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  1. Sounds like the 7/11 plan might be the best. But what phone do I want and where do I get one? Walmart? Best Buy? Anyone here got an old one to sell cheap?
  2. I have decided I need a cell phone. The cheapest thing out there just so I can use it in an emergency. Flip phone, pay as you go is probably good enough. I might even go for two, since my sister also does not have one. Do they make plans cheaper for two phones on one plan than two separate phones? Guide me where to go to find one or where not to go. Thanks.
  3. Premier Ford on the news Stay Home Stay home Stay Home Stay a le maison.
  4. What you see is all I know. There has been no contact with them.
  5. If you want to see it, you can watch the video. Go to 44:30 for the draw.
  6. They pulled my cousin's name in the boat draw and then went oops we goofed and pulled someone else's name. What a let down.
  7. New Fish'n Canada contest. Win $4,000 Garmin Panoptix unit. https://swee.ps/PSUOL_dpDOQSQ
  8. Tune in 6pm Tuesday for the live redraw. The winner did not claim the prize within 36 hrs. If you are tuned in there is a bonus plotter to be won.
  9. As bad as the fish dieing, wasting them into the garbage was worse to me.
  10. And install deflectors on the front of all our boats so we don't knocked out the boat when cruising across the lake.
  11. gobies, zebra mussels, quagga mussels spiny water fleas, all came in ship ballasts. The next one that might be preventable is the asian carp.
  12. Most likely it was not fishermen but tourist taking in the good weather to get outside.
  13. The first ones they made was before phones and it had a receiver that you used on shore. I think it was only about 2" square and you could clamp it to your rod. Probably not as detailed as the screen on your phone.
  14. AH HA. Deeper is the brand name. I have seen those before for shore fishing.
  15. How is a 'deeper' sonar different from a normal sonar? Mine can go to at least 200' and lake Erie is not even 90' where I fish.
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