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  1. Thanx for the responses! Good news! I couldnt leave it alone so i tore it apart ,got the meter out and checked every thing! All good! Cut the clamps off ,checked continuity and Bingo! Positive wire had a break close to the end! Trimmed till i found it and remounted the clamps! Works better than ever! Now for some decent weather! Cheers!
  2. Verado, which model do you have? Thanx
  3. Im in need of a new charger for my tm and starting batteries! My 15 yr. old Shumacher finaly died! Any recomendations. Cheaper but reliable would be good! Thanx!
  4. Was out perchin out from Bertie with a buddy yesterday and had a weird thing happen with my i pilot! When we found the school and i spot locked on top of them,the motor head would just keep turning in a circle till the cord was tight then shut off! Changed battery as i thought that had to cause it! Nope! After drifting a bit and losing the school we tried every thing to get the thing to work! Finally buddy says, ill unplug it and and reinsert the plug! Nope! Same thing! Then i said ,make sure to turn it to the right to lock it in! Bingo! Worked! Stange that every function exept spot lock work
  5. Planning on a day or two fly fishing the upper Grand. Never been and am clueless! All suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanx
  6. Bill, i use 10 wraps on the alberto! Also,scrape the coating off the braid pulling between thumbnail and fingernail! Alberto does this!
  7. This is 6lb.fieline to6 lb. Mono!
  8. Just be careful pulling it tight! Braid cuts like a knife!
  9. Bill, i use the Alberto knot. Very strong,and small!
  10. Thats really easy. I lock up my tiller straight,then engage auto pilot on the ipilot remote( the icon should have no circle around it.the circle denotes advanced auto pilot). Then i set the speed about 2 or 3. Using left or right turn buttons,i line up my course! If you want to change course,just adjust right or left.auto pilot will then lock on the new heading! Its all in the manual! Cheers!
  11. Darryl,what u asking for the 5hdi. U can pm me thanks! Gil
  12. I have 4 packs of this 8+ inch long hair with a small patch of skin attached! 3 are very sofr and krinkely.other is coarser and straight! Anyone know what kind of fur it is? Llama,alpaca,yak,Chewbaca????? And what's it used for? Thanks all.
  13. The camera, with weight and clear trilling fin added!
  14. I have an older ,black and white Aquaview camera. Its fun to be able to see whats down there and watch fish refusing to bite! Ive bounced a small jig off a perchs head and they just look at it then swim away! The novelty wears off fairly quick,but its good to actually see whats down there! Once at the aquaduct i had a big musky open his mouth and grab the camera which is shaped and painted as a bluegill! Fun!
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