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  1. I can't keep the rabbits out either. I've got 3 for sure, probably more, and they get in everywhere. The cats used to get them, but they are getting old..... I'm thinking I will put some copies of my rabbit recipes around the garden, and see if they get the hint!
  2. I would rather support you too. I can message you in May and can work out details then
  3. I would rather buy them from you as well, if possible. I have a nice little 15x15 patch that keeps me and the family in fresh greens all summer. Nothing beats a fresh tomato sandwich!
  4. The family has camped up there a couple of summers. Fished Golden lake and the Bonnechere River a few times. Got a few keeper bass. My wife was also gifted some tobacco from her friends up there.
  5. There's still some good spots left in the Welland River. Did you catch in the morning or night?
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