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  1. With the current he would have been carried away in a couple of feet of water.
  2. It doesn't make the regs. A no Trespassing sign makes it a local law.
  3. I don't know about the 3 hours, but tests are available in NY. I have some South Buffalo relatives that did the free test at some local place(might have been walgreens) and came over for day trip.
  4. You can get a new health card at the driver license bureau.
  5. For some reason my Niagara This Week has stopped being delivered for 4-5 weeks now.
  6. You don't have to wait for a hazz waste day. You can take it to the land fill any day free. There are five sites in the Niagara region, Welland, Fort Erie, Thorold and Lincoln.
  7. I believe they did lower the stunt speeding to 40 over in zones under 80. It is still 50 over for the rest.
  8. I used to be part of the security team of an office building. If anyone was able to get that far into the building without being detected someone would be fired.
  9. Seems like a serious lack of security that allows them to get access to those parts of the casinos.
  10. Certain species of bamboo can grow up to 35" in one day.
  11. They used to be supplied by Imperial. I don't know if that is still true.
  12. I buy at Canadian Tire. Pump is labeled 10% ,5% and 0% for the three blends.
  13. I started running premium in all my small engines and boat last year because it is ethanol free. I run regular in the vehicle.
  14. Does not look quite right to be an eagle. Should have white tail as well as head and shape looks off to me. Maybe an osprey?
  15. My standard 'get their goat' reply is, If it wasn't for global warming we would still be in an iceage and all of Canada would be under a mile of ice.
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