this morning too.only had salties but still got some in the bucket before the rain came
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