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  1. The lesson from years past that we forgot on Saturday was was that in this particular big block, no matter where the chase starts, the rabbits sooner or later will eventually run to one particular inpenetrable refuge consisting of a huge tangle of trees that were flattened by a micro-burst. Its like a bunny fortress that no man or dog can penetrate (where's a trained ferret when you need one?). We should have had a hunter or three permanently camped out in that spot.
  2. Great to hear of others out there chasing them. Sometimes when we return to a public bush, the only footprints we see in the snow are the ones we made the last time we were there! LOL
  3. Don't worry 007. We hunt some big blocks and experience the same thing. Smaller chunks or hedgerows where you can get a shot on the first pass are always the best. The main reason we had little shooting on Saturday even though we had chases the whole time was that there was simply too much bush for us to cover. The rabbits were running but we weren't seeing them. The big bush allowed the rabbits to run big circles and eventually give the dogs the slip. Keep in mind we had 3 dogs. Hunting with one dog in big blocks is that much tougher.
  4. Saturday's results were non-stop chases all morning, 2 bunnies in the bag and 1 that escpaed down a hole. This is break-time after rabbit #2:
  5. MNR's mandate eventually being folded into the MOE is barely a secret anymore and is certainly worrisome. As for those current reg changes under consideration, most of them are quite frankly items that should never have been regulated in the first place. Most of them have been ignored an unenforced since their inception. The one that comes to mind that appears to be missing from the list is the permit to possess a coyote or wolf pelt in jurisdiction where there is an open & closed season.
  6. Just this morning as I was driving along Regional Rd. 24 I was lamanting that where only months ago there were a bunch of hedgerows, now there is one big field. All thats left are a few roots to be cleaned up. Can't blame the farmer; its the ecomonics which drive his farming practices.
  7. I'm guessing those good ol' days predate me and harken back to a time when individual fields were smaller and more hedgerows criss-crossed the land. In the 30 years that I've been shooting bunnies in front of merry little hounds with floppy ears and white tipped tails, connecting on 3 rabbits in a day is just fine. Generally there's still lots of rabbits (its cyclical of course) inside the available habitat (which there is less of), but its sure easier to connect on rabbits in hedgerows (better shooting sight-lines) than it is in blocks of cover. I can think of hunts last season where the
  8. THIS SUCKS! Signed, Disgruntled Rabbit Hunter
  9. That was Jack McQuire''s old trick! R.I.P. Jack.
  10. A year ago I would have said "no, absolutley not". But I've since seen indications that I've got to keep an eye on and nip in the bud. Didn't help this past weekend when the fresh deer tracks outnumbered hare tracks 100:1.
  11. Tried to do a bit of snowshoe hare hunting up north but had to call it off because the deer were just too much of a temptation for the beagle. Normally the deer have vacated the area by now and moved to the Loring deer yard. This time though, every evergreen swamp was a mini deer yard, totally trampled flat by deer. Never seen anything like it there in 30 years! I guess there's just not enough snow yet to fully trigger the migration to winter range.
  12. At least it will give some people something to do. For 2 weekends in January they will be idle no more.
  13. The article is wrong; this is not a hunt, its a population cull. There is no denying that the deer population in Shorthills needs to be reduced, but its purely politics that has lead to a cull by First Nations rather than a managed annual hunt open to all licensed Ontario hunters to apply. But let them have their cull. Even if I was allowed to participate, I would decline. I've got other places to hunt where I won't be harassed by the Tilley Hats.
  14. I'll say! Its one of my all-time favourite passtimes!
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