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  1. Mono does still have a time and place. I like to keep at least 1 of a spin, cast and centerpin ready to go with mono. The rest are filled with various braids. The stretch of mono is nice for floatfishing especially light leads, larger crankbaits at times and for me carp fishing. Also handles better below 0°. Most everything else braid has too many advantages for me
  2. Seems like it... funny the US side has great trails almost the whole stretch of river and encourages angling right off their powerhouse. Than again they probably dont have Toronto day trippers needing rescues/recoveries a few times a week
  3. ^^^Haha... thats not going to help things! Pic is from the pool, I thought the pool through crips eddy was fair game??
  4. Large inlet bay roughly halfway between metal stairs and the pool... I was in glen a few times this season with no probs. A friend of mine was booted by parks police though. They told him fishing pebbly area was ok. Probably since it would fall under OPG's problem there? He continued going anyway and hasn't had issue since. The Parks cop told my buddy its a hot issue currently as swimming incidents down there lead to people dying recently. I dont think it will really be well enforced as tourists slow down and its mostly fisherman down there.. Lets hope because that area is my winter go to for steelhead and Lakers
  5. Watched the video, interesting but I think your typical red clips are easier. Am I right that hes now reeling the bands through his guides onto the reel? I used snap weights a lot this summer in conjunction with shorter lead cores. I clip the weights where the backing meets the leadcore as you dont want to interfere with the snake action of the lead. I tested the shorter 5 color cores with various snap weights vs your typical full colors and never seen a difference in action. Next year I am not sure I'll even bother with the longer cores at all as I have lead from 1.5-8 oz to play with. Must be chaos trying to unhook a snap weight in a kayak with a king on the line!!!
  6. I would say he owes you a case of beer...at least!
  7. Ya they are great. Thats all I have ran for trolling in the lake this year. Pricey, but I havent lost a fish or lure all season because of them. Also when you go quality you can size down and not worry
  8. Do you have a baitcast already you run for bass? Maybe try 2 rod approach and compare, see which you like best. Should be able to find a good 8-9' spoon chucking rod without breaking the bank. Seems alot of people here prefer spinning. I love finnesse fishing and use spinning gear all the time for small plugs in the creeks but when it comes to fresh kings the baitcast rods are my go too..
  9. No need to use that heavy of braid with a good reel. I run 8lb fireline crystal on my Calcutta TE DC as my finesse reel. That setup does a tonne of winter floatfishing and lure chucking. Keep another loaded up with 20lb braid for topwater, bigger baits, etc. Better the reel, easier the setup as far as braking system, and backlashes are a thing of the past. Find spinning reels are way more succeptable to wind knots, twist especially with big spoons for salmon
  10. A GOOD baitcaster will get you just as far if not farther than a spinning reel. I prefer the lighter magnum flutter spoons over heavier casting spoons and still never had an issue launching for distance. Lots of really nice baitcaster out there these days. Drags are better and more powerful on a good baitcaster. When i was younger, and lived close by I fished the Lower River everyday during Salmon run,a Stradic would last me a season. Baities hold up alot better and are easier to replace or upgrade parts.
  11. Good luck out of Bruce. Its close by for me and I've been out there at least 3x a week all summer. Basically every calm day as I have the summer off work. Let me know if you need any hints on baits, etc... I will probably be there every day this week except for saturday haha
  12. This... lower has plenty of smallies. Personally I like the glen area. Find steep dropoffs or outside edges of rapids and toss a tube jig. Cleos are deadly on smallies down there too when the algae is not too bad.
  13. Ya its rare i even fish largemouth during the day. Tough to beat night topwater. I am in St Thomas but if your ever out this way theres some big bass in thick cover. I'd always be willing to try a new area too..
  14. Slept in than hit a small frog pond i like for topwater largies. Ended up with 4, all on the small side like a pound or so. Next trip will be night bite when the bigger ones show themselves
  15. The canal system above the powerhouses produced many palomino back in the day. Never did get one there myself but guys i fished in there with did.
  16. First hour in full sun was great but didnt get a take. Between 5-6 sun went behind the clouds and it was like it flipped a switch...
  17. First dedicated carp outing of the year. First hour no real action other than small dings (bullheads?) Decided to chum using the current from the dam and about 15 mins later they turned on hard. Landed 7 or 8 in the next hour. Nothing huge, all on can corn. Let my girlfriend fight a few too which was chaos haha.. finally died off and we went 20 mins or so without a take and called it an afternoon. Should only get better from here
  18. Do a bit of carping when the bows leave the creeks. Fun way to spend a relaxing few hours for me. I keep it pretty simple with a Y stick and can of corn haha. Seems to work for me... Have way too much gear as it is to start building a carp collection.🤣
  19. The erie creeks i have been steelheading last few days are absolutely loaded with smallies right now. Cant keep them off in some pools and i just walk away... by the time bass opener hits you wont find one in the creek or nearby lake
  20. Got this guy today while hotshotting an Erie creek for steelies. Hit like a tonne of bricks and a decent scrap too.
  21. Definetely trout carcasses. Caught elsewhere probably, cleaned and disposed of somewhere convienent..
  22. Thx. At least they have that 2 vehicle option...
  23. Havent been to Queenston since the meters. Does the pass use your trailer plates or your tow vehicle plates? Someone was asking me as they have 2 different boats and 3 possible vehicles in the household they could tow with...
  24. Little 5-5'6" ultra lights can be a tonne of fun. True story, the biggest musky I ever seen, estimated at 58 pounds using the length x girth formula was caught by a friend on a 5' ultra light while crappy fishing the docks at chippawa marina. Used to run one for spots like Maid of the Mist where 1 pd smallies were nonstop. Hooked a few big summer holdover bows up there and quite challenging on light gear too... Had both 500 and 1000 series shimano reels on them. Another fun thing to do is use upper half of broken noodle/float rods re purposed into some awesome little ultra lights. Still have a few of those kicking around and a few laying in a corner waiting for a rebuild one day. I rarely fish panfish but really couldn't see the fun in dragging in bluegill on over gunned gear just because a pike may or may not be lurking nearby
  25. Not bad price wise...thats the starting price to launch anywhere else. I think it may anger alot of shore guys though. Also may cut some traffic down there which should be a good thing.
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