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  1. About 1960 there was a few lakes that had Landlocked Salmon in them, Mazinaw Lake was one I recall. They were also referred to as Ouananiche in the regs
  2. 60 years ago the Ontario Fishing regs would specifically name Kamloops Trout in addition to Rainbows, sounds like they tried them back then as well.
  3. Surprising fact : the New York state Lake Trout Record is a fish from Erie, most people would assume Lake Ontario or one of the Finger Lakes
  4. I believe they banned all semi auto's not just the black " Scary " ones that they did here, possibly pumps and levers as well
  5. As a gun owner and voting with that as sometimes my sole issue many times since P.E.T and then justice minister Ron Basford starting us down the never ending escalation of worthless firearms legislation in 1976, I have always voted PC or whatever they wish to call themselves today , except in '93 when I voted Reform. Reform got 52 seats that year and the PC's were decimated to only 2 seats. Bernier and his PPC party don't stand a snowballs chance in hell of doing that good, splitting the Conservative vote by voting PPC will only ensure we get some more Trudeau minority for however long that last as he has said if he doesn't get a majourity we are back at the polls in 18 months, narcistic lying weasel..
  6. The weed is Pokeweed, poisonous too.
  7. I buy the 4 packs at Costco, actually they are 500 grams each so you get more than a pound in a package
  8. Because of the changes in dispensing regulations, all of the stations selling propane here got out of it , now it is $25 bucks to get a 20 pounder at those tank exchange ripoffs for the barbie, luckily have a Costco down the road for 1/2 that. Must be hard getting a propane vehicle filled anymore, not many places pumping like before.
  9. It looks so close to Canada Waterweed here it would take a botanist to tell them apart, they say it is not here yet https://docs.ontario.ca/documents/3224/stdprod-109206.pdf
  10. That little guy is a Logperch, that is about as big as they get.
  11. Same story here Smerch, bought a 50x150 corner lot with a 900 square foot , 2 bedroom bungalow in '84 as a 34 year old bachelor , the numbers are about the same. Taxes now are close to what I paid for the mortgage for a year ☹️
  12. When I first moved to Grimsby in '84 , Betzner's Home Hardware was great, a real old time hardware store . You wanted roofing nails , you put a few handfuls out of the barrel in a paper bag and they weighed it, washers , nails, nuts , bolts, all in bulk, very little of the blister pack stuff that was always 1 short of the number you needed or far too many , they even sold farm type working guns, ammo and hunting licenses. There was a roof fire during roofing and everything changed to the prepackaged format, I stopped going there and now covid has put the final nails in the coffins and it is closed. We have a Rona now but it is a poor version of Home Depot IMHO.
  13. There are various sizes if you go to the drop down box, the 30 does quarter pounds , the smaller ones do finer increments . They can be IGFA certified and certified for trade
  14. I have one of these, it is accurate https://www.grainger.ca/en/category/Hanging-Scales/Scales-and-Scale-Accessories/c/4540?filterType=100537_ATTR&filterName=Capacity&filterValue=30+lb.%2F8+oz.&isWildCard=false&q=%3AtopSeller%3Abrand%3ACHATILLON%2B%26%2BSONS%3A100537_ATTR%3A30%2Blb.%2F8%2Boz.&text=&remove_token=&type=&cptype=category#
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