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  1. Thinking about buying a boat and have a few questions about outboard Motors. 1. 4stroke vs 2 stroke is there any advantage to one over the other? (Performance /matainance) 2. Ethanol in fuel? every mechanic I have talked to says avoid ethanol fuels in marine engines but most engine manufacturers websites say newer engines are designed to handle up to 10% ethanol. Should I avoid running fuel with ethanol? and were can I buy ethanol free fuel in Niagara?
  2. I'm thinking of hitting gibson/moodie this weekend. What lures or types of live baits are producing fish? and does any have any good places to fish on moodie they're willing to share?
  3. The first lure is a Heddon Crazy Crawler. They are also still available today.
  4. monkeyboy975


    Abino Bay is located between Sherhston and Crystal Beach (more closer to Crystal Beach). Sorry but I'm not to sure were Gibson is. Try Googling it.
  5. monkeyboy975


    Hi, I was wondering were I can buy live minnows also. Preferably close to were I live. I live in Wainfleet. (About a 10min. drive to Dunnville.)
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