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  1. I still go with wild as there is too many hormones in farm raised fish, but will freeze it for a few days to kill any parasites, normally I would make different kinds of veggies rolls typically I use avocado, mango or cucumber. I also make a mean miso soup, there is a grocer downtown in St.Kitts, which is the only place I can find Japanese ingredients.
  2. I like sashimi the most, I do not go out for sushi too often, I can make it at home.
  3. I thought that was something completly different. lol
  4. I featured Charlie Daniel's in my Dungeon and Dragons world, he is a devil who lives at the crossroads, and offers to play games against the party in exchange for rare items if they win or their soul if they lose.
  5. I think I may of been around for that, I joined this forum in 2008 if my memory serves me correctly.
  6. I bought Ultimate Fishing Simulator for my computer.
  7. From what I read it is only the amenities that are remaining close, so as long you bring your own chair and use a bush, I don't see any issue but I am not a politician just a guy with an opinion.
  8. I just want to go shore fishing lol
  9. A little late, but it seems to have warmed up a bit.
  10. Hey to you as well, I am still around just waiting for some open water.
  11. I got one for you. "Don't walk in front of me as I may not follow, don't walk behind me as I may not lead, wall beside and be my friend" - Albert Camus.
  12. Next week would be good for me as well, I am probably gonna need a ride if it is outside of the St.Catharines area.
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