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  1. Little 5-5'6" ultra lights can be a tonne of fun. True story, the biggest musky I ever seen, estimated at 58 pounds using the length x girth formula was caught by a friend on a 5' ultra light while crappy fishing the docks at chippawa marina. Used to run one for spots like Maid of the Mist where 1 pd smallies were nonstop. Hooked a few big summer holdover bows up there and quite challenging on light gear too... Had both 500 and 1000 series shimano reels on them. Another fun thing to do is use upper half of broken noodle/float rods re purposed into some awesome little ultra lights. Still have a
  2. Not bad price wise...thats the starting price to launch anywhere else. I think it may anger alot of shore guys though. Also may cut some traffic down there which should be a good thing.
  3. One easy way to tell is if your catching juvenille fish. Although rare, I can remember getting smolt years ago in the pool but never since. All the erie tribs I fish I pretty consistently see them along with a Huron trib I hit from time to time too... I dont think the changing water levels, fast current and lack of gravel help natural reproduction. Niagara is blessed with a really good food source along with plenty of US stocking. Fish will run up Niagara in large #'s just chasing bait. Look at the late spring Laker runs for example. I am sure theres a tonne of other stray fish that find the c
  4. I would have been all over that deal too...Line should work. Just keep in mind floro sinks faster than any other line so if your floating long drifts its not ideal... The DC on that reel is abit different but they really are the most user friendly baitcast out there. You'll have it dialed in 10 mins.
  5. If you got it new or even lightly used for $225 you did well.
  6. Plenty of fish in the river right now. Its still a roe bite with salmon still kicking around. Best bet for trout is above the dams and beyond if you are comfortable pushing up that far in a boat. In mid november when temps drop fish seem to drop back and spread out more.
  7. I have a Calcutta TE DC 100. Its a bit older now and has seen a tonne of use. I float with it all winter as my hands get too cold with a pin from Nov-april or so. Also run it all summer for bass and chuck spoons for salmon. DC system is awesome. I can cast light float rigs effortlessly. I think the curado has a 4 point dc instead of the 8 on the conquest/calcutta dc. I sent the reel in to Shimano this spring they replaced a whole list of bearings and internal components for like 30$ and reel is like new. I have a few other nice baitcast but always go back to this one... i dont think you'd be
  8. Is the black eyes a telling sign? The shape of those 2 had me looking twice at this one from spring time. No whiskers I can see, but typical carp eyes..
  9. steellee


    Are the largies still aggressive on frogs this time of year? Love froggin early season but the ponds i fish got too grown in this summer. Wanted to give it a go now that the pads have died but too busy steelheading since september. Few from last couple days before the rains..
  10. Couldn't make it out last night to throw some frogs for bass opener but was out early for an hour or 2 this morning. Lots of missed fish like usual and was able to land a few. Will be back for the night bite once or 2x next week I hope
  11. Ya. Not as heavy as some but like 30lb braid on baitcaster. First thing they usually do on hookset is try to hang you up in the thick stuff. A high gear ratio reel helps too. I'm mostly a river guy but in summer months its my hands down favourite way to fish.
  12. Most of my bass fishing is throwing frogs in the pads and I find the best pad fishing for me is at night. During the heat of summer bass will hole up and stay deeper by day. At night they move in to the shallows and constantly cruise the highways underneath the pads. Also the majority of frogs seem to be far more active at night hours which bass know to expect. I plan to be out this opener trying myself
  13. Lots of smallie fishing right in town in Paris if you are willing to wade and chuck lures.
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