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  1. price update. I did some checking today for a 20 pound BBQ tank Prince Charles Drive at Riverside - $25 Prince Charles Drive at Lincoln beside Pioneer - $20 Freegas Fonthill - $17.
  2. Plate stickers you can do over the internet. Driver license if need a photo you have to go to the office.
  3. Chrisb


    Last two years I have not been able to find them.
  4. I checked the freegas site and it says $15. I think that is where I will go. Costco is too far and I am not a member.
  5. Last time I went to the girl on Riverside by Pupos I think her price was the same as an exchange. What is the going rate for a fill? I think it's about $24 for an exchange.
  6. Where is the best place to get a 20lb propane tank refilled in Welland, Port Colborne, Fonthill area? Every other store has an exchange, but I only need a refill. Refill should be cheaper than exchange, right? The last few times I have done the exchange because my tank was expired.
  7. They will be burning some fuel to keep their AC power generators running. The main engines will be shut down.
  8. Since that place was used for ship salvage, you will probably find lots of stuff with your magnet.
  9. Yesterday was big day. I had 3 dead air, air duct cleaner and bank security department scam.
  10. Some quotes from the tribune article.
  11. I think that is for people on seasonal billing from Ontario Hydro. Maybe others as well. I got my notice from Hydro Monday for my cottage. If I read it correctly I will actually be paying less as they convert my account from seasonal to residential R2.
  12. Yes. Tune in a 5 today (Feb 23)
  13. Not a phantom. But I own a 1995 promag 16 foot. I have no issues with the boat.
  14. If you want your history gone use incognito mode. It will not save it and don't need to remember to delete it. I don't know about the menu. I use the three dots on the right top.
  15. Still mulling this over, whether I really need a cell or not. I'm lucky if get 5 calls a week on my land line. The biggest decision is finding out which phone to buy.
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