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  1. Steve Piggot has lots of experience
  2. The place next to it has some real history
  3. Would have been around 1990, parents had a pond in their front yard, Christmas eve it went well into the 60's F and the frogs started croaking, I recall dew worms out in January also not that long ago.
  4. I don't recall seeing them all the times I launched at Don Campbell's in the 70's, 80's and early 90's, pretty new IMHO for " monument status " Guess you can put me in the "eyesore" crowd
  5. Hmmmm, just got a newer vehicle, my first one with one of those tiny donut spares, just how do they work?? must give the tranny fits if on the drive wheels
  6. Ruger 77 International , nice , got 4 77's but never got an International. looks like a Leupold 1.5-5X on top
  7. and if you try to do anything about it , the Crown will try you over and over until they get a guilty verdict, Justin doesn't want citizens protecting their property. Note , the homeowner didn't appeal the Crown did because they didn't get the result that went with Liberal Policy. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/supreme-court-to-decide-on-hamilton-area-homeowner-s-appeal-in-2016-fatal-shooting-of-indigenous-man/ar-AAPvtfv?li=AAggXBV&fbclid=IwAR3Xyqg_GftA9Gpao-P98bCfk92AOlgknAfdULYHdeYi1EpE0Dz_WNLhSvk
  8. About 1960 there was a few lakes that had Landlocked Salmon in them, Mazinaw Lake was one I recall. They were also referred to as Ouananiche in the regs
  9. 60 years ago the Ontario Fishing regs would specifically name Kamloops Trout in addition to Rainbows, sounds like they tried them back then as well.
  10. Surprising fact : the New York state Lake Trout Record is a fish from Erie, most people would assume Lake Ontario or one of the Finger Lakes
  11. I believe they banned all semi auto's not just the black " Scary " ones that they did here, possibly pumps and levers as well
  12. As a gun owner and voting with that as sometimes my sole issue many times since P.E.T and then justice minister Ron Basford starting us down the never ending escalation of worthless firearms legislation in 1976, I have always voted PC or whatever they wish to call themselves today , except in '93 when I voted Reform. Reform got 52 seats that year and the PC's were decimated to only 2 seats. Bernier and his PPC party don't stand a snowballs chance in hell of doing that good, splitting the Conservative vote by voting PPC will only ensure we get some more Trudeau minority for however long that last as he has said if he doesn't get a majourity we are back at the polls in 18 months, narcistic lying weasel..
  13. The weed is Pokeweed, poisonous too.
  14. I buy the 4 packs at Costco, actually they are 500 grams each so you get more than a pound in a package
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