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  1. Replaced the cdi module and the plugs. It is running fine now.
  2. Coffee was one of the first to do this. I can remember as a kid when a can of coffee changed from a pound to whatever it was all the adults complaining. But they still bought their coffee.
  3. Grocery store advertise meat per pound. It looks cheaper than the price per kilo.
  4. Skunks can't climb it was likely a coon.
  5. There's bass, but I don't usually fish bass. Maybe the walleye will move in while I wait.
  6. Turns out I did not have spark or it was intermittent. New CDI control module ordered. No fishing for a week until it arrives.
  7. moving on up. Now I am an explorer.
  8. Contacted a member here who is a mechanic and is coming to see me Sunday. Will update the results.
  9. It was running just fine then all of the sudden no start. The plugs are like it is flooding.
  10. Running ethanol free hi test from CTC. Drained carb and no sign of water.
  11. 3 cylinder, 2 stroke, carberated oil injection. Further test today all cylinder 100 psi compression.
  12. Any mechanics here? My main engine died yesterday. Here the story. Ran out to fish ,20 minutes, no issues. Trolled around on the kicker. Time to come home cranked the main is started ran about 5 seconds stopped. Not unusual. I gave it bit of idle and cranked again. It just cranked and cranked, no start. I checked the kill switch. Turned it off and on couple times. Still no start Made it back to the cottage on the kicker and started checking out the engine. Pulled the plugs and had someone crank it. Spark all around. Plugs looked wet.Flooded? Drain carbs to look for water. All looks fine. Switched to the tank from the kicker anyway. Since the boat is on the dolly up on shore and not on the trailer it is going to be difficult to get it to a mechanic. It would take an hour or more to drive it to the marina on the kicker. Are there mobile mechanics that will do house calls?
  13. Use of boats is listed as a 'prohibited activity' in the NPCA quarry road site. https://npca.ca/parks-recreation/conservation-areas/wainfleet-wetlands
  14. And now I am also "very popluar".
  15. I'm moving on up. Today I am an apprentice.
  16. Not new. I can remember catching the odd one in the Welland river 40 years ago.
  17. Just received a notice that my rank has been increased to rookie. Not sure what I was before.
  18. Thanks. The reason I asked is because my neighbour is clearing house to sell and they had a bunch of old life jackets. I wasn't sure if they would still be valid to use. I fish alone a lot and always wear my inflatable the whole time. I also require passengers to wear a jacket whenever I have the main engine running. If we anchor or are trolling on the small motor they can remove them.
  19. Life jackets have a manufacture date on them. Do they expire or are they good forever if in good condition?
  20. That is a nail set used to set finish nails below the surface of the wood for finishing. It should be flat on the end. Someone has ground it to a point to use as a center punch.
  21. Often if you ask at the customer info desk they will give you last sale price of an item. At least they do in Welland CTC.
  22. Sugarloaf in Port Colborne NOT open. Concrete barriers in place. Drove by today May 9.
  23. It is $1.13.4 to $1.19.9 in Welland now.
  24. Used to be every gas station had free air.
  25. Two thumbs up for Freegas. Took my tank for a fill. Guy came out filled the tank. Said office is closed, covid, phone and give them your card #. Don't have a cell phone, said I will call when I get home. No problem, see ya. I called a couple hours later after shopping and gave them my number, $17.01.
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