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  1. That little guy is a Logperch, that is about as big as they get.
  2. Same story here Smerch, bought a 50x150 corner lot with a 900 square foot , 2 bedroom bungalow in '84 as a 34 year old bachelor , the numbers are about the same. Taxes now are close to what I paid for the mortgage for a year ☹️
  3. When I first moved to Grimsby in '84 , Betzner's Home Hardware was great, a real old time hardware store . You wanted roofing nails , you put a few handfuls out of the barrel in a paper bag and they weighed it, washers , nails, nuts , bolts, all in bulk, very little of the blister pack stuff that was always 1 short of the number you needed or far too many , they even sold farm type working guns, ammo and hunting licenses. There was a roof fire during roofing and everything changed to the prepackaged format, I stopped going there and now covid has put the final nails in the coffins and it is closed. We have a Rona now but it is a poor version of Home Depot IMHO.
  4. There are various sizes if you go to the drop down box, the 30 does quarter pounds , the smaller ones do finer increments . They can be IGFA certified and certified for trade
  5. I have one of these, it is accurate https://www.grainger.ca/en/category/Hanging-Scales/Scales-and-Scale-Accessories/c/4540?filterType=100537_ATTR&filterName=Capacity&filterValue=30+lb.%2F8+oz.&isWildCard=false&q=%3AtopSeller%3Abrand%3ACHATILLON%2B%26%2BSONS%3A100537_ATTR%3A30%2Blb.%2F8%2Boz.&text=&remove_token=&type=&cptype=category#
  6. I would have guessed water temp would be a concern
  7. Good luck with the move, Grimsby is not the town you left if you are considering coming back
  8. May be a racist statement but " will the last Canadian out of Toronto please lock the door behind them " has some truth in it.
  9. Did you consult a biologist about putting Bows in your pond ?
  10. I only fished the headwaters, above the what is known as Shorthills Park in Effingham and above the Louis Blake Duff estate on the St. John's branch. The stretch behind Patterson's Store in Effingham was one of the best and the Louis Blake Duff estate in St Johns was excellent, they would give you permission if you asked.
  11. Know the headwaters intimately, both St. John's and Effingham, caught hundreds of Specs there in the 60's, personal best was a 14 incher. There is a spring fed pond on the Bible Camp property that still has Specs in it they tell me, poached a few there 50 years ago, very private property back then even 🤐
  12. The pond is/was fed by a small spring fed pond and creek just about a hundred yards upstream but over the last 60 years the main dammed/dug pond has gone through the normal stages of eutrophication. The spring fed feeder pond was always lush with cold water aquatic bugs and watercress in my days.
  13. I grew up a short bike ride from the pond, fished it from the day it opened in 1960 I believe. Looking at how it has degraded to a warm water mudhole it is hard to believe that it actually had Specs in it for the first few years and they survived as occasionally a larger one from the previous year would be caught, now it can't even keep Rainbows over the summer. Back then all the put and take ponds like the one at the St. Williams Nursery and Normandale had Specs until the put and take programs switched over to Bows about 64/65.
  14. I always used the Albright knot when tying 2 lines of different diameter together, like fly line to backing, another one you could test. https://www.animatedknots.com/albright-knot
  15. there are still only 2 genders but 57 varieties of queer. Yeah some call me a racist too.
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