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  1. Yes I did see John and his wife Juliet about a couple years ago or so. Still the same ole John , yap, yap, yap..... I haven’t seen him since. John would be in his high 70s to low 80’s by now. That place on Broadway was awesome his dad wouldn’t get to involved but his mom would always be at the register. No prices were stamped on anything, John would yell over to his mom the price which at times would change a couple times. That place was classic, and had everything you needed.
  2. Interesting boat, made for fishermen. Has anyone owned or fished from one ?If so your thoughts.
  3. Wonder why there is no natural reproduction? Ahhh... the water is a tad bit polluted
  4. Jwl 1 , you are absolutely correct we helped each other back when, we shared combinations that worked we did take shore fishermen if we had a spot in the boat. Remembering the ol days salmon fishing channel 13 on the CB would be full of help on location and what depth and lures were working. Now on the VHF is static. Text and cell phones are the main choice of communication. I must be getting old because I really don’t know why everything is such a big secret now a days. Anyways times are changing but I sure do miss the good ole days.
  5. I don’t mind paying for parking if the money is used to improve and maintain the launch. The trouble with queenston now is the location of the ramp, I can’t see how they can make it bigger unless they close all parking down below and make a giant lot above and PAVE IT! Those potholes can swallow a small suv and boat at times
  6. Guys I love to fish just like everyone else, but the only way to somewhat control this disease is to stay home. I understand that is difficult to do but our health care is close to collapsing. Yes I love to fish but I will do my part and stay home. You can find loop holes or keep saying to yourself that Ford makes no sense but let’s use common sense. Just my 2 cents from the peanut gallery.
  7. The marks on those paper graphs were so sharp. Unbelievable for the time. If I remember right those paper rolls were not cheap, my dad would run it for about 2 to 3 minutes than shut it off. Lol!
  8. Who remembers the old lowrance paper graphs? I will tell you those marked beautifully and once the paper roll was done you could unravel it and show your buddies what you marked.
  9. Took a drive to see how the boys were doing down at Port and there must have been at least 20 guys fishing off the bridge. There were 2 boats drifting and I saw a couple hook ups. I didn’t see much action off the bridge. I was down there about 11 am. A lot of people out and about walking and feeding the mallards.
  10. The law is the law and I get why borders are closed and how serious this pandemic is, but not being able to fish in American waters is a bit ridiculous. But this is the world we live in now. Better times are ahead boys!
  11. That boat looks barely used for being 3 yrs old. Nice rig!
  12. I started shopping around and the price for a new Yamaha are ridiculous. I think I might just do a new carb replacement in my 115 merc.
  13. My thoughts also Verado. The Suzuki outboards seem to be amazing but service and parts are going to be the deal breaker for me. There must be a reason why Suzuki is not expanding their dealership especially in the Niagara region.
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