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  1. Hunted that bush late 70's one year, got 2 does there, but lots of deer around. Fellow that worked with dad turned us on to it, he lived in one of the houses across from your property, believe it was owned by one of his family , their name was Cripps.
  2. My first spinning reel was an Airex Spinster, made by the people who also made Lionel toy train sets.
  3. I learned to baitcast on a similar green Inglis/Shakespeare Wonderreel on a steel True Temper Rod.
  4. Soccer players are the absolute worst for taking a dive to draw a penalty, spread to hockey, there is a penalty now for embellishment 🤣
  5. We moved from Bell Fibe to Cogeco back when I went to cancel $ 80 of Fibe TV and the savings was only going to amount to about 10 bucks cause of multi product discounts, bundling and other BS. So far we notice no difference and we are gamers and stream all TV through a wired Android box. I'd recommend Cogeco too. You are closer to town than Grassie.
  6. Only one answer to that question, " Costco " about 12 bucks for a 20 pounder last time I refilled.
  7. The army/navy surplus ?? was that Patrick's ? Remember Russ Mosher's in the 60's, never bought much there though , found better deals downstairs at Herzog's. I probably had the same jacket, heavy canvas and made by Wood's I recall , they made a lot of tents. edit : had matching pants with double fronts for going through the brambles
  8. The stupid has spread there as well
  9. Most of our Chinese made stuff comes across the Pacific to the west coast, the Chinese junk for Europe would come that route. The European Dollaramas are in big trouble 🤣
  10. Bought my first shotgun from John Whelan in '65, dad and the Whelans go way back into the 40's. Drank a lot of brown pops with Gus and Dave in his basement in the 70/80's surrounded by milling machines, lathes and drill presses etc.
  11. As a kid we would get a bunch of good sized chubs out of the creek at Effingham and fish them under a bobber at Rameys for pike, did ok but that was 50 + years ago.
  12. Don't bother , by the look of google street view it has not been open for some time 🤣
  13. Last time I heard of him he had a shop at the junction of Hwy 6 and Hwy 24 south of Simcoe.
  14. Steve had a Tackle Shop in the 80's, first in the front of a home on Main, later on a store on Lakeport think it was, catered mostly to the salmon and steelhead crowd. edit : that vintage the Fenwick HMG 1441 blank was really popular in the 12 footer, it was a true noodle rod, 2-6 pound line.
  15. Won't happen until they get the parking meters installed 🤬
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