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  1. I hunted 89 B shot a nice 4 pointer Monday morning ,and then we got a doe Thurs.Saw more deer this year than last year ,but I think the numbers are way down .
  2. Good luck I will be hunting the controlled hunt down here.
  3. You could put a magnet on the shell ,will stick too the steel.
  4. roly


    I was by there also yesterday morning .Nobody there ,I didn't have a spud with me so didn't venture out on the ice .Saw a few holes .looked as if someone was fishing.
  5. I do some diver hunting ,Shoot me a PM maybe get out for a shoot ,usally shoot out on Lake Erie and Grand river area.
  6. I used to reload alot when we could shoot lead for waterfowl,the go to book for me was the Lyman shotshell handbook 3rd edition.I hope this helps. I used to save quite a bit of money back then .I don;t know the cost of the components now . Pm me if you wish .
  7. What type of decoys are you using ,full body ,silos, or shells?the main thing is concealment ,are you using layout blinds ?two dozen should be fine for early season,then you may want to make your spread bigger .You can always make your own silhouettes out of wood or that plastic sign board .I hope this helps .
  8. We fished the weather bouy from 2.00 pm to 7.00pm landed 1 fish about 8lbs @ 5.00pm 82 fow 0 dipsey #3 setting 160 back on worm harness.Still beats working .
  9. I saw some dead ones today in Twelve mile creek Port Dalhouise today.
  10. Peters' has some big minnows
  11. wide open fished from the rowing club right back to the aquaduct .No fish but a good time
  12. Merry Christmas one and all
  13. I got 1rainbow about 9lbs @ 5.00 pm @ PD it was slow ,
  14. I'll be out Nov 1 can't wait .Looks like it should cool down ,get them big BUCKS moving Good Luck to all
  15. Can you obtain aa American license without going to the states
  16. Merry Christmas everyone We need some ice to try out the new gear !!!!!
  17. I have fished out of Sunset Cove for many years ,Good people nice place and have always caught fish.You can try Grump and Grumpiers out of Northbay a bit further north had a really good time there,they even had ice bungalos,great experience.
  18. OK But I live in St.KItts .I am not who you think I am .
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