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  1. SCGAF ramp today was a total zoo. If that doesn’t get shut down soon I will be surprised. I’m guessing at least 100 to 150 boat trailers this morning. People were everywhere
  2. Does anyone know is the SCGFA Ramp will be open tomorrow. I just got my boat fixed and would like to take it for a spin
  3. Do do do looking out my back door........ lol
  4. Loop holes can be found in any law. Just use common sense, be safe and ask yourself is it really worth it? This variant is very dangerous. Be safe all!
  5. Financial value is minimal
  6. deetch


    Type in queenston docks on YouTube and your question will be answered
  7. Free Gas over Costco hands down
  8. My opinion is that it might be a bit early
  9. deetch

    Port weller

    Your hair must be down to your ankles by now. The shops been gone for at least 15 yrs. lol
  10. Wow, there must have been 40 to 50 boats out today, a couple boats were drifting the harbour picking up some nice bows. Any of you guys out there today? The lake was flat calm good day to try out the equipment!
  11. deetch

    Port weller

    Smerch did you get your haircut at Sams?
  12. deetch

    Port weller

    Myself, Sam the barber and Dan Stones hunted ducks in there for years. John Emmitt frequented there also. Let me tell you we had tons of fun, mostly blue bills but at times mallards, geese, golden eye, canvas backs , butterballs etc.... West winds were the best and north winds we set up along the spit. When the hunt was slow we trolled along the spit out to the lake and picked up lakers.
  13. Yes I did see John and his wife Juliet about a couple years ago or so. Still the same ole John , yap, yap, yap..... I haven’t seen him since. John would be in his high 70s to low 80’s by now. That place on Broadway was awesome his dad wouldn’t get to involved but his mom would always be at the register. No prices were stamped on anything, John would yell over to his mom the price which at times would change a couple times. That place was classic, and had everything you needed.
  14. Interesting boat, made for fishermen. Has anyone owned or fished from one ?If so your thoughts.
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