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  1. My snow blower got a good workout. I think I used it twice last year for less than a quarter of what we got today.
  2. It would only be an issue if you have an auto 4x4 option and the donut is smaller diameter.
  3. Four new tires today and all is well. Rob's was right on.
  4. City of Welland banned the practice of piling leaves on the street many years ago. I guess it was too much work and the leaves clogged the catch basins before they could collect them.
  5. Windy here but nothing like Saturday.
  6. Took it to Rob's. NO charge. Turns out no problem with tranny. I had a one tire changed due to flat damage and they put a 235/60 instead of 235/65 size it. It was hunting 4x4 because it thought the tires were slipping.
  7. Going in to Rob's in Port Colborne Thursday morning.
  8. New Fish'n Canada contest for a Garmin Live scope https://swee.ps/DbDRfq_VuLfnAp
  9. If you want to skin them, try and find an old coroplast sign and cut it up. Coroplast is the stuff that looks like corrugated cardboard but is plastic.
  10. I would use spar varnish on the old water skis. The big safety pin is likely used for a kilt.
  11. I have never had an issue with ice damage. I actually hope for it as it offers another barrier of protection from storms.
  12. My property was virtually no damage. I have some rocks to cleanup on my lawn. This is two cottages east of me. And here where all the dirt went from the hole. The yellow cottage on the left is my next door neighbour.
  13. My neighbour's yard last night. It is supposed to all lawn. I'll get a better look later today when I go down in daylight. I think I made it through with no damage but a lot of debris to cleanup.
  14. It is just starting. The blow is supposed to peak at around 5 or 6 PM I think. I will heading to my cottage shortly. Pictures and video to come tonight or tomorrow.
  15. My transmission is failing. Talked to a friend at Ford dealer and apparently it is a very known issue with my unit. Something with shift solenoids wearing. He can't even get parts for it. He suggested taking to transmission specialty shop. I am looking for suggestions where to take it or where to stay away from. I am in Welland. Thanks
  16. I have one of each close. The Dollar tree just around the corner. The dollaramma is around the corner and down the street two blocks.
  17. I was not around for Hazel but the family tells of rocks on the roof after that one.
  18. There are different stores. There's the ramma and there's the tree. They carry different products.
  19. Forecast is getting worse. This could be a bad one if it holds. SATURDAY South winds 20 to 25 knots becoming southwest and increasing to 50 knot storms in the afternoon. Rain. Waves 3 to 6 feet building to 15 to 20 feet. Waves occasionally around 26 feet.
  20. Another blow coming Saturday. This one could be worse. SATURDAY Southwest storm force winds to 50 knots becoming west and diminishing to 40 knot gales. Rain during the day, then a chance of showers Saturday night. Waves 6 to 9 feet building to 12 to 16 feet, then subsiding to 9 to 12 feet. Waves occasionally around 20 feet.
  21. No problems. The waves were pounding but they did not get high enough flood the land. Last year there was 2 feet water over the lawn. This storm the waves did not make it to the tree.
  22. The first big storm of the year could be here Monday for Lake Erie. From NOAA. MONDAY Southwest winds to 30 knots becoming west and increasing to 35 knot gales in the afternoon. Showers likely in the morning, then a chance of showers in the afternoon. Waves 4 to 7 feet building to 10 to 14 feet. Waves occasionally around 18 feet. MONDAY NIGHT West gales to 35 knots diminishing to 30 knots overnight. A chance of rain and snow showers. Waves 9 to 13 feet subsiding to 5 to 8 feet. Waves occasionally around 16 feet.
  23. 4 years is probably the battery. I changed mine this summer after 4 years. What's the warranty? You might get a free one.
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