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  1. Chris, google Cisco downrigger motor replacing Big Jon and 4 to 5 links will appear. These are mostly forum talks with people actually doing the swap out. I also called a Big Jon distributor and he said Yes the Cisco motor is interchangeable. The BJ motor is now around $350.00 CAD to purchase. If you purchase right from BJ they are $180.00 USF plus freight and exchange, it will run you about $300 to $310 CAD
  2. Thanks Dave, going with the Cisco motor. It's cheaper and is good for 20 lbs were the BJ is only good for 15lbs. I did a lot of research on it and the US guys are swapping out the BJ motors with the Cisco motors for a while now and swear by them.
  3. Need some help. I am reading that instead of buying the motor from BJ you can substitute with a Cisco motor. Has anyone done this? Second question if I do purchase the BJ motor are they difficult to install. I have had the brushes done on 3 riggers but this one needs a new motor. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Just an FYI, if anyone is looking for an easy way to rig your cannon ball swivel to your rigger line use the Cannon terminator. It’s easy to put on, cost is $8.99. Youtube the instal or just follow directions on the pack. Installation time is about 1 min
  5. Those Mitchell’s had a great drag
  6. Ok, snakes freak me out. Is that a common water snake or a Lake Erie snake or an anaconda?
  7. Fishnsip, if your running a reef runner on a rigger 45 down in 55 ft of water you will get caught on bottom. Just be careful
  8. Went to Kenny’s. Great guy. Fast work and very reasonable. I would recommend Ken to anyone interested in getting reel repairs done
  9. It just goes to show that any Lake especially Erie should be respected. Unfortunately that day was very windy and rough. Stay home and pick another day it is not worth your life. If you have any doubt STAY HOME or just sit it out for a bit in the parking lot in hopes it calms down. This is a lesson for all of us! So sad. RIP
  10. It’s Lyrette (Mike). Great guy, worked for Nichols marine
  11. I have a couple sealine reels that need some tlc. Any reel Repair shops that are local to Niagara that I can drop them off at?
  12. Chris head to the condos and further down river. Waverly has been stupid good for a while
  13. Mike Lyrette is a stand up guy. He has done a lot of work for me!
  14. I have fished it twice and found it over fished and very weedy. Not a very productive lake for me other then the panfish.
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