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  1. Nice pics, 50 plus years ago did that drive with my parents often and dad had a high power spotting scope. My favourite was watching the otters on Navy Island, no Comorants back then. Think those are all swans, snow geese are only slightly bigger than a mallard and swans are bigger than Canadas.
  2. my calculations say for us tiered would only be a benefit during air season, July and August
  3. Let people make their own personal decision to change like metric, after all these years I still live in an Imperial measure world , all my thermometers and measuring devices I use the F scale or feet and inches, grocery stores still advertise in price per lb. in bold type and metric in small print, gas ?? simple I just put in 40 bucks worth. Opening and closing times and appointments could be like the grocery flyers with both prices , in this case times posted . It can be just as fooked up as our so called change to metric has been.
  4. Smerch , just the wife and I here, retired 12 years but in addition to gas, propane and groceries we use Costco for all our big ticket electronics and appliance purchases for the no hassle free extended warranty , never had a good experience with extended warranties that you actually paid extra for. Bonus is the free Costco Concierge help line where you actually get a person in Canada whose first language is English if you have to call.
  5. Loving the new one in Grimsby, been doing the drive to St Kitts for over 15 years, cheap gas and a 20 pound propane is 12 bucks compared to over 20 at those tank exchange ripoffs, we also like the quality of many of the Kirkland products over name brands at the grocery stores
  6. Not as embarrassed as the bull moose that tried to hump it 🤪
  7. You need this one, no max and the balance will take care of itself
  8. Back in the late '60s I recall shooting skeet and trap off Killaly on the Cement Plant property, between Westside road and Hwy #3 I believe.
  9. Fished there 50 years ago. The quarry south of the tracks was a popular swimming hole and north I got some decent Largemouth, one good pike about 10 pounds and a ton of overpopulated stunted Bluegills
  10. Hunted from shore there 50 years ago, built blinds of of the flat rocks found there, had a couple of dozen Bluebill decoys , got a few limits of BlueBills and Buffleheads there, pass on the Oldsquaws cause that is what they taste like, same with the sawbills,
  11. Are we really any safer if just the police have handguns, their track record isn't very good on safe storage https://dennisryoung.ca/2019/07/04/rcmp-813-guns-lost-by-and-stolen-from-police-and-public-agencies-2005-2019/
  12. The baitcaster with the multicoloured line on it looks like an old Langley, one of the best reels in it's day. Still have my old 308 Mitchell from 1964.
  13. It only warns you after the fact not vibrate " get the H out of here " , my phone is only visible to bluetooth devices I am paired with, namely my hearing aids, I don't have data just use free hotspots around town and really who will test positive and enter it on their phone before going out in public.
  14. Anyone else a " Fortnite " video game fan ? Makes no sense to take Fudd's shotgun when the same kids are playing shoot-em-up games edit: if Dave5.56 blows you away in Fortnite , you'll now know who it was.
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