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  1. A great fish, Smerch! You did it again. Congratulations on breaking the 30 lb mark and then some. You sure put in the time and effort, experiment with presentations, etc. So, I'd say it's well deserved. Cheers!
  2. Well, I suppose paid parking is still better than NO parking. But dang, even shore fishing is becoming a sport for the rich. lol
  3. Hey, congratulations Tyler! You took the trouble to enter, caught your personal best, got your name in the CAG record book, and now you have a nice plaque to commemorate you accomplishment. Way to go and well deserved!!
  4. Nice streamline bags Tyler. Bet they cast a mile. Woulda hated to have to cast into that wind today, though.
  5. As long as you have a rod out, you're in with a chance. I remember a December fish coming out of there. Thanks for posting and a nice pic, Tyler.
  6. And with perch, the best part is yet to come! Mmmmmmmmmmmm... Nice haul Smerch!
  7. Ya, I have a little Canon point and shoot in my tackle box too. Takes pretty good photos but only 3X zoom. It's great 'cuz it's not that expensive so I don't worry about getting fish slime on it or it getting bang around a bit. It too doesn't have the eye view like yours, but the screen is ok for taking still fish photos( except on sunny days, like ya said ). Now my Canon Rebel DSLR is a different story. I baby that one a bit. It's not that expensive a camera as far as camera's go, but it's expensive to me. And I get a bit envious when I see the serious guys around the harbo
  8. Nice shots Smerch. Trade ya zoom lenses. 18X. Sweeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Ya, if the "artist renderings" of the area are anything to go by, it looks like it will be fishable. Of course, artist renderings never show "no fishing" signs. Fingers crossed.
  10. Thanks Smerch. I shoot with a Canon too. And those shots were after the spawn, Tyler, but they were at Pier 8, as you mentioned. Lots of changes happening down there with all the construction, eh. I'll be nice to have our Pier back, as it's such a great mid to late summer carping spot, with plenty of room for everyone!
  11. Hey, nice to hear that at least SOMEone was catching, Smerch! And a Mirror, none the less. Very cool. Earlier this year, we had exceptionally clear water at the harbour one day and, although I didn't catch any, I did catch a few with the camera. Unfortunately there is no perspective for their size, but they were big and "wowing" the passersby.
  12. Nice goin' again Tyler! If memory serves me correctly, that was a very cold night! No pain, no gain, eh?
  13. You deserve that on Tyler! Nice when you put in the time and effort to be rewarded and that's a nice bruiser! Keep at it. This is the time for da big ones. PS...Thanks for the pics and description of your rig and bait.
  14. Good thing you're only competing against anglers in your region, Tyler( even if it is all of Canada ). How can you beat folks who can target 50lb fish in their area! Wow!! Those are great looking fish and congrats to the anglers! Love the fantail!
  15. Congratulations on yet another mirror, Smerch! I believe one with a scale pattern like that is what the Brits refer to as a "fully scaled mirror." So well done, Mate! lol
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