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  1. Congratulations on yet another mirror, Smerch! I believe one with a scale pattern like that is what the Brits refer to as a "fully scaled mirror." So well done, Mate! lol
  2. Several years ago, I saw a carp in Hammy Harbour with no eyes. It was clear that it was born that way, but the fish looked perfectly normal had no problems feeding and living a healthy carpy life without ever having eyes. Just shows you how keen all its other senses must be.
  3. Lean, torpedo-shaped that one, Smerch. No wonder they gave such a good account of themselves. You know, I'm always astounded when you see these giant carp generate enough speed in water only a foot or two deep, and jump clear out of the water. It's amazing.
  4. Smerch, you don't have to fudge the numbers anymore. You already have your 30lber!' Congratulations on all the fish, Pal, no doubt a result of the "Modified Smercho" rig. I can't tell from your pic of the water snake, but did it have markings like this? I see them in the harbour here a lot and I believe it's a Northern Water Snake. I watched one once with a little sculpin in its mouth and it kept turning it until it could swallow it head first. And you're right, always something cool to see while fishing.
  5. Ok, well that would explain it Smerch. I was very certain I had identified the fish correctly but to be honest, I've never seen them quite that large. Thanks for that! I guess we were seeing the same thing Bass-turd. I didn't wanna say I was seeing fish in the 20-inch range because I thought that was too big for the species, so I'm glad you said it first. lol
  6. I saw those shad by the dozens spawning and making a ruckus in Hamilton Harbour this morning. They were pretty big!! I even had trouble identifying them, because they are supposed to reach a max length of 14 inches( from what the research says ), but the ones I was looking at this morning were bigger than that. Me thinks the research stats need updating.
  7. Old rods like that are magic. Filled with stories and adventures. Priceless, in a way. And when you get 'em looking like they just came off the store shelf, well, you've got something special.
  8. That's a great looking combo, Smerch! Nice job. It has an endearing look, kinda like a vintage auto that's been restored.
  9. I read a little while ago, here in Hammy Harbour, the goldfish are able to winter-over due to our milder winters. And if I read the article correctly, the goldfish are now starting to exploit Cootes Paradise because they're small enough to get through the carp barrier. The carp themselves can't get through so the goldfish have no competition for the resources. Here's a feral goldfish( hybrid? )I caught a few years ago in the Desjardains Canal in Dundas. Looks alot like yours, Smerch. The canal had a warm water inflow so it never froze over in the winter. We used to catch carp,
  10. Hey Smerch, I think the fish in your 2nd pic may be either a feral goldfish or a carp/goldfish 'hybrid.' If it has any evidence of barbels, my understanding is that it's most likely a hybrid( as goldfish don't have any barbels at all ). They can be hard to tell apart, thought.
  11. I'm ashamed to say I remember that magazine on the newstands. Yup, I'm old. If it's the issue I think it is, it had a carp on the front cover and was titled: "Fish Of The Future." As I recall, Stange was predicting the rise of carp as a sport fish because as our population grew and habitats degraded, carp would survive and thrive better than other species. And here we are.
  12. Dang, Smerch, you had me going on that one. Nice carp, though, no matter when it was caught. And we love pictures.
  13. And there you go. Not only didn't I know about Whities in Erie, but there's a commercial fishery for them. Thanks Dave.
  14. Interesting stuff Smerch. It's fascinating how some lakes become know for particular species, while those same species are available in other lakes where you didn't even know they existed. Whitefish from Simcoe are tasty.
  15. Way to keep at it, Tyler. Got my biggest carp ever from there. Funny how some winters, guys are out ice-fishing the harbour this time of year...and then you get winters like this one where the harbour is wide open. Your pic makes me want to put on another sweater! lol
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