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  1. Did they stock it this year?
  2. Not sure where you heard that , NPC said they dont own or have access to that land . And have nothing planned to build new only repair and maintain what is already there
  3. Been closed over a week , and parking fees will be coming this year it was talked about in their ramp rehabilitation meeting
  4. Hopefully they shipped it as a gift and you don't get dinged with duty and brokerage fees
  5. What year ? What engine ? And have you ever changed your fuel lines?
  6. Golf courses are one rider per cart unless from the same household
  7. I run 8'6 medium shimano tdrs for 4, 6 and 10 colour
  8. Not to stick up for them to much but soon as you open their website it tells you all prices are in US dollars and to shop Cabelas for Canadian prices
  9. Wait till next Friday. 100+k winds
  10. I just got the new bubba lithium cordless knife and I love it . Always had the ol mr.twister one before but this knife blows it away . Its quiet ,sharp I did 70 perch on 1 battery with power to spare . Its expensive but loving it so far . I bought the american angler and returned it asap and kept using my Mr.twister
  11. ...told your Dad to say hi. You were missed. Hope to see you next year with Grandpa Bill? Good luck with the miracle of life!...see ya...


    1. Lund-SS


      Thanks Bill . Should be any day now ... I'll be Back next year to at least help team Bondar get back in the top 5 geeesh lol . Look forward to the next one 

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