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  1. Ontario is not considering it. ONE member of provincial parliament is proposing it, IF Quebec and NY go along.
  2. Not legal in Welland.
  3. Winds are relatively calm right now. Rollers coming and very ominous looking clouds going by to the south.
  4. All is well. The house was actually shaking last night when some of the waves hit the retaining wall. Power was off from 10:20am til 3:15pm. A tree fell on the line at the cemetery at Reeb's bay.
  5. Is baiting deer legal in Ontario? My neighbour wanted some of my apples. I told her I thought it was illegal to bait deer.
  6. There are still tracks from the east. You might be able to walk in from the east but I have no direct knowledge if this is possible.
  7. The Welland river aqueducts circled in red. Don't know anything about catching walleye around them.
  8. I have seen people hunting on the east side from a boat in the past.
  9. Have you got any links to that info? I would like to read it.
  10. Cement railroad tracks are gone. The path only goes west. The east is private land now.
  11. Panic after the hooks get caught in the netting but the fish is not in.
  12. I am told it is a water snake. Picture is from Hamburg NY region.
  13. From a friend who took his grandson fishing on the weekend.
  14. Tell mom - Home schooling. Outdoor studies and biology.
  15. Second part of the story is that the boat that rescued the grandson hit a rock and got smashed on shore.
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