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  1. If I’m not mistaken Tyler the run at Bronte starts earlier than here and ends earlier. I haven’t fished Bronte in years but that is my recollection
  2. The salmon run might be over at Bronte
  3. When you can lip raise a perch that’s when you know it’s a keeper. Great pics
  4. deetch


    Smerch have you recently caught anything using a worm harness at Port D?
  5. If they ever answer the phone!
  6. Nice and healthy WELL fed wally’s. Nice to see
  7. Definitely Peters. Depending on what type of fish you are targeting, when and how will determine what to purchase. The people at Pete’s will help.
  8. Fish farmer there is an ACME battery on parkdale too, have you been?
  9. Magna charge at Niagara battery and tire
  10. SCGAF ramp today was a total zoo. If that doesn’t get shut down soon I will be surprised. I’m guessing at least 100 to 150 boat trailers this morning. People were everywhere
  11. Does anyone know is the SCGFA Ramp will be open tomorrow. I just got my boat fixed and would like to take it for a spin
  12. Do do do looking out my back door........ lol
  13. Loop holes can be found in any law. Just use common sense, be safe and ask yourself is it really worth it? This variant is very dangerous. Be safe all!
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