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  1. Anyone know if Dominion has minnows? Erie Tracker has none.
  2. When you register a trailer, the plate can be put on any trailer that you own in the future. As long as the trailer you are putting it on is in the same class the plate was originally registered. According to the MTO it is 100% legal. They are not worried so much about the make of the trailer, as they are with the owner who's pulling it. If you register it as homemade, you only need to know the weight of the trailer. I estimated with mine. Let us know how you make out.
  3. I had the same probem. My trailer was an older trailer, so I just registered it at the MTO as a homemade. That seemed to be the easiest way to go. The person working at the MTO said that the plate is legit to use on any trailer I own.
  4. We used nothing but Avondales finest dew worms.
  5. Since yesterday was such a great day, we decided to head out again today. Lots of rock bass, a handfull of perch, a big sheephead, and the walleye which is the picture below. The pic of the pike was the one picture that did turn out from yesterday. All the fish lived to swim another day. I really need to invest in a camera to keep on the boat. My phone camera just doesn't cut it.
  6. I mainly fish in the Welland area.
  7. Unfortunately there are Gobies in every body of water in Niagara.
  8. I originally posted the picture before realising it wasn't the right one. The one of the musky didn't really turn out. That's what I get for using my phone as a camera.
  9. Went out on the Welland river this morning with a dozen worms. We ended up catching 2 pike, 8 rock bass, 1 perch, 2 gobies, a sun fish, a young musky. All on live worms. I usually don't take pics of OOS fish, but I had to. He did go back into the water quickly with no problems. I never thought it would turn out to be such a productive day using only worms.
  10. Took the boat in the Welland River this afternoon in Welland. Thought I would try out some swim baits I had. Caught this guy, and had a few more follow ups. Looks like fishing is finally starting to pick up. Water temp was hovering around 60 degrees.
  11. You can catch all the usualls there. Pike, Carp, Catfish, Bass, Musky, and different pan fish.
  12. It has to be the "internet" that killed those fish. There's no way it could just be some low lifes that have no respect for living things or the environment. Last I checked most people who actively participate in this forum intend on prolonging the fish population and our environment. People don't generally surf fishing forums with the intent to distroy the fishing spots they read about.
  13. I camped there a couple years back. I didn't do any fishing though. It's a small lake which only took a short time to hike all the way around. I can't remember exactly how long. No motor boats allowed. Georgian Bay is a short hike from the camp ground. I'm guessing fishing would be much more eventful there.
  14. Thunder Bay is 16 hours from Niagara. His whole weekend would be just travelling.
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