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  1. ...welcome to the 2020 site...just published. Great content, again! Please, see www.niagaraoutdoorshow.com ...follow us on facebook to get notifications about the vendors and exhibitors, leading into the show. I'll post some things on NFN, too...thanx, Bill
  2. ...I am considering changing the two black and white images on the www.niagaraoutdoorshow.com site. I like the images but it may be time for a change? If someone has a black and white fishing - hunting image, here's my offer for each image if I decide to post...a $25 tackle voucher...plus, pass for two to the show where you could pick out your tackle from my merchandise. I have to protect myself (legally) so I would need to have a photo of the original photo sent to me with some text stating that I have permission to publish it on the www site. Submissions could be posted on this thread? I'm sure members would enjoy seeing some older family photos. I can find a photo on the internet, too. That doesn't give me permission to use it. So, you could send to bwhitehead564@gmail.com ...I believe the two images currently on the www site were courtesy of NFN members?...thanx, Bill...yeah, that's me!
  3. ...Tyler, some vendors set up on Saturday from noon til 8pm. There's cameras and security. Never had an issue with theft, overnight. Although, last year, someone came in and picked up a banner and a couple of boxes for a friend after the show...wrong stuff! The guy didn't come and ask me where his friend's stuff was. Just came in and took what he thought he was supposed to. Police were called and it just shouldn't have happened. I'm sitting in my recliner on the Wed, nite, a 'light bulb turned on' and I realized what might have occurred and it got sorted out. Anyways, I'm there for 5am on Sunday for the folks who choose to do it day of...also, event runs from 8am to 3pm for the first time...
  4. ...sorry, Tyler. It doesn't work that way. All doors are locked when you volunteer and you must help everyone until the show opens. Then, you can escape...lololol...just put you on the guest list, too!
  5. ...an out-of-town vendor just notified me that he won't be available, this year. He'll be back next year, though. That means two tables ($20 per table) have opened up. If anyone is interested? Must be fishing or hunting related. Please, message me on facebook (Niagara Outdoor Show) or bwhitehead564@gmail.com ...thanx, Bill
  6. ...Cliff, you just got the last table that was available. Of course, I am waiting to hear back from a few vendors that attended last year. My routine is to call in Nov. to early December and then ask for a confirmation in early January. There are no more tables available until I have a better understanding of the floor plan in early 2020...thanx, Bill
  7. ...started making my calls. Great response, so far! There are a few tables available at $20 each. Always, looking for new ideas...thanx, Bill www.niagaraoutdoorshow.com ...UPDATE...no more tables or space, at this time. Something may open up in January, though.
  8. ...for those that use 87 when ethanol free...Ridgeway Mobil (until mid-December)...all their gas is ethanol free...$1.16.9 for 87 octane...
  9. w1w


    ...was out of Port Colborne on Monday. Biggest fish was 4.5 but a lot around 4. Out of Crystal Beach on Tuesday and fish were bigger than Monday...probably, five 5's. About 30 fish each day. On Tuesday, I started on a waypoint around Windmill. My friend dropped a tube down and had our first fish in less than a minute...now, that's a waypoint! All tubes on Tuesday. Monday was blade baits, tubes and dropshot. Hard to believe but it was so warm on Tuesday (for an hour or so) that I was fishing in a t-shirt...really! Notice the difference in outer wear from Monday to Tuesday...36-44' both days...
  10. ...ethanol free until mid-December, I was told..$116.9...a little more per litre than 87, elsewhere...there is a sign out front, too...wind out of the east...starting to cap when we got off the water...out for 3.5 hours...not a bass to be found from Windmill out to the hump...did not fish less than 17' but every depth up to 42'...dropshot with no takers...
  11. w1w

    Gas in Fort Erie

    ...update...didn't want to take a chance in case ethanol came in earlier...filled up the truck, boat and three 5's for my upcoming trip...manager said she was just told that the CTC station may be ethanol free until the end of this year...yeah!
  12. ...told your Dad to say hi. You were missed. Hope to see you next year with Grandpa Bill? Good luck with the miracle of life!...see ya...


    1. Lund-SS


      Thanks Bill . Should be any day now ... I'll be Back next year to at least help team Bondar get back in the top 5 geeesh lol . Look forward to the next oneĀ 

  13. ...long story as short as possible. Boat tank was drained in May...8% ethanol. Started using ethanol free 87 regular at CTC in Fort Erie...perfect! Some of you may only use premium but I've been using regular 'whatever' since I bought my 2002-115hp-4 stroke Merc in 2004. I haven't had it in a shop for more than 10 years. This year, it cost me over $600 to eliminate fuel as an issue for the motor. Lyrette Marine in Fort Erie was fair on labour and parts. I spoke to the manager(?) at the station, a couple days ago because I saw a new little sign below the digital price that says 'may contain up to 10% ethanol'. I went in and asked about it because it wasn't there the last time. Anyways, the 'manager' told me that their car gets 68 kms per tank, better mileage with the ethanol free gas. I've been using the regular in my truck and boat motor since May. Now, this is about to change. Depending on where the gas comes from, there could be ethanol in 87 and 89. I don't know of another ethanol free station, locally (or anywhere?). Premium will still be ethanol free. Their first regular ethanol gas is scheduled to arrive on the 17th. I'm going up north, soon. Filling up the boat, truck and a few 5's, tomorrow. I guess I'll be buying premium for the boat, now. Mileage will go back to what it was before May. Nice while it lasted to pay regular price for ethanol free...
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